Kuro no Maou Chapter 244

Chapter 244 – Pursuing the Monster of Trial!

24th of Red Flame month, night, in the former dorm’s——or rather, now people are living so it’s fine to call it a dorm, right. Anyhow, in the dorm’s lounge the residents, Me, Simon, Lily and Fiona had gathered.

Of course, this lounge is just a spacious room with a table and chairs set-up, we have just named it like that on our own accord, even so we four gather here to even eat meals.

It’s somewhat disappointing that we cannot eat meals together every time, but it’s only natural because everyone is secluded inside their rooms for doing their research works.

And, we dined together this time, after that started exchanging information gathered, in others it is a chatting time.

「——If I accompany Lia-nee’s ridiculous training anymore, I will die no matter how many lives I had」

「Looks like your sisters has created some great trauma」

「Yeah, currently I don’t have to see her face everyday, so I’m truly grateful for this dorm life, but in near future she would come saying that I need a physical inspection and take me back, I hate going there, ah, Onii-san how about you send her back, you can even use power to send her back」

「No, that is too much……」

Isn’t that bad, she’s Simon’s elder sister, she’s Spada’s general, and I don’t even know if I will win against her.

Well, currently it’s less of a chat and more of a complaint to Simon’s sister, but this is also fine, like this we can cultivate a better understanding, I think.

For the time being, I have understood that Simon fears her sister really very much.

「Don’t be so pessimistic, here eat some pudding」

「Yeah, thank you Onii-san」

Incidentally, the pudding I made with my whole heart is decorating this dining table right now.

The reactions were the same as the one I saw in Irz village and everyone is eating the pudding with relish.

There is even a person who is silently eating all the pudding while making a tower with the empty cups.

Setting that aside, I’m thinking of start my topic.

「In truth, I went to school after a week and——」

Though school life is important, but my core occupation is an adventurer, so I can’t possibly neglect it.

「Speaking of Guild, doesn’t Kurono-san always go to the place of a beautiful elf named Erina, right」

「Onii-san, Erina-san has a high rate of successful applicants」

「Eh, what is with this flow, I thought of seriously talk about quest」

Just because of a single harsh sentence of Fiona, this talk has turned into me being seduced by the charm of the receptionist.

It’s not like I always go to her place, and I’m not even aiming for her.

After the incident with serial killer Joto, I have just become acquaintances with her, I seriously don’t have any ulterior motives when I talk with her.

That’s why, please Lily can you stop sending those cold stares to me, when she was eating pudding before she was truly a child, now I’m sure that her consciousness is back to her adult form.

「Yeah, it’s about time we take on a Rank 3 quest」

Whoa, as expected of Lily, she’s completely and elegantly ignoring this troublesome suspicion, I’m sorry doubti——

「As for the talk about this girl named Erina, I need details later」

Ah, I see, so it’s no good, no I truly understand it now.

At the time of proving my innocence it’s going to take a lot of time……setting aside these melancholic feelings, I chose to speak the main points.

「You remember about the six monster for trail, right?」

「Yes, If I’m right then it was that if we defeat monsters like Wrath-Pun, you will get the divine protection, right」

Fiona gave a perfect answer, if just she wasn’t poking the pudding with her spoon, surely she would’ve given a more serious aura.

「Yeah, one of the six seems to have appeared near」

The name of that one is Greed Gore.

According to the reference books I saw in the reference room, this guy’s habitat is a Rank 5 dungeon『Ell Grand Canyon』located far south-west from Spada, it appears very rarely, and because the place is quite far so before going to its subjugation one would like have a definite eyewitness report.

And the eyewitness report about Greed Gore has come, but

「Fauren? Isn’t that the neighboring country of Spada」

Just as Lily said, this eyewitness report has come from the neighboring country of Spada, that is Fauren.

「Ell Grand Canyon is more south side from there, isn’t this place just too far from the habitat?」

Simon’s doubts are truly right, normally it would be thought as fake or a misjudgment, but

「This information has full authenticity in the Guild, there are various other eyewitnesses, and even the Chivalric Order of Faren, out for training had encountered it」

If tracing the paths of all eyewitness reports, then this Greed Gore apparently departed from its original habitat Ell Grand Canyon, and has been coming towards east, towards our area, steadily.

