Maken no Daydreamer Chapter 39 Part 2

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Chapter 39 – Redhead Dark Elf Part 2

A person seeming like the owner of ox, the Trader, came running, saying stuff like
I’m sorry for the carelessness beforeandThank you very much for stopping it, so I handed over the ox to him.

The Trader was bending his waist at a perfect 90 degree angle, but miss’ stare is strict. Maybe she remembered about the old couple from before was about to die, so while listening his apology closely, she complained back at him sternly.

Well whatever she said was correct, and we should respect the elders, that’s why I let her speak her mind.
She let off the Trader after nagging at him for some time, which made me feel that he became smaller with each word, then the miss said some words to the old couple and returned back to me.
……Seeing her like this makes me feel that the intimidating air from before seems like a lie. Her friendly attitude to me and that old couple makes the sword hanging from her waist seem like it was an accessory.
This miss who might already have realized I was watching her, hesitating and thinking for a bit, said.

Hey, do you have some time right now? I think it was some sort of fate that we met here……I want to say my gratitude and an apology, can you accompany for a meal?

She invited me while winking.
Eh, what, is she a Playgirl……as if, it’s still daytime. We’re both adventurers, so maybe this sort of conversation might take place while greeting someone.
Or rather, what is this thing about gratitude and an apology?
See, before when I intimidated thatOx it went in your direction, right? And behind you were children and other unrelated people, and you stopped it without harming it. So I wish to apologize and give my gratitude. Is it fine with you?
Apparently it just happened to be noon so she wanted to invite me to a meal.
But……I’ve already promised to Elk, who is waiting at the inn, that I would be back by noon, along with something to eat.
Of course Elk knew about my poor sense of direction, so she warned me
If you don’t return by 1’o clock, then I will eat in the bar adjacent to innright to my face. Oh damn geez, so she understood me perfectly.
Now that she said that, I would feel bad if she really ate at the bar, that’s why I’m reluctant this miss invited me……but I hesitate. Seeing that, the miss says
Then at least let me treat you to something from the stalls looks like I will have to compromise.
Well if it was like that, I chose my favorite skewer kebab stall. It was the shop where I ate for the first time when I came to this city, now I’m already a frequent customer there.
Just because Elk wasn’t besides me as ussual, I was teased by the owner saying
What? are you two-timing?-though I denied it with haste, and he laughed saying it was just a joke- anyhow, I ordered 2 skewers per usual for myself.
Then the miss ordered, double of what I ordered i.e., 4 skewers for her own, this somewhat shocked me. Is she a glutton?
And, when we were given the grilled kebabs,
Here you go Minato! And also……err……
I’m Sherry. Ah, sorry, I haven’t introduced myself till now, right? I’m Sherry, Sherry Saxon. Nice to meet you
Ah, Yes, nice to meet you. I’m Minato Quadrille
After finishing the slightly-belated self-introductions, we took our skewered kebabs and left the shop.


Sherry-san and I headed the same way, so we walked together for a while.
Huh! You are also an A Rank? You look younger than me!
Yeah, well my luck is really good
Don’t be modest. Let it be your superhuman strength from before, from that slender body……hmm, you truly are strong?
In that moment, the eyes of Sherry-san were inspecting me from head to toe it seemed, her eyes glittering like that of a carnivorous animal aiming at its prey……was it my imagination?
Now that I say that……looking at you closely, your body is not thin, but your muscles are toned and compact, right. Isn’t it like you don’t have any useless fat at all?
Sherry-san said that while patting my shoulders or touching it, in a mutter which made me wonder if she is talking to me or herself.
At first, surely I was startled, but what she said seemed to hit the mark, so my admiration for her observations ability was increased.
Having this much power without having a burly arm is really rare……your muscles and joints also seem flexible. Maybe it is because of your physical constitution? You seem like a warrior type, but your movements seemed more like a martial artist……is it self-taught?
You can see through that much, just after observing and touching me a few times?
Well yeah. My family was quite strict, or rather really a great at nagging. They made me learn martial arts, so albeit reluctantly, I was forced to learn it
“I hated that, so left the home”, like that, Sherry-san just told me about her quite good origins that easily.

