Yay~ back up and ready to TL.

I love my body, because I never sleep too much, though I also hate it, because it can sleep anytime, even for keeping myself awake I need drugs like Games, Anime, LN, again Games but outdoor ones, and sorry but no TL.

Anyhow, going to post the 2 chapters as soon as I complete the TL and my self-editing (These are edits that are not to be believed upon, mind you).

Sorry for not posting, but it can’t be helped right? Anyhow,

  1. MnD Status: 4/28 Pages done.
  2. KnM Status: 0/14 Pages done.
  3. OreDorei Status: ….read below….

Many people voted on letting me finish one WN first then TL this one, so though I’m not entirely choosing that way, I will TL 1-3 hours per Sunday (1 part (small) can be done in this much time or maybe 2), oh don’t worry I won’t waste the day time of Sunday but rather the night time, i.e., After 11:59 of Saturday.

So this way it will take somewhat more than 3-6 weeks time, but surely you will get your chapters. Moreover, even before I get done with this LN in this way, I will surely get done with both WN, it’s obvious right, judging from the long time period…

Well going to make some steak for myself then start TL’ing…*oh just love the taste of steak!*


6 thoughts on “Yay~ back up and ready to TL.

  1. Don’t force yourself to stay awake! You’ll pay for it when you get older. Trust me! I used to be able to stay up for over 24 hours and only need 3-4 hours of sleep. Now 18 hours is the best I can do, and I need at least 8 hours of sleep.


    • Um I can stay awake for a total of 10 days without much problem if just playing games or watching anime…
      Oh yeah once I tried to break the world record (this is quite old) of longest time of not sleeping, that is 11 days, I actually was awake for 13 days, and by the time 14th day came, my head was already on the verge of going insane and I fainted. Slept for whole 2 and a little more days time


  2. Hands down to you! You are legendary, and to be this motivated, with rapid-fire translations while juggling real life and gaming and everything else….you are definitely doing something revolutionary here…:D


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