Kuro no Maou Chapter 237

Had some personal problems to deal with yesterday, so there were no chapters. This chapter is sponsored by: Joel Bernie, James Macuska, Jeff Collins,  Florian Kretzschmar and Nicolas Sylvester.

Chapter 237 – Let’s start the Class

We, after publically enrolling in Royal Spada Academy, will have the Adventurers’ Course classes starting from today.

The details of classes are wide-ranging from study subjects to magic, martial skills, techniques etc, however, the classes we need to appear for in accordance to our rate of progression are limited.

For the time being, I tried showing up for classes regarding Model Magic intended for beginners.

There is almost no necessity for Lily and Fiona to learn the theory of fundamental Model Magic, but for some reason, they are accompanying me.

「Though another world, classroom don’t change much」

「The one in Elysion were more clean though」

「Lily doesn’t know~, it’s my first time~」

While letting out thoughts, we entered the classroom where our intended class was going on.

Different from the school buildings made from modern concrete, everything is made from wood, however the appearance of room, lining of tables and chairs is all the same.

Even the black is fully furnished. It might have been either invented by natural flow in this world or Count Red Wing told about it, either way, it’s good and easy to understand.

The space would seem quite small compared to the highschool, but with the attendance percentage of just little over half of people sitting on seats, this much big classroom is suitable for Adventurers’ Course.

Incidentally, this place is not main school building with the appearance of a palace, rather, here is one of the branch school buildings which is simple in appearance, and big.

And the students here are mostly the figures of adventurers wearing robes screaming that they all are rear guards, compared to them us three, in school uniform, are strange here.

There are also people who have their faces hidden under the hood, but most of others are young people just like me or little older. There’s no way a skilled adventurer would come to classes for rookie adventurers, so these people all are novices.

Those students send inquisitive stares to us three from a distance.

But that’s not because of our school dresses, but rather the figures of Lily, a loli fairy, and Fiona, who’s looking just great in uniform, are too fascinating for their eyes.

On the other hand I’m having reproachful glares being concentrated at me that even delusional sounds like「You f*cking son of a bitch playing with two flowers」can reach my ears, or so I sense it like, I can only pray for it to be persecution complex.

While bathing in those concerning glares, I sit down, and five minutes later the chime for class starting rang.

An male elf wearing ashen-colored robe entered the room,

「Good Morning everyone, this class is——」

And briefed about the class details because it was the first time for us.

「Model Magic, eh」

I couldn’t use Model Magic ’till now, but if I learn it from the start, then even I, who can only use black magical energy, maybe able to use it. Even if I couldn’t, now that I’ve gotten divine protection’s effect of changing the nature, if I learn fundamental knowledge, then I can use it to construct the magic equations.

Moreover it’s about me, who had only original black magic theories made up on purely insights and experience, so maybe I can discover something new, hoping greatly like that I attended the class, but,

「Now, it’s about السحر والسحر which is the foundation, it’s just as everyone knows to turn لجراحية السحر in to توسيع السحر right, for instance هجوم السحر المبتدئين is——」

Shit, I don’t understand a damn thing he said.

It’s not a problem of not understanding the theory or the technical terms are difficult for me, rather this teacher’s explanation’s important parts are pronunced in the original language of this world, just like enchanting of mages.

「What happened Kurono-san? If you don’t understand something, I can teach you」

「Lily will teach!」

The follow-up from the two comes to me, who is raising a grand question mark above the head to this incomprehensible explanation, but teaching isn’t going to cover this up, right.

「No, I’ve understood now」

Yes, I’ve completely understood, that learning Model Magic is a pipe dream for me.



For the next class, I decided to try Martial Skills.

Here too, as it was the first time, we started the practice from the most basic Martial Skill『Slash』.

I, who has『Absolute Grudge Hatchet「Kubidan」』, can already use four Martial Skills『KuroNagi』『Dual KuroNagi』『AkaNagi』『YamiNagi』, however that is just because of the effects from the weapon.

I, myself, haven’t learnt any established Martial Skills, so I thought to use this chance for learning it.

