Kuro no Maou Chapter 239

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Chapter 239 – The Worst Meeting

It was a female student with small build sending the shoe sole of a loafer right at my face.

The bright red twin-tails and the red mantle flutter because of kicking, and in her cat-like cute golden eyes a color of fierce anger was residing.

From her stance the short skirt of her is rolled over, but apparently she is wearing something like spats so it hasn’t turned into the legendary panty glimpse situation.

I don’t have any recollection of this female Elite Cadet who unleashed a drop kick with the intent to break the bone of my neck.

In other words, I don’t have any reason neiher am I oblidged to take on her drop kick.

Judging from her speech it seems like she is thinking that I was trying to do something bad to Nell-san, hmph, if just I had more than three seconds I could’ve been released from this dangerous posture, but that’s what I didn’t got.

Anyhow, right now I have to stop this rocket girl flying at me upfront.

Her body is already fluttering about in the mid-air, and the time extension I have got before the kick lands on my face is below one second.

If this was between a quest I would’ve returned a fist, cut her from blade and holed her with bullets, but this place is inside the school, and though she is showing hostility, it can be cleared up if the misunderstanding she has is cleared.

If I can, then I want to stop her without hurting her.

I thought to stop her with Shield, but this girl unleashing these magnificent kicks would only continue on pursuit if I stop her kick even once.

In that case, restricting her movements would be the best choice.

「Anchor Hand」

As I was already under pressure for the little remaining time, upon deciding the counter measure I started implementing it.

Though I’m not wearing the Apprentice robe right now, but I surely am wearing the gloves,『Black Hair Curse「Coffin」』, which Lily gifted to me.

If this wasn’t with me I wouldn’t be able to create the tentacles precisely and within an instant.

While I am thinking this thing helped me in such an unexpected place, a voice saying「Master~」rang out in my head.

「Kyaaaah! W-What is this!?」

And like that, I succeeded in apprehending the girl-shaped missile just before she landed her kick on me.

Several black tentacles are extending from my streched-out-right hand and are twining around the girl, capturing her in a net.

After completely nullifying the attack of her, the tentacles binding her put her down on the floor, as if letting her stand over it.

「N-Noooo! Gross!! Get this away from me you pervert Morjura-man!」

「No wait, it’s you who came attacking me first, and you also are misunderstanding something」

「Leave, just leave me! Not only Nell, you even want to violate me too! You ought to know what would happen to you if you do that to me!!」

Damn this girl’s broke. She’s got blood filling her brain, don’t think she would listen to my words anytime soon.

And even bad thing is that because this girl let out an hysterical cry, the students in the school cafeteria are all watching me.

Nevertheless, if I unfasten the restraint on her then it’s purely obvious that she would either punch me or kick me.

Naturally, I don’t want to get hit by her under false charges.

「Sorry, but shut up for a moment」

I moved my index finger in a hook fashion, and one of the tentacles bindnig the girl move quickly and cover that shit spouting mouth.

「Mph, Mffff, Mmmnffuu—!!!」

Though her voice stopped, with half teary-eyes she started struggling with a red face.

Ah, this is bad, much bad that what I had thought.

Looking from the side don’t I look quite the villain here, shit, I need to manage this situation right here and now.

And the one who is able to do is, not me,

「Nell-san is that girl your friend?」

「Eh, Ah, yes!?」

Nell-san had been looking at the developments occurring, absentmindedly, however seems like she finally understood the situation upon me calling out to her.

「She is having a big misunderstanding, can you try to explain it to her」

「Ah, T-Taht’s right!」

Like that the Red-haired twin-tailed girl hears the stuff from ange-like Nell-san, and the situation was solved,

「Oh geez, you making things troublesome again」

Or, no truly, not.

The moment that lazy sounding voice reached my ears, the tentacles that should’ve been enhanced are all cut down.

Looking carefully, there were the corpses of the cut-down tentacles releasing black magical energy along with a person, who seems to have cut them down.

「But, now that you’ve laid hands of Nell and Charl, I can’t remain quiet」

Though I have seen this person just once, I remember him clearly.

This man, with black hair, red eyes, handsome face, with slender tall body covered with the red mantle. His name is, Nero Julius Elrod.

He’s the first prince of the neighboring country Avalon; if I believe their family tree then he is a descendant of that Mia-chan.