However, still it is great. Well I don’t know much about body constitution, but she’s right about my arms not getting burly no matter how much I train, or that I have no abs, and my martial arts are self-taught, well they are the blend of SFX : Game : Hong Kong Movies in the ratio of 4:3:3.
Sherry-san said that once one learns a particular martial arts, then all of their movements show some signs of that art, which isn’t present in mine. Well, I made this with half-heartedness 120%.

Now that she says that, seeing Sherry-san standing pin-straight, seems elegant and maybe is the tell-tale signs (?) of uderstanding martial arts. No, this is absolutely my imagination, it’s not like I can understand it this easily.
And, as to why Sherry-san knows that I’m an A Ranker, it’s because we both showed our Guild Cards to each other before.
She showed me first saying
Here you go, so I thought it would be rude if I didn’t show her mine.
I decided to go with the flow, since it wasn’t something I needed to hide, and if she asked somewhere else, she would eventually learn about me being the
Black Lion, so it was fine.
And, at that time, I found out from seeing her Guild Card that Sherry-san was also an A ranker just like me. That truly surprised me.
That bloodlust from before, and this posture which reeks of elegance and has no gaps, makes me convinced.
However, her innocent and friendly smile, and her attitude seeming like that of a relative cousin, doesn’t make it feel like it’s difficult to approach her.
Aren’t people like that defined as
Big shots, eh.
However, that……stare of a starving carnivorous animal is something I’ve got completely no clue about, and it’s not like I can just fucking ask her.
Well, it’s fine. It’s not like she is planning something bad.
But, I’m somewhat happy. Since I came here, I haven’t met that many A rankers. The people I used to hang out with when I was B ranker or C, somehow feel estranged, and those irritating types who approach me, begging me to join their groups have increased
Ah, I know. They capture you the moment you enter the Guild, or even stalk you to the inn……
Right? Though I’m not some spectacle, still they keep on coming, seriously irritating. I became an adventurer because I liked the freedom……but it finally became too much, and I changed my base location
Ah, so that’s why you came to this city
Yeah. There, Dark Elves were rare, so people easily spotted me, calling out to me aiming for my body or my abilities. In fact, there were friends who left me because of that. Ah, geez, I finally am at ease after coming to this city
Sherry-san said such with a sigh, but without any dark feelings, truly a great conversation skill.
So, Sherry-san was a Dark Elf? Her ears were long, so I truly thought that she was a tanned Elf……so there is race like that too.
Then Sherry-san suddenly came near me,
Just like I said before, it might be some sort of fate that we met, so if it’s fine, how about taking a quest together? Our Ranks are also the same, and since coming to this city I don’t have a friend who could go with me on an A Rank quest. So, how about it?
Ah, I’m happy for this……but I’m already paired up with Elk……
I have been doing quests with her up till now, and it’s been going great. Never have I thought about her as a burden, so I’ve got no intention to change this style this late.
In the first place, I’m still a novice as an adventurer, so I need to build up my foundations; that’s why recently, I am going to C Rank or D Rank danger areas or dungeons, otherwise taking quests similar to that.
And as for results, Elk is also raising her Rank, so I think it will remain this way for a while; I have even discussed this with Elk.
When I told her, she made a disappointed face,
Well things like that also occurand came to a clear decision.
I don’t know if that is her true intentions or an act to not make me feel guilty, but I’ve got nothing to reference it to,
If there is another chance, I will invite you at that time too, so be ready for it
And as she says that, the topic is closed.
In fact, I don’t find Sherry-san to be someone who I hate, and think we would be good together, and also would like to take on quests together with her. If there is a chance and she invites me again, I would proactively think about it at that time.
However, I just can’t find a compromising point right now, and there is also the mission by Noel-nee-san which I have to go on the day after tomorrow, hence I will be gone for a while.
When I told her, she gave me an unexpected reaction.
Apparently Sherry-san also has taken a request of a long-term period. She was planning to take me with her had I agreed. Well conversely, isn’t this great?
Although it is not an A Rank quest, it would’ve been good chance for sightseeing and allow the friendship to deepened, but……I am truly unfortunate
Hmm, so there was a quest like that? Offered by the Guild of this city? I never noticed that quest……
Well, it’s a quest which increased in demand recently for more adventurers. Even more suitale for a newbie. Many call it, what was it……a limited-time offer quest? Well something like that
A Limited-time offer quest?
Yeah. It’s the escort quest to……Flower Valley』」


