The Rampage Week is Approaching!

I am planning on sleeping for lot of time, so that I can be great and fine for the death march of seven days. Although programming is more harder, but TL’ing is more time taking, so in the end both are quite difficult when going on a death march. Hence I need lots of rest!

I don’t know if many know this, but in this Rampage Week (not the official name), I will be TL’ing at least 50+ chapters or at most precisely 110 Chapters. No less and no more.

I have separated the days into three categories: KNM, MND, MIX.

So there will be 3 days for KNM: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. (Chapters can be from 20-50)
There will be the next 3 days for MND: Thursday, Friday, Saturday (Chapters can be ranging from 20-30, sorry but MND chapters are big, like seriously big)
Now the last day will be a MIX: Sunday. (Chapters of KNM and MND both included can range from 10 to 20 chapters).

Now a little mathematics: taking the lowest numbers of all days gives me: 20+20+10 = 50. BARELY PASSABLE. However fret not it’s not going to be like this. That’s the reason I chose to give a range.
Taking the maximum numbers of all days gives me: 50+30+20 = 100 Chapters! Now up to me if I want to go on for 10 more chapters! Yoohooh!

Hence people believe in me, god, and pray that I don’t procrastinate or you won’t get 100…err 110 chapters. If you don’t then, although you will get more than 50 chapters, but it will range around 60-70 or at most, like with seriously lucks as those xianxia MC’s get then it will be close to 80-90.
Now left it all up to you people if you readers prayers and strong wishes…and maybe anime being postponed that I will procrastinate less.


This is the last thing: I wanna ask you people something, though I know what most would answer, but this time I will prove my worth. Oh by the way before answering the poll tell me the record of posting how many chapters in a week any TL’er has?



30 thoughts on “The Rampage Week is Approaching!

  1. Come back human after a week of hell. It’ll be sad if you turn to an undead or deify yourself after going through hell for a week.

    Putting my rambling aside, word of warning coffee can be poisonous if taken too much drink moderately.


    • I…know? Well anyway, I don’t like coffee as much as I like the natural adrenaline rush which occurs whenever I TL chapters. Ofc, this fights are great in KnM. Like the fights written in it are one of the best ones I’ve ever read among most other WN’s or LN’s or even Chinese WN’s.

      As for MnD, it is the somewhat coffee, comedy, some po—human body research that will keep me awake.

      However, I will surely sleep for 1 whole day after all these 7 days of TL’ing, hell as you say.

      Btw do you know the record for most TL’ed chapters posted online in a week?


  2. Somewhere In my mind I am somehow hoping for 120 chapters… Guess I watched too much shounen lately, my seinen soul tells me that 60-70 is more likely.


  3. sorry if i ask this in a wrong place, but what MTL are you using? because i’m thinking about starting my own TL-ing (with pretty minimum knowledge of japanese) and i wonder if you will be so kind to share some words with me?

    this whim started because i see mainly sousetsuka’s and your translating speed. so i thought “i’d see if i can pull at least half as good as you two!” while profiting a bit (skip this impure wish of mine)


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