Oh…so my life is so bad or not?

Yeah the title didn’t explain shit about what I’m going to write here. So just don’t care about it…

Well my life is bad, more precisely my nature of a procrastinator…I wrote the RW day 2 announcement, TL’ed 2 chapters, then went ahead to read novels, see anime, and then think a new synopsis for a new story that I will surely write some time.

So currently I’m in midst of reading stuff so I will TL chapters a little later, but based on my speed this week you might get enough 3-4 chapters today, the rest chapters I TL would go in my stockpile.
Basically, I will still get over 20 chapters for KnM by tomorrow night!

Now today I saw Izure Shinwa no Ragnarok being TL’ed! I highly recommend it to people who can handle the wuss MC’s in the sense of being dense. On other things, that story is quite fast-paced, good, has some plot holes around Chapter 3 and it just keeps of increasing and the time they plot holes are filled it is epic, other than that the plot is quite good…I’ve got no idea if a Vol 3 will be released any time soon, but I still wait for it~

Finally I want to tell the synopsis of my new story that I will write in near future:


SYNOPSIS: (NOTE: this is not a real synopsis, just a little bit more explaining summary)

Kudou Mitsuteru is a normal teenager boy in high-school. Yes, just a normal high-schooler in this not-normal magic filled Earth.
During WW3 suddenly Magic was found all due to a mysterious person, but he went missing.
To control the magic users appearing after the WW, some noble factions were created.
Mitsuteru happens to be from one of those noble factions present in Japan, yet being a child of magic-users he couldn’t use magic. On the contrary he was given talents in each and everything from sleeping to fighting to manipulating other people. Although he couldn’t win against magic-users.
One day he received a parcel with a tablet, an syringe, a bottle with some liquid, and a letter.
He was there and then forcibly made to join to a game made by someone too suspiciously powerful/influential person. The game was called BATTLE OF DEATH, even if he didn’t want to.
Look over how after joining BATTLE OF DEATH he finds out the secrets about the factions present over in Japan and all over the world and also the truth behind the abrupt appearance of magic——Stay tuned!

EDIT: I forgot this in the summary:

The factions had created a new international police department for fighting off criminal magic-users, Mitsuteru’s big brother happens to be the vice-chief of Japan Branch.
After joining BATTLE OF DEATH, Mitsuteru is made to assassinate an powerful businessman in Japan, after which his big brother takes on the case because the case seemed too weirdly impossible for a non-magic-user to do. Hence this also starts the chase of a cops and criminal, without both knowing they are brothers


31 thoughts on “Oh…so my life is so bad or not?

  1. Izure Shinwa no Ragnarok is just a teaser, krytyk isn’t planning on translating it.

    “Now, a warning. Izure Shinwa will NOT be translated by me. It’s STRICTLY a teaser. If anyone is interested in picking it up, go on. I repeat, I WILL NOT TRANSLATE IT ANY FURTHER. Don’t ask about it or request me to translate it.”


    • Oh I see, well bad luck for people who can’t read Japanese, even so did you TL it as a teaser?
      There were some sentences not many just some that didn’t mean exact as in the raws. Anyhow, overall it was good. And you don’t need to fix those sentences cuz English is not Japanese


  2. I’d say Deadth Battle sounds cooler compare to battle of death, since it sounds awkward when you try to say it…

    I got the inspiration from Screw Attack’s Death Battle though…


  3. Don’t worry! I will buff you so that you will absulutely complete at least 50 chapters this week because I can use magic… Umineko magic.(I will tell myself that this week lasts for a month)


  4. ☆   ∧_∧
        /つ¶つ¶  Thanks for the update❤️
    (( (( / ̄ ̄ ̄\  Nepu!!
       |) ○ ○ ○ (|
     /″   ν..  \
     ̄ \_\__/_/


    • Mahouka was just in Japan with 10 clans and magic which used science. Mine is spread over the world, has brotherly criminal cop chase, assassination game with many people. MC is not OP like tatsuya. The factions are over 40 in just Japan. How does it seem a damn copy?
      obviously your brain is not working!
      And also the magic has got no relation with science, moreover Mahouka didn’t had WW3. Ask me and I will give a seriously detailed summary.


