A little notice…nothing much serious

This is nothing much serious…so if you want you can not read it.

Today’s chapter will be later than usual as I’m on a fatigue from not sleeping for the past 3 days, moreover I had been doing some hardcore physical stuff (oh not what your lewd minds are thinking), for the upcoming competitions at my sports festival. That is something I will have to go to, even if I don’t attend the school now, because basically I’m still a student of school.

The graduation ceremony is on 15th March and Sports festival is on 10th, so you get it, I surely will have to go…that’s why I had been doing physical stuff for practice and it took a toll. Oh it’s not like I won’t post anything on 10th, don’t worry I will have a stock of chapters done by tomorrow morning, that I can post them on 10th.

Now going to sleep for some hours (not fixed, after all it’s 3 days hardcore physical stuff fatigue) and then start the chapter.

Got long with my rant explaining stuff, but yeah that’s basically the reason why the chapters would be later than usual.


5 thoughts on “A little notice…nothing much serious

  1. Definitely rest yourself properly. The one time I definitely stayed up for 72 hours straight without even the luxury of randomly breaking into 30 minute naps against my will I ended up sleeping for a whole 24 hours before waking up. I was even only sitting there playing TF2 the entire time outside of restroom breaks.(I ate while playing. The incessant mic chatter and micspam was a fucking godsend for keeping me awake.) That exhaustion is no joke, and I can’t even imagine how bad it’d have been if I actually had to do physical labor during that. Have a damn good rest.


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