BATTLE OF DEATH – some question answering time! and lil’ vit more detailed summary

You got what I mean from the title. some people asked me for a detailed summary over the e-mails (as they wrote walls of text I deleted their comments), and also asked to write a post about it. Hence here you go~ I was seriously bored with just TL’ing!

Two people wrote comments and more than 6 people wrote on emails with some bad points about that SUMMARY of my upcoming novel (going to be Japanese, but maybe also English). Okay some of them just advised me somethings that I already had in mind. This is a genre I will write for the first time, I mean ones with magic and stuff.

So to actually answer the questions or critic comments let me write the stuff: look below.

  1. Some have said that it is like MKNR. I just don’t get how? If a sudden power that could cause global phenomenon occurs, obviously some powers would rise up to take control of it, even when a MC goes to another world, either there is King and Demons to control their population that can use magic and stuff, or there are big factions (sevens for instance) and no demon kingdoms that would control the magic-users. Even the factions in my novel will be somethings similar to governments and whatnot. There will also be a top person who controls them factions. (not going to reveal anytime soon)

Now if you people are saying my novel seems similar to MKNR because it has magic on earth then I believe you haven’t read many mangas, LN’s, WN’s, or not even seen many animes.

  1. a person gave me some points of advice that I already had in mind, but hadn’t written in the short summary, and I think other people might also have thought that. After all I got 3 e-mails with same stuff written!

Umm, first of all, the place is Earth which is not a magical world! It is a magic-filled world, meaning the magic abruptly appeared among people who can’t use magic. Hence it is obvious there are people who can use magic and who can’t.

Among those who can’t there are some rare people who have got talents in all fields as compensation, and are normal people and the other ones are just ‘purely’ normal people.

It is the norm for a magic-user to give birth to magic-wielder child, but Mitsuteru cannot, and is one of a kind in the whole world.

  1. There were also emails saying that Mc will be a wuss. Dense. Shithead and whatnot.

Let me answer you, MC is overly brilliant in using brains, enough to the extent of being able to easily manipulate others for doing stuffs not good or any sort. It’s not he can use magic, but uses his brains to work out things for cornering the person and finally taking over the person’s heart by giving the person a holding hand, and finally glossing the words to make do his work! Almost like what most politicians in our world do to the the weak people

He isn’t dense, I don’t like writing dense MC, it is just not my style to write those idiotic MC’s.
Mc is not a wuss, he is pure-bred pervert, and his whole family is. MC doesn’t hide that fact, will try to take advantages of his best friends (girls only) only to be slapped then say a punch-line! He also isn’t a wuss who would not kill, ‘cuz he resolves to kill other players in BATTLE OF DEATH game, and also the main person behind this ridiculous game.

  1. People said Japanese LN’s don’t explain much world-building? :/ . Did they actually have read over 500+ LN’s present in Japan. Those are just the number of LN’s that have lots and lot of world-building. If taken all LN’s of all genres in Japan it will surpass 3k, damn I haven’t read them all!!

Now I like to add politics, battle strategies, war strategies, explain the world-build moderately and not too stuffily.

  1. This came from the person who gave me advices in ‘2’. This one is that appearance of other characters or MC is not revealed. When I read this I had my jaw drop. My mouth was agape. DAMN where would you read that sort of LN. The editors are surely not idiots to let such a novel be serialized.
  2. Some said why was he even made to join BATTLE OF DEATH? Why did he have to assassinate someone?

A single answer for both of them: He was made to joining BOD because the letter which came in the parcel had a warning and that was:” Join the game within 2 days or someone from your family dies! The same will occur if you wait 2 more days after that!”

obviously MC being MC and a normal human like us, didn’t believe that something like that could happen, after all their family was one of the big noble factions in Japan, who would want to make this big arsenal-holding shit into their enemies?

MC’s family consists of his mother, father, a little sister, and the older brother who is the vice-chief in Anti-magic Interpol Department, Japanese Branch!

Now, 2 days later finally his sister, a magic-user was killed in a truly grotesque manner. This incited his anger, as he was a person who loved his family more than others, after all his family didn’t abandon him even after knowing he couldn’t use magic. As that is something quite natural in this future magic-filled earth.

1 whole day passes and his family couldn’t get a clue who killed her, in the end, MC got cornered like hell and was made to submit into joining the game!

He just needed to inject himself with that liquid present in the vial, using the syringe and then activating the tablet present in parcel. This was all written in letter.

again same warning of his family’s assassination came if he didn’t play the game! This MC being a good-minded MC, took on the game and started playing the game.



