Kuro no Maou Chapter 238

Sorry, but I was watching the latest episode of Kono Subarashii Sekai, and literally started rolling on floor, then just happened to hit my head by the edge of my bed. Seriously it hurt like hell and I cried, however not from pain but from the damn comedic scene in the episode.
Anyway like that, I started TL’ing late.

Chapter 238 – Re-encounter with Angel

There were no more morning classes to attend, so after roaming a bit around the school I headed towards the school cafeteria on the first floor of the main school building for completing my promise of eating together.

Of course, the ones I made that promise are Lily and Fiona only, Simon is to be holed up in the lab for today and I’ve got no idea where Wil might be loitering around.

I reached the school cafeteria while taking lot of time, but still before the chime for lunch break rang out, however it seems like those two haven’t reached here.

The main school building looks like a French palace, even the insides are like that, hence this school cafeteria is also not an exception.

The hall is already twice the height of a normal building, even the chandelier hanging from there can be said as splendid lightning equipment, this place is more of ball where the banquet of nobles is held and not a school cafeteria.

On one wall there were big paintings of a fantasy-ish title,『Seven War Goddesses』, seeing that I was only able to think inelegant stuff like how much would even one sell for, truly I’m a commoner through and through.

That school cafeteria is that gorgeous, but there is almost no one here.

The ones using this main school building are Elite Cadets or Knight Cadets who have their timetables always filled, and they are currently in class.

The people eating meal while sitting must be surely students from Adventurer course or students skipping classes.

For certain they all must be thinking that because it is crowded during lunch break, so it is better to finish eating before it starts.

“It would’ve been good if we also used the school cafeteria before”, while I am thinking that, the chime for lunch break rang out.

Young boys and girls wearing black blazers rush in crowds into the school cafeteria at a speed which tells that they rushed out of class in full speed.

「Truly a lot of people are here……」

Due to students appearing without a pause the open seats in school cafeteria keep on getting filled.

Holy! I should’ve secured seats rather than standing at the entrance.

While regretting my failure, I for the two at the entrance as I cannot get any open seat now.

While I was standing there, I noticed the selling method of this cafeteria is meal ticket system, apparently.

Of course there is no automatic ticket machine, but a salesperson at a place like counter is doing the take-and-give of money restlessly.

Looking at this crowd, it would’ve been better if she prepared coins from before for change.

While folding my arms, I ponder over the best way of usage of this cafeteria.

「Umm, is there again a problem?」

Suddenly, I was called out from behind.

“This voice and speech, I’ve heard it somewhere before”, while feeling that déjà vu feeling, I turn around.

「Ah, you’re from that time」

「Oh, so you did remember me」

Her black hair and blue eyes; along with a beautiful face oozing with elegance of some princess and also the white wings sprouting from her back make her look like an angel. Her appearance is too peculiar that one would never forget it upon seeing it just one.

She is the female adventurer who saved me in Dakia Village, when I was on a standstill because my favorite horse stopped moving.

「So you were a student here」

That is my line.

At that time we both were armed with equipments for quests, but currently we are both wearing the same School Uniform.

Incidentally, she also has that red mantle draped over it, so it seems like she is an Elite Cadet.

More incidentally, the white color of her knee-high sock covering her well-fleshed thighs halfway just seems too dazzling to me. It’s not like I have some special attachment to legs but her legs just seem to have some sort of beauty that makes one staring at it, fall for them.

「It’s only from today that I’ve started commuting here」

「So you are a new student」

“No wonder I haven’t seen you here before”, she said while revealing a bright smile. Jut by hearing her harmless and inoffensive speech and seeing her smile, my heart seems to warm up, as if I’m being healed.

Maybe this is the Charm effect kicking in, well it’s only natural if the other person is this beauty.

Well, even if it’s like that, because I’ve already grown somewhat used to Young Lily, so I won’t for this effect.

「Oh, now that I think about it, I haven’t named myself yet, I’m truly sorry. My name is Nell」

「I’m Kurono. You truly saved me at that time, thank you very much」

「No, it’s all good that I was helpful to you」

Nell said as if happy from the bottom of her heart. Her wings on her back also flap; does this mean the same as to when a dog wags its tail?

「Kurono-san is a new student, so you might not know the way to use the school cafeteria, right?」

「Yes, you’re right」

For her to say this……does that mean there is also some other hidden way than meal ticket system.

If that is true, then it’s the best choice to learn that way before losing my face in front of her.

「It would help me if you can tell me about it」

「Yes, then I will tell you about it」

Just like when I asked her to help me with the horse, she replied with her blue eyes shining.

「In this school cafeteria, you don’t actually order directly, but rather buy a ticket with menu written, which is called as meal ticket, from that counter over there」

Nell-san said as such with an expression brimming with confidence. The place she pointed to was a battlefield, where the concept of line wasn’t present, but students were shoving each other to buy the meal ticket.

Seeing that scene I recalled the nostalgic memories of the contest which used to unfold at the school canteen of my highschool; all just for the popular side-dish bread. Apparently, hungry students take the same actions in this world too.

「And then?」

「Then, you submit it the next counter while taking a token number in return. After that, you just need to wait at some seat for your dish to come」

「After that?」

「Eh? After that, you say thanks to the meal and eat your meal」

Hmm, seems like it’s same as the normal meal ticket system and doesn’t require something else.

It’s something one can understand just by watching the students, there is no need to go-out-of-the-way to explain.


