This is just a side-step……

Actually just as title said the work I’m going to do is a side-step, meaning something I will do whenever I have time……

There have been many requests for restarting the TL’s of Oredorei, which I have to now start again (the main reason I was procrastinating on this one), so I have thought of doing it as a side-step process.

3-4 people have or maybe 1-2 people said on the project page for the donation box, however I’m sorry but I can’t make a donation box before I get free one of the WN’s I’m currently TL’ing. (I will most probably near the latest chapters by April or June if people keep on filling the donation boxes, yeah just that much time even with me not TL’ing a day (sunday)).

For people wanting to give me donations for Oredorei can give me it through the Donations to Entruce present on the sidebar. You see that top donation button, yeah…just that one. When donating, write a note if you are giving it for Oredorei, this donation, though will not give sponsored chapters, but surely will give me more hype to get on that TL.

Now that I will do Oredorei whenever I have free time, so you can guess 1 chapter per 3-4 weeks or 5-6 weeks, until I get done with anyone of my WN’s. After that it will certainly be 1 or 2 chapters per week, though can change according to my uni’s schedule which will start from April.

Now a poll…


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