Now with this I have still not disclosed a whole lot of info, but yet given quite a detailed summary to you people. If you have pieces of advice for me, let me know in comments.



75 thoughts on “BATTLE OF DEATH – some question answering time! and lil’ vit more detailed summary

  1. In all honesty…. I am (most likey… 90% Chance) not going to read this. (I am going to read the first chapter…. but I guess that will be it.) As soon as you said pervert this was (almost) over. (So far I only read one story where the pervert was really funny…. to bad it wasn’t able to remember the name…) I had freaking enough of that. Everyone has to either make them a damn pervert, idiots (most the time in disguise of a genius because they could think a freaking step ahead) or just “not interested”. (there are some other overused types…. but those are the ones popping up the most…. oh yeah shouldn’t forget the useless to usefull turnaround…. don’t do that xD Better to give someone moderate powers… or opness with limits… yes overpower they can’t freaking use or that gushes out every five chapters despite that…. well won’t happen there I guess.)

    But hey just romance stuff – was never a fan of that genre to begin with….. I am 80% sure this is going to end up as harem pretty soon….

    I do like it that you consider more than “fun” (world building is important… but it should be consistent and not they are the strongest, but they are stronger, but they are stronger, but… yeah THAT! More things are important… politic sounds good already… but what most forget… sanity! Food/Water [Till they get the endless bag or are bored… It’s a death game!], wild animals that follow some rule without freaking breaking it just cause MC is around, LUCK! FREAKING LUUUUCCCKKKK [sorry but this “luck” is just plain plot smashing in your face… and not the bouncy one or in a good way it’s alright sometimes but… argh], the geography!, history [a lands wealth is built on it’s history… and ancient artifacts as in rage they are are a annoying solution], a fixed character personality!, and so much more [to lazzy to write more currently] , but this sounds to much like weakest beating strongest in unoriginal way… To many say their MC is using his “brains”, especially when he has no power, but just meets some absolutely perverse or “innocent” girls that suddenly turn out to be yandere, or to not even have a fixed personality.

    What the heck did I even write…. well much that is certain. I do hope the MC is not Mr. No Magic ruling the world with his harem and wannabewits…. well not like I am gonna read it. (most likely]

    Just a randomn feedback… hope it’s not to long or messy…. I guess my hope is hopeless though…


    • Nope. This is not harem, MC is like the MC from Trinity Seven in terms of perversion.
      World-building will be consistent, there is only one strongest person over there in both power and influence, as is also as mysterious as a person can get, no more than that.
      Politics means bad side of society too.
      Sanity, that is a thing which will slowly deteriorate from MC as he keeps of lying his family and plays a killing game, but is able to still hold on that last bit of sanity due to reasons not yet possible to reveal.
      MC is chosen in this game with all other players being magic-users except him, for some reason. So he had got powers and has lots of brains. Let’s say: hmm, Lelouch? yeah somewhere near.
      Why would MC want to rule the world? I just don’t get it.

      FInally yeah you lost me at whatever you said near the end of your feedback


      • So he basically is not a magic user, but got a power like Lelouch?^^
        And don’t forget about hygiene and health either… =P (Pretty sure I forgot to mention that xD)
        I am pretty sure many like “ruling the world”-thing because they think nobody will be able to touch them than… equaling it to power. I am not able to figure it out either myself, only got many ideas about it. I am more the “want to have that small part and be done with it” or “destroy the world” type.

        Sorry about that… I tend to do that. The last part… I think I was writting about MC’s that are said to have no power, but get some randomn “mysterious” power or some strange girls.

        I might give it a chance, but please do understand that I am very pessmistic and have read to much stuff…. the more you promise the worse my first impression will be… on the other hand if I have no expectations it can only be better than imagined.

        (PS: I did vote for it sounds good and that you will ditch us. Nothing personal, but i thought you would imagine the “rampage week” easier as it would be and give up in the middle of it. xD But as a leecher I am just gonna say thank you for the chapters and wish you good luck and endurance. Don’t be disheartened if you don’t get the chapter numbers you want. As long as you did what you could after making a promise you seriously mean it’s alright.)