  5. That novel sounds boring. Here is a summary that sounds much more amazing:

    During World War 3, magic was discovered by a mysterious person who subsequently disappeared. Factions arose to take advantage of this new found power. They became known as the noble factions.

    In one of these noble factions, there is a teenage boy named Kudou Mitsuteru who cannot use magic. In exchange, he is talented in other fields: fighting, sleeping, manipulation. One day, he received a parcel that included various items. Unfortunately, that parcel meant that he was forcibly conscripted into [pause for dramatic effect] [b]THE BATTLE OF DEATH[/b].

    Join him in a life and death battle and discover the secrets about the noble factions throughout the world and uncover the origin of magic.


  6. Somehow the title just had me remember a manga called Battle Royale that sure was a great manga ,and now let’s make the question will the MC be a wuss or what will he be and what will be his age I’m curious about that and magic huh I wonder why no thinks of esper powers or superpowers which could be more oh well like you said your story not mine because this is an opinion


  7. Thoughts (my opinions) in general about this summary:
    – “BATTLE OF DEATH” isn’t this title very generic? I would assume Japan has loads of novels with a name like this like “battle royale” or something. In addition, from what I can gather from your synopsis, the main story arc of the novel is the tension between the 2 brothers and it sounds like the battle of death is just the vehicle for that. If that is the case, the title would probably be better if it references the battle between the brothers instead.
    – “just a normal high-schooler”, “he was given talents in each and everything from sleeping to fighting to manipulating other people”, “he couldn’t use magic”. How can he be a normal high school student if he can’t use magic in a magical world? Unless the majority of the population can’t use magic, he would probably be considered disabled. Also, being talented in fighting and manipulation would also probably disqualify him from being considered “normal”. Also, why would you want to write about a boring normal high school student? The only people that appeals to are high school students and hikikomori types with no life as a transparent wish fulfillment fantasy. I guess people in Japan just likes to read about boring people or something.
    – I don’t know if you would want to set yourself apart from the pack, but many Japanese light novels have some common flaws that you might or might not want to avoid:
    – Failing to build a world properly. They would tell us its a magical/technological world but then not actually describe the world at all.
    – every female character will be the most beautiful person ever (TM) but they never describe what they look like and male characters are never described (also handsome men are hated in general. That just shows the wish fulfillment roots of appealing to the hikikimori nerd type.).
    – Often time in the story the people don’t have proper motivations. The women are only there to compete with each other to suck the main character’s dick while the main character does nothing and just wonders around. The women should have some sort of purpose and the main character should not be an aimless blob.
    – The WORST ONE: the main character buys slaves and proceed to still be a hero. If you buy slaves, you are no longer a hero. This is almost non-negotiable.
    – Never describe the surrounding in any significant detail


    • That was just a short summary, not exactly a complete summary. Do you want a complete summary? Just ask me, I will right now write it.
      and explain the stuff you said about before.
      Now, a person who can fight (take John cena) is that not a normal person? :/.
      A magic-filled world is not a magical world! Moreover this earth were talking, so ofcourse there will people who can’t use magic and who can.
      Mitsutero can’t use magic while being a son of magic-users!!
      He’s definitely not boring character and not a wuss who won’t kill others and is not a dense MC!
      I am thinking more to take this story on the world-building and battle of death and politics, along with brother fight part!
      The brother chase is just a means to actually get near the main person who created magic.
      Now if you ask me detailed summary I can explain that the brother chase is not the only thrill parts, rather their are other parts too!
      Moreover, MC has motivation to kill the maker behind BOD (ask detailed summary for the reason!)
      In any novels I have written I write the surroundings with details, but not too much as it would just be too stuffy.

