Kuro no Maou Chapter 241

Well, a commenter acted like stereotypical mom’s do, you can see the previous post (not the chapter one). So I took on his/her offer and again took a sleep…and a good thing is this chapter just took 15 mins to TL. I was…holy shiiiiit! and yeah, the neighbors started shouting at me ‘cuz I woke them up, but because it’s already 5:39 am, that they stopped without lecturing me for an hour.

Chapter 241 – Rumors of the Academy

On the 28th of Red Flame month, in the crowded school cafeteria, certain students were talking about something.

「Hey, it’s been a while! Isn’t it already 2 weeks since you went on quest? It took some while」

Those were two male students, most probably Knight Cadets and best friends.

In this Royal Spada Academy, talks about quest and other things become hot topic with the speed rivaling that of Adventurer Guilds, and for Knight Course it is faster.

「Yeah, nothing is much different here——no wait, there sure is some new stuff」

The two luckily sat on the seats they secured luckily, and started talking about something.

「In this week there is a fairy freshman——no, not the normal one, this one is big, moreover a loli」

Loli and big is contrary, but

「Eh, seriously? You seen her? Shit you got some damn great luck, I also wanted to see her~」

The friend who came back from quest has apparently already seen the fairy freshman.

「How was she, I hear she is truly cute——Eh, shining? Idiot, it’s only natural considering she is a fairy」

He retorted to the idiotic impression of his friend.

「Well, now here’s the catch, that fairy is not only cute, but if you get the chance to stroke her head then the person becomes lucky——No seriously, one girl who stroked her head got a complete success in her confession」

“In that case won’t every one pat her head”, he replied to his friend’s quite natural question.

「You see there is another catch, as she is a fairy, she only lets people with pure and noble heart pat her head, it’s not you can go “Hey fairy-chan, let me stroke your head”, I’ve heard the ones who did this had some problems with their eyes because they got attacked by a Flash——No I’m fucking serious here, the people who have been sent to infirmary have already reached two-digit numbers, or rather, the thing you saw shining was it Flash?」

“Now that you say it”, the friend nodded.

With this he might have believed that the rumor about Fairy is a truth.

「Well, though seriously cute, it won’t be good if we laid hands on a loli, so this time a teenager girl, this one is also super-cute」

“Oho”, the friend got into hearing the rumor.

Teenage boys are always super interested in cute teenage girl.

「She is also an freshman——Yeah, you’re right freshman at this time can only mean Adventurers’ Course. This girl is always in sitting in the reading seat present in the interior most part of Great Library——no, she’s not a magic otaku, this girl is more dangerous, even I have seen for that fact」

“How is she”, on that natural seeiming question, he replied immediately.

「An eccentric girl with blue hair and golden eyes」

There are no means with the best friend to know if that expression of her is a truth.

「No sorry, but she is like, what you say Divine? Something like that——Yeah, she is super-duper cute babe, she can even enter the Top 5 in our school pretty easily. As a bonus, even by looking from outside the uniform I understood it, that she’s one big-breasted babe」

“Wow” the friend got even more into hearing the rumor.

Teenage boys are always superbly interested in big-breasts.

「But the dangerous feeling is that unapproachable feeling she gives out——Yeah, there were some bastards who tried to flirt with her, but they all were ostracized, in the end, no one even knows her name. That’s why her other name is『Blue Rose of Great Library』」

“That’s quite exaggerated”, the friend makes a joke, but apparently he also is starting to believe this rumor.

「Well let’s go see her together this time, that is a sight for sore eyes. You know what if she was my party member then I don’t care if I die on the next quest」

He and even his friend, according to basic school regulations, are in an all-male party.

It’s pretty rare for getting along with such a cute girl.

「Ah, now that I remember about it, one week ago a really dangerous stuff occurred in this school cafeteria, have you heard about it?」

Seeing his friend shaking his head, the rant-loving he explained about the stuff that occurred here.

「Some certain male freshman tried to violate Princess Nell and Princess Charlotte」

“You serious?” the friend was surprised normally.

「Moreover it was a tentacle attack」

“You fucking damn bitchy serious!?” the friend this time seriously was surprised.

「It was some black wriggling tentacles, attacking them like a Morjura——No, Prince Nero saved them in between and they got out without much problems」

“Isn’t that guy already on execution list?” the friend said something natural, but

「No, for some reason that guy is still commuting to our school. If you see a wicked-looking person with black hair and one-red-one-black eye, then just know that, that is the criminal」

The friend that incident might not be a fake one after one the facial appreance of the man is also so clearly described.

「Rather than getting caught, there are also possibilities that the man will go poof behind the scenes. Well I have heard the legendary Assassin Maid Squad, which is used by Spada Royalty, is finally on the move—」

Like that the rumor talk of students just keeps on continuing without knowing if any of that is the truth or false.

However, on the seat just behind those two students was,

「Ah, aa, arr, what should I do, Kurono-san has got these really bad rumors……」

The main person of that school cafeteria incident, Nell Julius Elrod, who listened the rumor stories of male students within the school cafeteria, while trembling with fear.


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