        • I never said power like Lelouch, but he’s got brains like him.
          He gets power later in V2 (or so I have planned), and it is just…*no spoilers mate* ******* here you go with the answer


  2. There are novels with world building and novels without, both Japanese and not.

    A good example of a world-building Japanese author would be Kawakami Minoru (so detailed that it becomes Universe- and history-building). Going for something more easy to get for the horders of quick-readers, I’d point (it’s from another author) to Mushoku Tensei, where part of the MC’s ordeals involved finding about gathering knowledge about the world.

    Detailed world-building, sudden world-inmersing and everything inbetween are all valid literary devices, and it depends on each reader’s tastes which one is better.

    Suerte con tu novela. A ver si para la próxima llegas al podio.


  3. Well this sound interesting just as long as the MC perverseness doesn’t get that annoying and is used a lot of times then it’s okay then it’ll be ok though it sounds like CG not that I think about it and do you recognize me(changed my name because I read this article: and had to try having rare name I mean look at this name Can Attack, Can Defend, Can Be Straight, Can Be Curved, Can Be Soft, Can Be Har isnt it rare), I’ve already commented before also want to share this interesting article that I would like to know your thought on it:


        • I will think over that part when I start writing the novel. Whatever the outline of plot I have thought took me damn 30 minutes…so it is still not much detailed enough to start writing the novel just now.


          • What so the women are not perverts? THAT’S SEXISM!!!! In all seriousness, I really do think if it’s a family thing that it should be consistent and the women born from the family should probably be perverts too.


    • Do people like perverseness of MC used always?
      anyhow, I read that article and surely either that person had lived here or took old tweets.
      Cuz some stats are too old.
      Anyhow, he explained greatly about the publishers. Lol’ed at that.
      Personally I would go to any publisher for my novel and only if they publish it! Again personally, I would rather not go in Kadokawa, that place is just hell, not in getting axed but actually you get little pay. 😦 life is hard there. However the works of that sure get more popular, seriously twisted world!!!


  4. That aside will the other brother be another MC and there would be double protagonists or just a side character who has a lot of screen time because of there is a double protagonist it could be a little difficult so maybe should steer clear out of that I’m really curious of the deaths and how would you describe them because there are all types of deaths and how would you describe the,


    • The brother is somewhere between side-char with lot of screen time and another protag.
      I will use his pov and also make him get clues, reach to the killers (1 of which is his brother).
      So yeah think of this novel as also a detective like thing. *oh nothing on the level of sherlock holmes*


  5. About my MKNR mention… well, there is some obvious inevitable things in your setting. Just don’t depict it in a way, that resembles too much some other well-known works. I wrote like that, because first lines of your synopsis can be applied perfectly to MKNR.


    • Didn’t think yet, but there surely will be Action, Adventure (like going around the world), Romance, Fantasy (Magic), somewhat tragedy too. *like characters dying, even good ones. Can’t blame me, I’m a sadist*


  6. Do you think that with this novel this time you might get first, second or third? And if you do will you serialize it and if so how many volumes long do you plan to make it? If you do get to serialize it will you stop translating?n


    • I don’t plan to get this into any competition, but rather have a manuscript of sent to publishers, then waiting if they are willing to serialize it.
      So i will directly get it serialized, and this will go longer than 10 volumes easily, I suppose.


  7. Question is in Japanese is the title really long because I don’t why sometimes I see those really long names that need an abbreviation like Oregairu


  8. I still have much more questions like:
    1Will the heroine be a dere and of so what type of dere?
    2Will it just be in Japan?
    3Will the event that brought magic to earth have a name and will the magicians will just be named magicians or some new term you think of?
    4Will the magic have things like aria, chant or something like that and if so will there be people who can do chantless, arialess incantations?
    5Will there be special techniques or finisher moves with names like that?
    6. Will there be a best friend or childhood friend or something among those things?
    7. If there are factions that I there will be then will it be divided by territory like I don’t know states of Japan or continents like Asia, America, Africa , Europe and like that or will it be by families and something that is like he is the only one among his family who excels at certain element (if it’s going to be divided by elements or will there be a way to make spells or will it be all types of magic because there could be things like Time or something like that) that he is the only one without magic?
    8. Will the MC be shown to be abused before?
    9. Will the MC be from the family or adopted?
    10. Will there be an association police-like that is made out of Magicians that deals with Magician related incidents where there could be various factions and MCs brother belonging to a certain faction like the righteous or the traditional or those who were there before the event?
    11.Will the event be recent or will there be a lot of time since it has come?
    12. Will there be technology that uses magic as a source such as gun that shoot certain magic or other technology?
    I still could think more but I’m almost sure that I don’t want to take more of your time since just answering these will probably take a long time and you’re on rampage week so…and I also want more chapters and don’t want to be bad to the others who also want chapters