Incidentally, when the Greed Gore met encountered Greed Gore it suddenly vanished, hence no fight started neither there were any casualties.

As the monster had the danger of Rank 5 so the Chivalric Order formed a Subjugation group, but in the end, they didn’t see it again.

「I’ve got no idea what is Greed Gore thinking while straightly heading towards the east, but we can guess that it could have entered Spada territory judging from that speed」

「I see, so it means that it appeared in a place that is perfect for us to go at, right?」

I nod at Fiona’s word to show my agreement.

It’s almost like it appeared just to grant me the trial, but Mia-chan had said that「It will go with natural development」so there must not be anything intentional in this.

「Only this guy has been spotted till now, and I also think that this will be the only chance to defeat it. The Guild has only given out warnings and there is no official quest for it, in other words it would be completely freelance work, will you accompany me?」

「Of course, good chance can’t be bought with money」

「I also think the same」

「Thank you, then it is decided」

With prompt replies, we all agreed on the topic, and it’s decided we would go on Greed Gore Subjugation.

「This time we shall be prepared well and fine before fighting a Rank 5 monster. I If I remember correctly, Greed Gore uses earth attribute, right?」

Fiona said a perfect stuff an adventurer should say, if just she didn’t that small bit of pudding on the edge of her mouth, I would’ve started revering her.

But certainly, we had a hard time fighting against Wrath-Pun because we didn’t have proper preparations against that guy’s strong fire resistance.

It can be said as basics for adventurers to prepare themselves and the equipments based on the subjugation target.

「Yeah, Greed Gore uses earth attribute, it would be quite hard stuff」

According to the info, Greed Gore, just like Dagger Raptors, is a dinosaur-shaped monster, in short is the Tyrannosaurus AW.version, apparently.

It is a nonsensical guy who can freely use the Earth Extra Magic and move underground just like Morjura.

「For the time being, after working out a plan, we will leave as soon as preparations are over」




Two days since then, on the last day, 31st of Red Flame month, we『Element Master』decided to move out towards the south-west of Spada for subjugating another monster for the trial

In front the dorm are Wil and the maid Seria, along with Simon who has gotten dark circles under his eyes, apparently he pulled an all-nighter.

「Oh, Kurono, you’re finally looking more like a real Berserker with that profound armor」

Wil said as such while tapping on my shoulder, I end up showing a wry smile, well I knew that he would say something like this after seeing my armor-wearing figure.

The current me is not wearing the trademark of a mage, the robe, rather I’m clad in a armor made from steel with high defensive power,

The fact that it can use earth attribute means the attacks are going to be just physical ones, so it’s more important to protect on body from those rather than heat and electricity in this case.

While facing a Vs. Greed Gore situation, I bought an armor with all my heart.

However I wasn’t able to get armor casted with Enchant upon it like the armors of those Heavy Knights of Crusaders, so I only have a mass-produced stuff, even the design is really simple.

Even so I have taken help from Fiona and engraved the Magic Equation of『Eternity』on my own accord, and even raised its defensive power after applying blackening over it with gentleness and love while taking a whole day’s time for it.

Naturally Fiona’s explanation was,


「Kurono-san, here you pour the magical energy with full power like *Boom*, and here with a *swish* feeling, and here you go *heave-ho*」


Completely filled with onomatopoeic so it took helluva time to decipher it all.

Well concerning the results, my armor has turned into an eerie jet black color which doesn’t reflect sunlight at all. Its color is almost like the Adventurer Guild in Alsace Village.

Incidentally, though this armor is a mass-produced stuff but it surely isn’t cheap, Lily and Fiona have pitched in near half of its price, and like that my debts are just increasing, truly a sad story.

While we’re at it, Lily is in her usual one piece dress and Fiona in her usual witch appearance with her usual defense, in short the person becoming the vanguard and who needed the most defense is me.

I wish they would recall my official Class name.

「By the way Kurono, I’ve got to talk something with you……」

Wil said that with a strange appearance which made me thing if it’s something hard to say, then he moved his face closer to me as if he’s going to start some secret talk.

「What is it?」

「Aren’t you, Kurono, going to the south-west of Spada, the area near Fauren’s national borders, right?」

That’s right, the most probable place it would appear is that place, for the time being I will collect eyewitness reports on the actual location, then make the feet do some labour.

