Ouch! The day is here!!

Um firstly I want to say sorry to people that I wasn’t able to post chapters as per my schedule due to the daily practice for the Sports Day and some seriously personal problems. I was actually TL’ing KnM while I fell asleep and finished most, so I might give you a chapter of KnM before going out.

Now as you know today is 10th March, the Sports Day. So I will be out of home in about half an hour till 5-7 pm. May get 7:30 if by chance, someone is injured. Oh, the teachers deliberately hold everyone back for that time. (You guys learned something not shown in Anime).

So I WILL GUARANTEE YOU that there will be NO chapters for today. As for tonight, I can’t say for sure. ‘Cuz I have yet to post the Part 2 and KnM too. Argh, if I didn’t have enough fatigue then I might pull a death march (oh the thrill!) and give you all the chapter.

Now lastly, just about 20 minutes ago I found a guy saying:

Β “I’ve kinda figures out you are the one who translates or at least posts the chapters here. I would be happy to donayr some to this (Daydreamer) story if I knew which donation box to use. I am not much interested in yhe other stories as of now, so I want to make sure my donation boes to the correct story.
Please let me know what donation link to use

What do you guys think about this comment, cuz I personally find it the most ridiculous funny comment. So funny that it made my anger rise. This guy should be happy that I controlled my anger or else even my sadistic side would’ve risen.


10 thoughts on “Ouch! The day is here!!

  1. i think the guy found a link to mnd and read it on his phone so it didnt show the bars properly
    well.. if he actually read on pc and did not see the donation boxes he is dumb as heck XD (or blind)(or dumb and blind)


  2. I’m so sorry that I didn’t pick up on how the boxes were marked to begin with. As a way pf apologizing I donated $20 usd to MnD. I’ll also donate to Ore to Kanojo ga Geboku de Dorei de Shuujuu Keiyaku when you give a sign as to when you will really continue to TL. I am fairly new to reading WN’s and sometimes things don’t register, but maybe you guys can at least give a little respect to your elders (as I’m 59 yo). I’d volunteer to help, but I can’t see me learning the Japanese language any time soon. So again I appologize for being slow on the uptake.



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