    • 1. Yandere FTW!!
      2. Nope it will be all over the world. The MC literally goes here and there around the world.
      3. You know what, I need time to think that.
      4. Again time to think Magic system in this novel. (its the first time I will use magic in any of my novel)
      5. Duh of course there will names of attacks.
      6. Nay
      7. The continents geographical structure changed due to that mysterious magic-man who appeared in the WW, and now there are 5 continents with four pointing in four cardinal directions and the last one being Japan which is isolated even now because of certain reasons. Each continent has 10 countries (Japan an exception). Each country having 10 small noble factions, 1 big noble faction controlling those small noble factions. Finally there is 1 even more bigger noble faction that controls those 10 big noble factions in every continent. In Japan there no small noble factions, but rather just 2 big noble factions (MC’s family is in these) and 1 bigger noble faction. As population of Japan was really low it could be controlled with just this much of noble factions.
      8. MC is not abused but has had a hard life which caused him to have a personality of thinking other humans as pieces of chess he can manipulate. Will explain later in novel. Ofc in V1.
      9. He is blood-related.
      10. Ofc there is an Anti-Magic Interpol Department. Interpol mate see that thing. His brother is in Japanese Branch.
      11. umm what do you mean?
      12. There will be guns and bazookas, nukes, and other weaponry which have been changed a lot due to magic and are used by non-magic users to kill magic-users! However they severely regulated in every continent.


      • Hope those questions helped you in some way and by 11 I mean:
        Example 1
        100 years have passed since magic came to this world due to a strange event or
        Example 2
        18 years have passed since magic came to this world the same age as the MCs
        Example 3:
        25 years have passed since magic came to this world and today there will be an event to celebrate this( where only the sister could go as she has magic and the adults are on a discussion of the future and then after that night the MC gets to know that his sister died on which he regrets the fact of not going and then he gets to see the BD event being invited by a mysterious person that knows how her sister was killed leading the MC to believe that the mysterious person killed her sister and that the only way to get behind the murder of her sister will be to complete the battle of death that this person has proposed setting in motion the events)
        Lol don’t know why I just wrote that much on the third guess my imagination went a little bit wild there


        • yeah you went a bit wild. but i will the sis after bod invitation and yeah it has been 30 years since the magic came. and sure enough there is a celeberation, but that has nothing to do with V1 till near the end.


      • It means what it means that a story is either f*cking amazing because their characters are awesome and are what call the attention like Tokyo Ghoul( the manga the anime is just shit)or that is amazing because it has a great plot with really unexpected plot twists like Shinsekai Yori and others get it


        • It has great plot and ‘unexpected plot twists’, the other players get revealed one by one, or maybe 2-3 in just one volume. Those characters will also be the one who make the story amazing.


  9. Another thing that commonly happens is that somehow the women don’t have a character anymore after they fall in love if you know what I mean


    • The girl I write in all of my novels (except WN) have a good character before falling in love, and just changes a bit after they realize they are in love. You know, it’s quite natural for a person’s nature to change, even Yanderes won’t be yanderes at all unless they fall in love, hence they will remain non-killing girls.
      So, girls written by me contain a consistent character, except some which are there for just comedy purposes *ofc for getting them killed*.


  10. Question, question
    1Will there be proper character development ?
    2Will the MC be appealing enough?
    3Will the MC be charming from the first impression or as we get to know him with the character development he suffers because of the game?
    4Are you one of those sadistic authors like George RR Martin who will kill randomly?
    5. Will this have tragedy( which I think there will be)?
    6. Will you have some characters that people can relate to?
    7. Will the motive or reason of others characters be properly conveyed or also left unknown because sometimes it intriguing to have a character who you don’t know their motives because their actions are completely random and contradict themselves?
    8.Will the MC change his views on persons or just on those who he cares about as the story goes?
    9. Have you thought of Mechas or Golems for the Magic?
    10. will the MC be a “original” character and for you what do you think will be an original character?
    11. Will there be a character that ends their sentence with something or has a dialect?
    12. Will this be a story where there is no black and white morality but just gray as in people do things because they have their reasons no just MC is good and bad guy is black because oh no he just evil and does not have a proper motive?
    13. Can you describe the character in terms of appearace so that his design calls the attention and that you recognize him?
    14.Will there be a lot of strategies and plans and creative powers not just who has the stronger power wins no like as in certain conditions an opponent that is believed to be invincible can be beaten?
    15. Will the MC have a sudden power up because if so be careful because sometimes you create aMC that is so broken that you just have to create a more broken villain