The face of this prince is composed, but the bloodlust aimed at me cannot be compared to the one that girl named Charl aimed me.

He has put his hand on the hilt of the sword hanging on the waist. It is clear at a glance that it is a Japanese sword.

I see, so he used some sort of Battoujutsu and cut down the tentacles. If he did all that in the short amount of time I looked over at Nell only means that he has got quite the ability there.

「Please wait a moment, Onii-sama!?」

Maybe she sensed this critical situation, Nell-san forced her way through in between  me and Nero.

Or rather did she just say Onii-sama……If it’s not my mishearing and those words are the truth would mean that this person’s full name is Nell Julius Elrod, right?

Don’t tell me, Nell-san is a genuine princess?

「Nell get away from that creepy tentacle man or else we can’t kill him」

「N-No way, that is——」

「Relax, I will just half kill him」

「That is not the problem here!」

Geez, this prince is totally reckt in head; I want him to get the reasoning power back.

No I can’t say that, after all If I see some wicked looking man binding Lily in tentacles, I will surely kill that person.

「I will do the other half killing, so he dies completely」

「Charl, you too please calm down!」

Having being released from the tentacles, this rampaging friend of Nell-san is now free.

Somehow this situation is getting bad every moment, but Nell-san is standing in front of me with her wings and hands spread out as if to protect me, thanks to that the girl called Charl is not kicking me neither is her brother trying to cut me. At least for now, that is.

It would be good to explain the situation to them right now.

「Calm down and put away your hand from the sword, please? I just saved Nell-san because she was falling and that girl, err, just came flying at me」

「Are you doing this while knowing who they are? They aren’t someone you can even touch」

Though you say that, I just now found out Nell-san is a person from royal family, as for this kick girl, I’ve got no idea at all.

Well, I do know that she is also an Elite Cadet so she must be from some damn great family, but my actions were all the act of god, right.

No, this is the class system society where stuff like this is not forgiven, eh……

「It’s not a problem which is solved that you didn’t know them——」

「Please stop if Onii-sama! Kurono-san is not in the wrong, it’s me who let the situation come to here in the wrong. He just saved me with good intentions, and Charl is just misunderstanding!」

Nell-san appeals for my innocence forcibly and firmly. Whoah, she’s truly an angel.

Maybe he couldn’t help but comply to her younger sister’s persuasion, Nero heaved a sigh and the bloodlust disappeared.

「Get lost, I will leave you because of Nell」

But, he does look unsatisfied.

Frankly, my heart isn’t calm after being made the bade person here, but the other person is a royalty, it’s for my own to not get involved with them.

Now that I remember even Simon said to be aware of Elite Cadets, I see, so this was the reason, I learned a new thing today.

Wil interacted with us in that way, so maybe I had been not taking them hot shots seriously, but looks like I will have to beware of these people.

「I’m sorry Nell-san, I made you worry unnecessarily, well then I’ll be off now」

「No, that……I’m also very much sorry, Kurono-san」

After telling Nell-san some words with a nuance to not let her worry, I left the school cafeteria.

Well it hurts me that I got out of the cafeteria after Nero said he would let me go, but I can’t help it.

After all, on the entrance Lily in young girl form is unleashing the power of Oracle Field and Fiona is enchanting a Magic that I have recollection of.

「*sigh*, I let them see my uncool side」

Like that, while taking the inquisitive gazes of students in the school cafeteria, I left that place.

For the time being, I will apologize Fiona and Lily for not getting food and then persuade them to calm down……


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    • Wow wow wow, hold your horse, you can’t say that to brother-in-law.
      No matter how shit he is an in-law will always be in-law, you can’t just kill him.
      Just half dead is enough, okay? Don’t over do it.
      The other half must be left to the yandere-imotou-san to finish it.
      The blood tie must be severed by blood relative.

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  1. Dam it!!! Kurono that’s not how you do things…..
    Kurono grabs red head’s foot while in air and redirects her movement to the side, then says “attack me one more time so I can send you to hell, and nell san, can you get up?”
    Than kurono walks off like a pimp and dodges red head’s second attack and restrains her physically, Nero runs towards kurono to slash, kurono throws red head towards Nero and tells them to fuck off, heads towards Fiona and lily to go somewhere else to eat…
    At least that’s how I wanted it to go….sigh

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