      LASTLY, again asking, if you want just ask me to write a detailed summary. Moreover this all little summary is just from a damn long prologue.
      Yeah this is my style to write really big prologues of at minimum two parts!


      • Nah, you don’t need to write a detailed summary. Those are just observations for you to avoid anything that might make no sense because it seems like you haven’t started writing yet. It is just my thoughts before you start writing to look out for any obvious pitfalls that might be there. If parts don’t apply, feel free to ignore it.

        Also, about your reply: a person who doesn’t kill isn’t a wuss. If that was the case, Batman would be a wuss and you don’t mess with Batman! The pitfall with writing about people killing is you don’t want to write it so that the main character seems like he enjoys it, otherwise he would just become an evil murderer psychopath. He would have to have good reason unless you are trying to write about an antihero or villain. Otherwise, the MC would not be relatable and in fact, would be hated by the reader (and thus the reader will stop reading). This has happened to a few novels I read.


        • I forgot to mention that I do look forward to reading it. Anything I wrote is just my opinion that you can take or leave at your will.


        • Nay I would never write a psycho MC, though I don’t know about heroine maybe Yandere. Nah this one is going to have quite very twists, and as the story goes on the story itself will become SOMEWHAT twisted…and for other things yeah just wait, maybe I will write it in English too.


    • Some more flaws that may or may not be flaws in Japan:

      1) In some light novels, instead of describing their emotional states or observations, they commonly use Japanese shorthand that also is just bad writing (at least in English). For instance, in one novel, every other paragraph, the main character clicks his tongue. First of all, that doesn’t explain why he is annoyed by whatever happened, it just shows that he is.

      Made up Example:
      “The enemy swung his sword upward. Kurosaki clicked his tongue.”

      Why did he do that? Is he annoyed? Can he not dodge it? Is it going to cut his clothes? WHAT????? As you can see, this is a sign of lazy writing and also cannot be translated properly because no one clicks his tongue to show annoyance outside Japan. If you see any American shows, people express their annoyance by saying words like shit or something. So if you are writing this in anticipation of an English version, I would suggest avoiding this entirely.

      2) Constant changing of perspective with no transition or reason.

      Made up Example:

      “Shadows of people began to appear from the darkness.
      The enemy has found Kurosaki’s weak point.

      I clicked my tongue.”

      Why did it transition to first person perspective? Is that a Japanese language thing that can’t be translated?


      • First I will write in it in japanese, and moreover yeah that is something almost all MC’s do of all CN, JP, KR. That clicking the tongue scene I mean for almost no reason.
        Second, there are times TL’ers just can’t get if the sentence is first person or third.
        Cuz in Japanese we don’t always use I, his, her, he, she…rather me use name or write it in a way without using name that would still make its meaning understood to the reader.


        • If it is vague in Japanese what the perspective is, I guess that just means the translator’s not very good. Because that means the translator gets to choose what perspective to use, and s/he decided to mix the perspectives for no reason!


        • Huh, Chinese people do it? Weird, I may have forgotten but I did read a few translated Chinese novels like “kill no more”, “conquest”, “A Mistaken Marriage Match: A Generation of Military Counselor”, and “otherworldly evil monarch” and don’t remember anyone ever clicking their tongues. That is why I assumed it must be a Japanese thing.


            • Yeah, there is a reason I don’t read wuxia, and that is because they always talk about dantian and other stuff that I don’t get but people who often read wuxia already know about. Because it is a known wuxia term, none of the novels ever explain what it is and I can never follow. It would be like if you talked to a non gamer and starting saying words like mmorpg, HP, MP, Firaga, eroge, FPS. They would have no idea wtf you are talking about. And so it is with me and wuxia novels. At least Xianxia usually invents new things and they explain it properly so I can actually follow.


              • Dantian is similar in wuxia and xianxia and xianhuan or anyother immortal or fighting chinese novels. What Xianxia has is Taoist magic and not just True Qi, World Qi using fights. Yeah that is the true difference


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