Just one day remaining for the Rampage Week!

To be precise it the 12:00 am of Tomorrow, basically today night.

Maybe I should make a stockpile of some chapters, maybe 6-7, idk, it can be more.
Also, I thought some would actually vote on the “I hate it and don’t ever want it”, but in truth why did NO-ONE vote on it!???!!!!

Setting my ranting aside, hear my new rant: I basically thought most would vote on “I like it and I still think you will stump us”, but not many did. Not like I can blame them, based on my promise-breaks in the past.

Actually today morning I found out that there are many people MTL’ing Japanese novels!? Can you believe it? Maybe you can, but it’s just…unbelievable for me.  I mean, how can one believe those shitty Translator Machines and write using that. You know what, If I could make sentences out of that Google Tl’er for a 20 Japanese WN Chapter, then I will win Guinness World Book of Records trophy for having IQ over 9000!!! I mean like…yeah fuck it, it’s impossible.


This came out as a heavy blow to me, and it came out today morning. That I am #5 on the Dengeki Bunko Competition. SHIIIIIT!!!!!!!!!!!
But actually I knew I won’t even enter the top 4 because I didn’t had much confidence in the last 30% of my book. Even the comments from editors and other reviewers were like: “It was good in start, got even better near the middle, but suddenly the writing and plot story’s quality both deteriorated. Even so it was a good read, better luck next time”. yeah something along those lines.

It can’t be helped, I was somewhat mentally shaken at that time because of my aunt’s child’s death that it got that way.
Hence like this, I failed in winning the competition. However for some reason I’m not feeling bad, maybe because of my logical thinking helping me!

Now Finally, wait for some more hours and the Rampage Week Starts!

EDIT: I wrote the wrong as #3, it is #5


13 thoughts on “Just one day remaining for the Rampage Week!

  1. Hey, at least you got a number. Single digit too. I’m not sure how many total entries for the competition, but that’s a good try IMO. You can still be proud of that.

    This rampage week will be a blast. Hopefully can reach the 100+ chapters goal.


  2. >5th place
    isn’t that like
    actually great already?
    I mean considering that your last part was worse than the first parts
    doesn’t that mean that if your last part was a little bit better you might have gotten 1st?
    on a side note: what timezone are you in?


  3. “I found out that there are many people MTL’ing Japanese novels!?”

    uh, well. i can totally agree since i have that kind of mind. but most translators (maybe) does not have a headstart like you, who understands japanese at a very early age.
    the good side, using MTL one can actually learn how to read kanjis. or not?
    might be better using LN/WN as incentives rather than cramming kanjis for exams overnight. right?


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