    • 1. Quite obvious if you had read my previous works which I obviously don’t have over internet.
      2. Appealing as in the sense to us or other characters?
      3. The latter, his characters changes and hardens.
      4. You made me remember one shitty person. But yeah I don’t kill randomly.
      5. Ofc.
      6. what??
      7. Some will have their reasons explained and many not, but later. I can’t explain in detail cuz I’m still thinking over that part.
      8. His view changes of people, but he still somehow maintains his previous thinking of all people good only at his cared one, basically family members, and no-one else.
      9. Mecha: JUST NO. It takes lots of words to write.
      10. He is original, as he changes from kind, to sociopath, to evil antihero.
      11. That is an obvious in every LN out there.
      12. Wtf? I’m not racist! I give precise reasons for shitters doing shit things.
      13. Ofc, it is easy.
      14. Battle and War strategies will be a lot, most which you might’ve not even heard and would have to google. Plans, politics, and stuff will also be a lot. There will be a lot of things which let MC win and not just power, as he can’t win using his power.
      15. No broken OP powers at all.


      • Even I don’t what I planned to wrote on the 6 one and I don’t remember si who cares and XD with your answer to the 12 and I really knew the 11 but just to confirm and with this I end all my questions and hope I wasn’t that annoying with making you over 30 questions so sorry if I was too annoying with this but hope all this question help you with your story or something


        • This helped me to take your comments and post them in a word on my doc. ‘Cuz sometimes authors forget things and need stuff like this saved on desktop to make themselves remember it.
          Even so, thanks to you asking questions I was able to pull an all-nighter and wrote just about 1 chapter of KnM- damn Chapter 267 is as big as MnD chapter and even 269 is same. FUCK THEm!!!!


  11. My thoughts are it seems interesting however you broke a golden rule, NEVER EVER kill the little sister, it turns ppl away unconsciously from your story no matter how good it is.

    Suggestion, instead of family being killed make it say someone close, like a male childhood friend dies while they are both walking to school or something like that. He gets home and receives another letter saying the death is his fault for not playing…… not touch the family, put them in danger but allow the mc to a least save them….that is my 2 cents.


    • MC is not close with other people and doesn’t even want to: that is his character for most of the novel, but it changes as he keeps of playing the game.
      Hence I need someone from his family dead, and will keep his lil’ sis not a generic lil’ sis type. Anyhow, I hate generic type lil’ sisters, they are so…fake!!


      • kill, the brother then, no one cares bout a guy, even a brother who can later become a rival in love or what not, less males the better…..

        however you contradict yourself saying he is not close to anyone meaning then his family matters not to him too. So if a family member dies he will not really care since he is unfeeling in that department. Personally I do not like MC’s who do not have a heart, but it is you story. MC’s who care and fight for others are stronger imo vs MC who fight for only themselves. Also it adds more drama and suspense when an MC cares for others and fights to safe their lives giving it his all. It also legitimizes an MC who sees a little girl get kicked and abused by a group of guys and he then totally rages and even kills them for the sake of the girl… can be a NEET/shut in and still care about ppl with all your heart, they just lack confidence in their social skills and abilities and are negative about themselves. It takes a STRONG and caring woman to pull such a person out of their darkness.


    • “Now if you people are saying my novel seems similar to MKNR because it has magic on earth then I believe you haven’t read many mangas, LN’s, WN’s, or not even seen many animes.”
      Also, they don’t seem to read books, in general


  12. More and more here we go because I just woke up so
    1With the comedy(which you didn’t mention by the way in the genre or is it that you want to have little to no comedy since this a dark story) It is fine to have a recurring joke but don’t overuse it
    2. Try to write interesting dialogue and conversations and have the MC say them because I’ve seen sometimes how you get to hear the really interesting dialogues from side characters who die later
    3, Does your story have something an interesting introduction you know like starting a story from the climax of the story and then write the flashback of how everything came to this or showing the ‘unique’ perspective of the MC or among others write to your preference or which suits your style of writing the most
    4. Have an interesting synopsis also as another one mentioned the last summary sounded not that interesting or a little bit generic
    5. On the action scenes try to make the pace quick and don’t drag it a lot also make something like having the protagonist think of something but not thought through having an unexpected consequence therefore heightening the drama
    6. Have someone else read your work after finishing the draft to give you their opinion on how it could have been better or ask them if the story makes sense
    7. What is wrong with GM_Rusaku and all others with the Nepu, is Hperdimension Neptunia that good or what I never understood as I have never seen anything related to that? Do you know, because I don’t know


