The Rampage Week Ensues/Begins/開始. RW Day 1

So people, finally the Rampage Week begins…and whatever I wrote in the title.
I got somewhat late due to po——learning more about humans. Anyhow, it 12:22, no 12:23 in the night, and from 12:25 the week begins.

This is the first day and it will run till tomorrows 12:25 am. I will post chapters as I get done with it. Now I ask you people to tell me if my English has gotten better than past 2 months…or not?
Like that, you people now just need to wait and read, wait and read and repeat that for 1 week.

Lastly, I want to answer the people who asked how many entries there are in Dengeki Bunko competition.
To tell the truth, the minimum is 5000 people and this was in 2007 or 08. This time’s entries are around 10k, geez that is sure lot of people.
However you see mates, slice-of-life is genre not many people write, hence it is easy to win through it, but writing slice-of-life is more difficult than any other genre. ‘Cuz drama, you need that thing! Most people just hate that!


19 thoughts on “The Rampage Week Ensues/Begins/開始. RW Day 1

  1. Must be tough for the judges to skim through 10 k written stories. Hope yours makes it 😀

    btw people may not like drama when its happening to them but sure enjoy it when its happening to someone else.


  2. So you’re like top 1% among the entries. That’s not something you can ignore.

    I’m still proud of myself when I learned I’m in the top 1% of PVP suicide count in Destiny game lol.

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to this Rampage week. Time to show us what you’re made of.


  3. First of all, good luck.
    Secondly, don’t die on us now and get a lot of rest in between.
    Thirdly, don’t die on us and get some rest in between.(yes I repeat that since it’s damn important.)
    Fourth, get some rest rest in between rampages.(Again, IMPORTANT.)


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