Good info for everyone!

easily got more than $300. So a rampage week will be coming. Starts from 21st March to 27th March. No more no less.
I will try to procrastinate less and get around a 100 chapters done (accumulative number of both KnM and MnD chapters).
However if I do procrastinate I can’t guarantee more than 60 or 70 chapters.

Now another good news is: Yesterday my graduation ceremony was postponed due to someone related to the chairman dying *condolences*, so today was the new graduation ceremony and I got the report card saying all A’s. yay~~

My school releases the last examinations results for 3rd year students on graduation ceremony day, so I got my results and guess what? Due to me actually studying I got the FIRST position in the whole 3rd year students!!! I even got selected in a good uni. Well, that just means…more studying, bleh.

I’m the first, this occurs rarely as I study even rarely. Anyhow, today I’m truly elated and will go get some pints with my friends. One of my friend is already 20, so he can get us the alcohols legally, so we’re not doing anything illegal.

Oh yeah there is one more thing, till 21st Match I won’t post any sponsored chapters and just post the guaranteed chapters as per the schedule. The sponsored chapters will all be stuffed in the rampage week.


22 thoughts on “Good info for everyone!

  1. Congratulations on getting some good things happening to you (to do with schooling at least)!

    Guess it’s time for me to catch up where I took a break from KnM and MnD… That’s like 100 chapters by itself…


  2. Also man congratulations on getting first and isn’t it really hard to get first place or is it that you’re really smart or like me who gets good grades but if they actually study they could get first


    • I never study, just go to school, cram whatever the teachers spouts into the head, play all-day-night, no studying, then on examination day just use that crammed little info and get around 3rd to 5th positions.

      And let me tell you that being smarter is the same as getting good grades but getting firsts if actually done studying.


  3. Wow… $300 in less than 24 hours. I thought you would wait for 3 days. It-it’s not like I donated, b*ka but
    Congratulations anyway..


  4. I planned to donate $10 tomorrow but since the quota is met guess I’ll save and donate it with another $10 when you need money again. I’m curious about the most generous donation value.


    • My moderately is other person’s wallet going literally into minus weight numbers.
      my body constitution is as such that I don’t get drunk easily, if I had to get “somewhat” drunk that would be drinking till my stomach’s full. And guess how the person treating me would feel? I feel lucky at my body constitution.

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  5. Please be careful Truce. I don’t want you to end up incapable of translating for two months or so because you tired yourself dry. Therefore, please try to hold back on the RedBull, ok?


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