Incidentally, when I returned after buying side dished as I had promised in morning,
Elk’s face grimaced seconds after I entered the room……even before I got any chance to tell her about what happened today.
She frowned hard, and walked briskly towards me……and for some reason she started sniffing my body. Eh, what the hell!?
「……Minato, where did you go?
Eh, where……I just went to my sister’s association for taking my stuff
Just there? ……Somehow you smell strange……
EH !?
Holy moly, are you frigging serious!?
I showed an obvious discomposure, but calming myself I tried to confirm my body odor. Of course without moving my head……but with just enhancing olfactory sense.
But……strange, I don’t smell weird anywhere? Let alone perfume, I don’t even have any body odor, even with this enhanced olfactory sense.
Or rather Sherry-san didn’t wear any perfume, neither did she come really close to me so that her scent would stick to me.

「……You still smell weird. It’s really indistinct……a scent with a presence that is gentle yet sharp. What is this!?
No, what the hell are you saying?
Different sorts of expressions that I’ve never heard before keep on coming out, it’s almost strange like trying to speak to a wine sommelier……
While I’m thinking that, Elk grabbed my shoulders with power that I’ve never felt before and she pulls me towards herself.
Tell me the truth Minato. Where did you go? Did you only go to the association? Did you go somewhere before or after?
N-No, of course nowhere else, what you are thinking right now……
Where did you go? Don’t tell me, you wanted to let me rest today while you go to red-light district and make do with some prostitute?
N-No I didn’t do anything like that!
Then what is this scent……in fact, can this be called as scent? Anyway what is this!? Just what happened since you left here till now!?
Err……I myself want to know about it, but I didn’t do anything that would make me guilty……well, if you ask me what happened when I left, I cannot say nothing happened……
While being scared of Elk who was oozing with wrath, I persuaded myself saying there was nothing lewd, right, and told her about everything that happened today without concealing anything.
As a result, though the misunderstanding was corrected……but for some reason Elk’s mood was really bad for some time.

…… I wonder why?

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  1. Really~~ I don’t mind Sherry joining the party. I’m in fact totally for it! I would rather want someone with abilities to inherit Minato’s skills, techniques and magic, rather than a leecher.

    Yes, Elk has determination and talent, but you need a damn good teacher and lots of fighting experience to do it. A normal adventurer would never have such a good opportunity to fight monsters “safely” and get lectured personally like that.

    Also, I don’t like how she treats Minato. Sherry could have taught Minato the basics better. And yes, I’m on the Elk hater faction.


    • FTXNexus wrote” Really~~ I don’t mind Sherry joining the party. I’m in fact totally for it! I would rather want someone with abilities to inherit Minato’s skills, techniques and magic, rather than a leecher.

      Yes, Elk has determination and talent, but you need a damn good teacher and lots of fighting experience to do it. A normal adventurer would never have such a good opportunity to fight monsters “safely” and get lectured personally like that.

      Also, I don’t like how she treats Minato. Sherry could have taught Minato the basics better. And yes, I’m on the Elk hater faction.”

      You have to understand Elk has been a loner for some time and has had absolutely no trust in people, this was further compounded by the attempted rape of a so called companion. Now she has pretty much given her body and soul to Minato, total trust, no secrets, in her mind they are already married and life partners…so of course she is going to be insanely jealous, this is her first love/partner/trusted companion.

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