「So do you now understand that?」

Upon getting those eyes filled with hope of getting praised aimed at me, I cannot possibly say that I knew that even without the explanation.

「O-Oho, I see, it’s the first time seeing a meal ticket using system, you really saved me there, thank you very much」

It’s a truth that it’s the first time I’ve seen a meal ticket system, in this another world that is.

「It’s fine, something like this is natural work for me as the senior here!」

Nell-san said so while proudly extending her chest. Those big breasts, which are bigger than Fiona’s and smaller than Suu-san, swing greatly.

She is wearing undergarments, blouse and even a blazer, yet those breasts actually swing and shake, seriously they have quite a lot of mass.

「Well then, as the senior I will show you an example on how to buy the meal ticket」

She offered as such even though I haven’t asked for it, and faced the meal ticket counter, where now students are fighting rather than shoving others.

「Ah, no, I can’t possibly ask for that much……」

「It’s fine Kurono-san, leave it to me!」

I didn’t had the technique to stop her, who raised her eyebrows gallantly and totally motivated.

「Then, please」


“Ahhh” She let out an idiotic yet cute war cry, and rushed into the crowd of hungry wolves.

「Ah, Aaah, Um, a meal ticket please, aaaarrrghhhh!」

And then, without even being able to hold for more than 10 seconds, she lost the battle.

She was sent flying by a golem wearing female school uniform and rushing towards the counter.

The female golem’s rectangular-cardboard-shaped buttocks peeking out from her miniskirt had the force just like of a mace.


“Shit, she’s totally going to fall”, coming to that judgment, I got serious, covered several meters of distance in a single breath and grab her falling body in my arms.

I didn’t had any bad intention, it was the play of God who made this situation in which it seemed like I was hugging her.

「Aaahh——huh, Kurono-san?」

Maybe she didn’t see my running speed, or didn’t know when I entered from the peripheral vision area to the front vision area, Nell-san showed an surprised reaction while darting her eyes around.

「Are you fine?」

「Ah, yes, thank you very much」

Having the soft and comfortable smile aimed at me from point-blank distance I blushed. I’m also a man, there’s no way my heart won’t beat faster when talking to a beauty like her.

Though regrettable, I can’t possibly be glued to a girl I’ve met for just some times, so I pushed her body away by putting power in my arms on her shoulder. And in the next moment,

「Hey you! What are you doing to Nell!!」

An ear-splitting voice came; along with, bloodlust——!?


The beautiful encounter at the school went……


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  1. Young boys and girls wearing black blazers rush in crowds into the school cafeteria at a speed which tells that they rushed out of class in full speed.

    Reminds me of the good ol’ days of my middle school life, at the ring of the lunch bell I’d stand up reflexively and barge out the class room door, I’d run down the hall and make a turn, than I’d see my fellow runners aiming for the cafeteria, cause nobody wanted to wait in line, there was 5 lines, one for vegetarian, sandwich type food, home style food, candy and cookie(together), and finally the one I’d always been first, sometimes 2nd, the pizza line…..there was one time on the way to the cafeteria, while running, I made a turn only to see my friend running down the stairs and falling to the floor face first…..that was funnnnnnyyyy…..and he had glasses. …..stood up like nothing happened at all….i remember it like yesterday
    Thanks for the chapter

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    • Nobody wanted to wait in line cause all 5 lines were packed, even when there was only 5 minutes left of lunch….some people didn’t get a chance to eat, an example survival of the fittest and its glory


  2. i feel like tha angel girl might be a “helping-freak” just like justice freaks they can be quite a pain
    or she’s just a nice girl, but never trust anyone because noone expects the spanish inquisition


  3. I wish it is the all-so-conceited brother who thinks he is all powerful when all he has done is kill steal. Then they will have a mock battle while partially destroying the cafeteria and Kuruno will rekt that little piece of shit to actual pieces of shits.

    But hey, I doubt that will happen, but it is not bad to dream right?

    As always, thanks for the translation. 🙂


  4. ⊂⊃     (⌒⌒)
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  5. Nell just looks so pure. But considering this novel, she must have 1 or 2 weird/dark tendency like a yandere or something maybe? This is gonna be good.

    Thanks for the chapter. Might be late, but better than never. Keep it up man.


  6. the hell, I like it but kurono making harem in every chap. so sweet it may give me diabetes. where is the despair novel we know. or author plan to kill his harem one by one later, who knows. damn.
    depressed before anything has started.


    • Meanwhile, lily: “I shall pluck those wings and use it to tightly seal those weapon”

      Meanwhile, Fiona: “Burn me and create… … …AUR SOLEIL!”

      Dear Kurono, please avoid school romcom in another world when you have (not just one but two) Yandere in your party…


      • Even his blackening and his upgrades from the Loli goddess will not help him much with those two.
        The Two-Faced Psychopath and the Stoically Obsessed will not be very happy with the following situation. 1000 bucks says that the two have already kept tabs with Nell and the Elven receptionist from a few chapters back. Probably already there at the corners, watching Kurono…watching each other


  7. I almost died when I read the title, I thought Sariel was going to teleport there and then…, deym…
    (for some reason, my mind mismatched ‘Angel’ with someone ‘holy’, say, our very good Apostle friends from dear old West Continent…)
    – – – –
    In any case, wow, Kuro no Mao everyday??? I can’t thank you enough for this!


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