While hoping that upon reaching close enough, this left eye of mine will point it out.

「In fact, my sister who caused trouble for you the other day……」

「Err, was it Charlotte-chan?」

The Spada’s princess most who didn’t get a good impression of me at the first meeting most probably would have gotten her guard up against me, or so I can easily guess.

I don’t have any intention to say bad about her, but personally I would rather refrain from meeting a person like that.

「She went on a quest to subjugate bandits working near that area, when I searched a little more about it, I found the other party has even got bodyguards, no matter if they are Rank 5, I’m still anxious」

I see, so it came to bandits.

It’s only natural to be more worried when the opponent is not a monster but humans, as it would not be a fight with only pure ability but also with cunning traps and whatnot.

The party Charlotte-chan is in is a Rank 5 party called『Wing Road』, though they are Rank 5, but judging from their ages they surely don’t have enough experiences to be called veterans.

Well even I’m only 17 years old so I can’t possibly speak that proudly about the way of adventurers.

「It’s painful for me to ask you this after what happened, but if something happens to my sister, please save her」

「Well, it’s not I will hesitate to if she is attacked in front of my eyes, but there is guarantee we will meet over there, we both parties have our own goals」

「No, that alone is enough, thank you, I can be somewhat relieved knowing that you will be somewhere near there, you can even laugh at me as if I’m an idiotic brother」

「No, I know the feeling of wanting to protect your siblings」

Though there is no little sister in my case but there sure is a elder sister for me, so I don’t there is much difference.

Wil said his thanks with a bright expression.

「Ah, is your talk over? I have got something to give to you, Onii-san」

「H-Hey Simon, are you alright, you seem staggering to me」

I let out those words to Simon who indeed didn’t look normal and walked like a zombie.

Maybe he himself is not worrying about it, or doesn’t have composure to worry about, he just presented the black case in his hands to me straightforwardly without any explanation.

「You want to give me this? What is inside this then?」

「I heard Onii-san still haven’t bought a new wand for yourself, so I made this in haste, it is still in early phase though」

Simon opened the case with heavy eyes, and inside was a single gun present.

Its appearance is the same as the Contender gun he possessed at first, but this one has a shorter barrel, so is looking more like the real thing.

「It’s a one-shot gun just like my first one, but if it’s you, Onii-san, then you can use it just like that machine gun in Alsace. I have put a Magic Equation in the chamber and barrel so if you shoot with this then the penetrating power of your Bullet Arts will surely be increased if compared to normally firing it」

Moreover, the barrel are two, they are made in horizontally bipartite form.

Firing simultaneously will increase the power, and because I will be using it so there was no need to worry about recoil, anyhow Simon just planned the blueprint of it aiming for a higher power, and the one who made it is Stratos Smithing Workshop.

「Whoah, that is great!」

Nevertheless, so this is the so called appearance of guns as extension for wands used for magic, eh.

「And this, I was only able to make some of these exclusive bullets」

Saying that Simon handed over to me bullets in a pouch-like bag, I realized that each of the bullets have a magic circle drawn on it.

「Is this what I think Simon——」

「It’s fine, after drinking that eerie potion of shady origins for keeping myself awake and increase concentration power, so I don’t think there is any spelling mistake in the circle」

I look at Fiona from the side of my eye, and see Fiona giving a thumbs up while holding a potion bottle filled with some sort of poisonous red colored liquid inside in her one hand.

Apparently it is an original potion by Fiona herself.

「I see, you work really hard」

I’m happy that he even went to the extents of doing something similar to a shady doping, but at the same time I’m worried about him doing so much for me.

In fact, is that potion even drinkable? Simon even said「eerie potion with shady origins」as the preposition……no, it’s better to not think about it for now.

「Thank you very much Simon, now rest up」

「Yeah, Good night Onii-san」

While thanking Simon who is loitering on the line of dream-world and reality while mumbling some stuff, I put the gun and bullets into the『Shadow Gate』.

「Well then, we’re going」

「Yeah, I’m waiting for a new legend of Nightmare Berserker!」

「Don’t mind Wil-sama’s reckless remarks, please have a safe trip」

「*yawn* Onii-san, do your best~」

While taking the farewell words, along with Fiona and Lily, we left the dorm.


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