Been relaxing and doing all work

I have been relaxing and doing all the work  that might be need to be done next week in this week.

SO, yeah, err, you got the point. *tehee*. Quite a small post—-not yet over.

Oh btw today I watched Ze Tian Ji and I was mind-blown!!! If just it was made by a Japanese Production company, I can assure you that it would rock and roll and turn and twist everyone. Too bad anime don’t show the interior of human’s body or else we would’ve seen people’s intestines turning green in 3rd episode.

ANd I also watched a “Hitlers reaction to ISSTH“. Never before have I liked hitler soo much. You guys need to watch it, it’s over the youtube. Especially the ISSTH haters need to watch it!
The only problem was I had learnt somewhat German so it was quite hilarious knowing what they are saying and reading the stuff below.

I also find one Parody which I like sooo much: Here


11 thoughts on “Been relaxing and doing all work

  1. I also know a bit of German but as I was concentrated on the subtitles I didn’t listen that well and I’m bad with audio even though Ihave classes of it but yeah I know what you mean it also happened to me but with another video and another language


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