I did a truly idiotic shitty thing today…

When I posted yesterday’s chapter I actually forgot today is Sunday and posted the new chapter, but now I can’t possibly take it down, can I……Yes I can, but I won’t.

So sorry for this blunder, meanwhile you people might be laughing while reading this and giving me thanks for making this blunder. Shit! you people are not good!!!!

Anyhow, KnM is turning Xianxia…well except the kind MC stuff and yandere harem.


16 thoughts on “Shit!

  1. Lol sorry for not being a good person but I’m afraid of that people start saying that you also post chapters on Sunday’s because of this. Also so it’s Sunday for you for me it’s Saturday 6:33 funny things about posts of time zones


      • Well can’t argue with that ,but you know there really are people that ignorant on the Internet or that really like to ‘argument’ (which I normally find funny unless it is something like people forcing their opinions on somebody and they actually do it until the forced person quits because of them overworking themselves to this ignorant idiots )


  2. …there’s still bout 1 hr 15 min till midnight and Sunday officially starts….so no problemo and hope you post a ch on monday and don’t say something cheesy like no chap on monday….


  3. Have you tried saving your work/chapters on google drive?? You can upload them by draging a file to itand it will be saved there. You can also have other people work on them by sharing and you can work together in real time. This way you can always save your work and chapters in case something like this happens again….. Please don’t do it again D:


    • let me enlighten you, though this is JP WN, it is surely turning into Chinese WN, the ones which are mostly TL’ed, aka Xianxia novels.

      You can just see arrogant people in the city who just respect the ones with power, you can read various words like cultivation, dao (way) and stuff, there is also Martial Skills. Oh there is too many a stuff to explain that this novel is a bona fide Japanese xianxia!! not a chinese one, those just don’t have good plot at all, at least this one has gods, dark ages and other plots and PLOTS


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