Kuro no Maou Chapter 246-247

I actually procrastinated the whole Sunday because I got hooked into a novel called True Martial World, which is slow as heck, okay faster than KnM.

I will do MnD now, as it only 3 chapters and the rest 3 chapters of KnM later. Btw, I’m already at chapter 282 of TMW so I will first reach up to the latest chapter which will take about an hour or two (if I even procrastinate in this).

Now a notice: I will posting the chapters as pages. Isn’t this great!?
The real notice is that KnM which used to be around 1200-1500 words has been 2200-2900 words since chapter 220 or something. As the words increased means it takes more time to TL now, hence I will be increasing the donation amount a bit, after finishing that sponsored chapter in there. I have decided to take it up to $50, while MnD is also increasing from  normal 3100-4000 to 3800-5000 words. Hence it will increase to $60.

Don’t worry if I find the chapters are getting shorter I will revert back the donation amounts to $40 and $50.

Chapter 246 (10th March) – Second Last Guaranteed Chapter of Last Week.

Chapter 247 (11th March) – Last Guaranteed Chapter of Last Week.


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