RW Day 1 Ends~. RW Day 2 Starts!

It is exactly 12:24:59 oh sorry 12:25 and new RW day starts, this time I will keep on increasing my stockpile and post chapters without letting the chapters in stock getting low.
Basically a win-win situation, obviously just for me.
Wait some more time, the chapters have been sent for editing, and will take time.
The chapters before were not edited, but just TL’ed by me, and therefore I want to ask, did my English improve or it went bad or is just the same?

See you later, and make sure to answer me.


9 thoughts on “RW Day 1 Ends~. RW Day 2 Starts!

  1. The previous three chapters were alright imo – not bad, though again not really as great in comparison to the edited chapters. Improvement? Well, I’m sorry for being new here… can’t really make out ‘them mistakes’. If any, ye’r doin’ fine (or have improved for some weird reason somewhere), I guess?

    That aside, it is (in a way) ‘readable’, so there’s nothing much to complain about in those chapters (cuz phuc typos and whatnot, they’re always there and I kinda am used to ’em).

    PS: I thought the editors were fckin’ around w/ the chapter before reading this post… lol I’m sorry editor(-san) XDD


  2. I just read chapter 249. There is a lot of weird and even “Engrish” phrasing. As for examples of obvious mistakes:
    -“To get into the mansion from back” should be “To get into the mansion from THE back”

    – “I don’t know who you are, where you from neither do I care.” It should be “I don’t know, who you are, where ARE you from, neither do I care”.

    – “I won’t forgive you if you said it.” Future simple tense followed by past simple? Imho, “I won’t forgive you if you will say it” would be better.

    – “…in the he snapped.” Well, that’s obviously just a typo, but still…

    P.S. Major problem isn’t a grammatical mistakes, but stylistics, phrasing and, sometimes, vocabulary. Plus, missing punctuation can muddy or change the meaning.

    P.P.S. Also, after quick peek into chapter 250, I come across “Servants”. Going by it’s description isn’t term “familiars” is better.


      • English is not my primary language, but I still notice a few other than the one he posted.

        「——so not got time for that」

        I believe its better if it is “—–so got no time for that.”. Or maybe “—–so we got no time for that”. Even if the word ‘we’ were not in the raw, it is still better for the flow of the sentence, while not changing the meaning of it at all. This is purely my opinion, I’m not an experienced writer or editor to back my claim.

        Mostly it’s just minor awkward engrish things that even I occasionally do now and then. The meaning and story is still intact and understandable IMO. Maybe those mistakes were just some minor things you didn’t realise while translating too fast for the RW.

        Engrish will gradually disappear as you read/write more. That’s why school language teacher always recommend the students to read more and practice their writing. I regret being an ignorant boy underestimating their advice. But that’s a long time ago and I learned my lesson now, the hard way of course.


        • well that’s not just because of me TL’ing fast, but also because I TL as what is written in the raw and don’t do any sort of editing on it. Like no edit at all, whatever you people read are chapters I TL’ed, didn’t edit, didn’t re-read, and just posted it.


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