Need help from Readers…

Do you readers hate when the staff person of a companies arrives hell lots of time later than he should be? well I hate it.

So, the person came, did some shit (won’t cuz most won’t understand), and in the end tried on with a new router (which actually worked). Seeing all that my heart was filled with uneasiness. The next words of the guy ย hit right at spot: “You need to buy a new router”. I was doomed.
I don’t have enough money, okay have $2 left after spending it all on daily necessities, especially food. Gah, this time I didn’t buy even a single anime merchandise.

Now so to say: I need money for buying the router, for transportation, for eating etc.
Hence I ask peoples to pitch in tidbit amounts of money making all the way up to $250. This will let me make through next 2 weeks if I do everything moderately.

Now a good thing: If I was able to get around $300 or more, then I will start a TL’ing rampage for a week. I don’t know what my speed will be, but I will post chapters as soon as they are done for a whole week. Let it be day and night. At the best speed I will do 110 chapters (adding both KnM and MnD) in a week done. At not the best somewhere around 60-70 chapters? yeah something like that.

Now up to you people to do anything. Moreover I need my router or else I won’t be able to post the chapters at all.


32 thoughts on “Need help from Readers…

    • Nay, I have done even harder death marches than this…furthermore software programming is more harder and time taking and a job which makes people love that luxury called sleep.


        • software programming is more difficult. You need to make the outlines, then their program codes, their internal binary structure, debug it, run it, debug it, repeat last 2 process lot of times and then a software is completed. It takes lot of time to make softwares, of course I’m not talking about those small-scale softwares but medium to big-scale ones.

          One good in software programming can also make Vn’s, which I also have done. And that I can say is hell lot easier than making softwares. let it be the CG, script writing, music, animation whatever.


        • And if you have just started learning Japanese, then if you have talent, then you can complete it in just 1-2 months. When I was small I had learnt most from dad, but it took me just 1 month to completely grasp it.


  1. With you being in japan…. how about resell those anime goods you own? I think you mentioned lots of times that you bought lots of LE goods?


    • Me selling those is as difficult as americans giving donald trump votes with their heart.
      You see all the anime merchandise I have till now is my life, my collection. I don’t think I can kill my lifeline.

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      • ….you’d probably make around 500 dollars, don’t know bout yen, for those used goods….what good is anime collectibles if you don’t LIVE to keep on collecting more, it’s called investing, you can re-buy the ones you sold later on at a cheaper price….plus, dont lie, I bet your gonna put them in a garage sale later on, why not now and you can get more bang for your buck


        • I have never sold any anime collectibles I have collected since past 9 years. So you think I will now? I’ve got no intention of dying mentally if not physically. Basically the former is more scarier.


          • yea I know how you feel,I have quite a lot of action figure,like dunno 50? (including small one) and around 20 gundam HG MG,and id rather vasting than selling any of em,nope nope no thanks
            or maybe selling my phone or maybe headphone?


  2. I’d pitch in to get my KnM fix, but I checked my bank account yesterday and it was in the negative. To steal a joke from Louis C.K., I can’t even accept free hand outs at stores because I don’t have enough money to pay for them.

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  3. Have you abandoned being human?
    To be able to translate 60-110 chapter in a week with just money is nothing but magic or work of god if done solo.

    Don’t mind my rambles, but if you can really do it you reached god tier in translating.

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  4. Yeap nothing beats router support, had my router either down or stuck at 30kb/s recently, it took 3 weeks and 5 different appointments booked with the company before they actually arrived and fixes it ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    I’ll donate some when i get back from work because I can’t not have my KnM fix ๐Ÿ™‚


  5. without internet my life would be empty,well not really since I could just buy hardcopy,but I feel restless without internet even if I have some anime stock on my HD
    Good Luck with your router,I dont have debit/credit card yet so cant do much ;/


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