I had some serious helps today…

First I want to inform everyone that this is a post written NOT from my computer. 

So when I completed my chapters, I found whenever I opened any page in my any browser, it won’t open.
For chrome: It gave a Show saved copy option.
For Mozilla: Nothing except refresh.
For IE: Well as expected I still hate it. It gave me the static problem page. Bleh

Hence I opened my phone and am writing this post to tell you that I have made contact with the ISP provider and will have this done when the guy comes.

So, please wait for some time, though i’m not that patient.
I can’t even watch anime, read novel, let alone even open Google-sensei’s teaching page.
To make up for this I hacked into neighbor’s Wi-Fi from the laptop as an central corepoint and then am using my stuff on phone. Using Laptop as central corepoint it doesn’t need any internet, just the ethernet or wireless card should be powerful enough to handle the pressure which comes from it. Or it will go poof.


14 thoughts on “I had some serious helps today…

  1. Try dns flushing:
    1. Go to start
    2. Find and run cmd.exe
    3. Type “ipconfig /flushdns”

    If this doesn’t work try restarting your modem and/or clear your browser cache.

    If it still does not work then maybe it’s a problem with your internet provider’s stuff and it can’t be helped unless you call them.


  2. did u check the amount of bars? ((don’t know what they are caled)don’t know if ur using wireless or direct connect) i know i have same prob when the bars go down to 1 bar so that might be problem if it is the only thing i have found to work is to wait 2-5h before using the internet connection again sorry if this dont help/work


  3. For starts use classic command line duo:
    netsh winsock reset
    ipconfig /flushdns
    then check your router logs/connection status (if you have any).

    Well, that’s why i cooperate with my friend and we use triple connection: mine home ADSL and my friend’s ETTH from office and ADSL from home over Wi-Fi. OpenWRT router firmware + mwan3 scripts = NEET happiness.

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