    • 1. Very little comedy.
      2. Yeah that is why MC has brains
      3. No I hate writing from a flashbacks of climax. Rather start normally. *this is rare in LN industry*
      4. So my synopsis was generic, should I write it someway different?
      5. I like to drag the actions scenes, but in way that readers don’t feel bored. And adding those unexpected elements in fight is quite normal.
      6. I have written more than 70 novels, out of which everyone had been read by friends and have given me reviews with only some bad one. Out of those 70 ones, I have given 4 in either competitions or just directly to publisher. HOWEVER, I have never written the genre BATTLE OF DEATH is going to be: A DARK LOW FANTASY.
      7. CUTE iS JUSTICE!!


  13. This is unrelated but when I saw MKNR first thing I think of is Magic KNight Rayearth. Then I read bit more and, it must be Mahouka right?

    You made me feel really old today. I will stop reading and go cry myself to sleep.


  14. More from me because I have to keep you awake and wait you wrote 70 novels why that much or since when have you start writing or what to have that much time to write that
    Some of these are basics but who cares and I’m still going to write it
    1.Domt make a Mary Sue heroine ( even though it’s obvious that you won’t)
    2. Don’t create names that sound randomly generated by software
    3. dialogue: don’t make it too wordy too weird or too modern
    4. Don’t make two-dimensional characters or villains
    5. It is okay to change of viewpoint but don’t do it to often or make it as an intermission or side story or something because sometimes it gets annoying that you change too much that it gets annoying (though I think that in Japanese it was okay to do so but I don’t remember )
    6.Please no Info-Dumps
    I’m going to quote this because I find it funny
    “Fight Scenes.
    The improbable and the overly detailed.
    Assemble your spouse and kids, or your neighbors, and get them to act out a fight scene so that you can choreograph what’s physically possible. That helps you to understand the action. Then you need to edit ruthlessly! Cut the scene by three-fourths because its essence is swift movement. Your character gets swept up in a battle, or he displays his skill in a fist-fight. Or he gets his ass kicked before he even knows it! He doesn’t have time to think it through.

    Here is how you’ll choreograph a fight scene after your neighbors have kindly re-enacted it for you:

    The two men faced each other and one threw a punch. The other man had his fists raised to guard his face, but the first man’s fist skimmed over the top of the second man’s fists and struck the second man in the chin. The impact of the blow was strong enough to jolt the second man’s head backwards on his neck.

    You can tighten it by climbing further into one of the character’s viewpoints. A lot gets implied; the reader’s imagination takes over. Here’s the defender’s viewpoint:

    Keep your hands up, he told himself. His opponent blasted a punch through his guard and nailed him on the chin; his head snapped back.”
    And this is all for now


    • I started writing from when I was 13. The time I got JLPT N1 conquered and also came in Japan. *interesting note: other than vocal Japanese I learnt from dad since birth, I just learnt Kanji and other grammar stuff in not more than 2 months or 1 month and a half.*
      1. Bleh
      2. I also hate that
      3. although it might not be too words, but sometimes it will get too modern and also too politic-ish.
      4. Boring.
      5. There will be only 3 povs. One MC, one his brother, and one third person.
      6. Still thinking about this.


      • One month and a half are you serious what are you? How could you just learn all that in one month and a half, you monster! I mean doesn’t Japanese have 3 things that were kanji, hiirogana, and katakana how could you just learn it like that well you’re either a genius or just really good at learning new languages which I admire either way


        • Hiragana, Katakana, these two don’t even take a day or two to learn.
          The only thing that takes time is Kanji. ANd I more chinese characters than in Kanji, hence I know chinese too (somewhat).
          I’m not monster, there are some rare people who can do this…ofc they must’ve had a good vocab since childhood (that I had)


  15. I wonder what do you have in mind for the cover or is the process of just sending the script and then if you get accepted you get an illustrator?
    Also do you think is better to try to learn first Chinese or Japanese?


    • First get my manuscript accepted, and then I will find the illustrator. This is the norm.
      As for the other question, sorry but can’t say. Just learn whatever you want first.


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