If I get the foundations down, then maybe the sharpness of『Kuro Nagi』also increase.

But, even if I completed this class, it’s not like I will learn various Martial Skills, but only『Slash』, so I can’t hope excessively.

No, if I can learn a single Martial Skill in three months while taking this class, then it’s only natural speed for a proper training.

Incidentally Lily and Fiona —–

Lily went to alchemist Simon, and Fiona is fishing out some magic-related books in library.

Well then, with this and that, the place I reached to is the place boasted by Academy, the Coliseum——‘s exterior sports ground which is just besides it.

The Coliseum with the appearance of a big dome-shaped baseball stadium, only allows Elite Course and Knight Course students to enter, it’s a place completely irrelevant to me.

「Whoa, this people sure look like swordsmen」

On this sports ground, which is twice as big, if compared to the one of my highschool, a group of people was standing on one end while holding their favorite swords in hands.

There are also people wearing uniforms just like me, but most are wearing leather armor or light armor like Chain Shirt.

This class is also aimed at rookies, so all people here are young boys and girls, the armor they wore somewhat seemed like a newly bought stuff.

「Oh, so baby birds are gathered, eh, gonna omit the damn briefing, class starts now!」

Saying that, a male orc appeared, who is also the teacher for this class.

This orc man with a scary face, a body even taller than mine, appeared more like a warrior rather than a teacher.

Well, because he is teaching Martial Skills, so he must be of Warrior Class.

「For now, I wanna look at how you all chicks are show me all you got」

Apparently, he will see our ability with this bastard-size wooden sword, which this orc teacher brought.

While waiting for my turn, I gaze at the figures of other students swinging the wooden sword by shouting「Eiih!」or「Haa!」.

The beast people, lizardmen and orc students, though weren’t able to use Martial Skill, but all seemed to have power outstripping that of humans.

The races with powerful arm strength have superior qualities for becoming warrior.

Of course, the best part of this another world is that there are various methods to defeat that powerful arm strength.

「Alright, next!」

While I think about this stuff absentmindedly, my turn came.

「Oh, you seem good」

I hold the long wooden sword just as I hold the hatchet, and I got praised.

「Thank you very much」

I got happy for being praised for holding a sword, and started to concentrate for attacking with all my power, to answer the orc teacher’s expectations.

Even without a hatchet, I somewhat remember the feeling of deploying a Martial Skill.

If I rotate the magical energy, and move just like at that time, though a Martial Skill won’t be deployed, but I can strike one sharp attack.

After all, though it was her sealed state, the Mithril Sword reached her.

「Good, come!」

「Here I come——」

I moved a step forward, the sword is already raised overhead, but orc teacher didn’t move.

Don’t tell me, he has confidence to stop my attack this late, looks like he is quite great sword master.


I shout out the name of Martial Skill I have used many times, though not like it would be deployed——or so it should have been, but the wooden sword is covered in the aura of black magical energy, even though I haven’t casted blackening on it.

And the feeling of gripping a sword is almost same as gripping the hatchet, and a power and speed surpassing simple arm strength is manifested.

This, certainly, is the Martial Skill being deployed, right?

I hold those suspicions, but I’ve got no way to stop this already-launched attack towards the orc teacher who still showed no reaction.


SFX: BBbbaAaaaaKKKkkkkiiiiIIII!!


Almost at the same time my attack severely hit the orc teacher, the wooden sword couldn’t bear the power and was pulverized.


Teacher didn’t even raise a voice and suddenly fell on the ground.

At this time, I understood three things.

  1. Apparently, even if I don’t use the hatchet, I can use Martial Skill.
  2. I don’t have any need for this class.
  3. With this today’s class is over.

I’m really sorry orc teacher, I will take the responsibility and take you to the school infirmary.



Maybe there was an episode about Fiona, who came in the enrollment celebration party later, mercilessly eating all the rice balls of Kurono……

Leaving that aside, finally the classes ensues, but the results are not so favorable looking. Will Kurono be able to, as planned, learn the basics, STAY TUNED!


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