Kuro no Maou Chapter 235

Woke up quite lot late, so first finished this small chapter, now starting with MnD. Sorry for sleeping…off to chapter. And yeah again an uneventful chapter, maybe, probably….pfft. And yeah, I have added THE EPUB and PDF Links on the project page, so do download them, if you want. Moreover, they were not created by me at all.

Chapter 235 – Lily and Chairwoman

「You see, Lily too has work to do!」

Lily said that truly cutely, but,

「Excuse me, can I ask you to convey a message to Chairwoman Pacifal? That if she remembers the name Lily of Fairy Garden, I would like to meet her」

On the counter on the second floor of main building, Lily said those words in her child form, but her way of speaking was completely that of an adult.

In her round and cute emerald eyes, intelligence, no, cleverness seems to reside.

「Please wait a moment」

One minute after getting that answer,

「The Chairwoman wants to meet you, let me guide you to the Chairperson room on the top floor」

The clerk female, who had been seeing Lily as a child, was now guiding her with a nervous expression on face.

(As expected of long living Dark Elves, it’s going to be 30 years now and she still remembers that)

Lily slightly recalled her meeting with the Chairwoman of Royal Spada Academy, Sofia Sirius Pacifal.




28 years ago.

In the dead of night, within Fairy garden, a dark elf covered in blood was crouching near the root of a tree.

From her neck, a silver plate Guild Card was hanging, implying she was a Rank 3 Adventurer.

On it the name without the family name Sofia, Mage class, and other information was written.

「Ku……This is somewhat bad……」

Sofia’s figure in desperation while muttering that seemed weak and frail.

Her delicate hair just like a silver thread were disordered, the glossy dark brown skin was dirtied by blood and dark soil, the white robe she wore was torn, burned, frayed, and didn’t seem like an armor anymore.

The girl with vacant atmosphere drifting around, with blood and dirt stuck on her, lost her shining beautifulness.

Seeing her dirty figure, one would think she was a weak and frail girl who was attacked by monster or bandits within the forest.

But, Sofia was anything but weak and frail, that is something one would know even if they don’t see her Guild Card, but look at the surroundings.

Surrounding Sofia were several tens of ice sculptures.

Those were of humans, beast people, and many other races, they were all armed with weapons, looking just like a group of adventurers, in fact, they were adventurers.

(I shouldn’t have fought alone)

While looking the ice sculptures with a faint breath, she regretted.

But often by the time one repents, the irreversible work had been done.

Sofia, just a moment ago, killed all the adventurers that joined hands to steal the Artifact that resides within the holy land of fairies, the Light Fountain.

Entering the Light Fountain area is forbidden, this is an official rule in the Western Daeadalus, and every village’s Adventurers’ Guild calls it like that.

But, she would never move to stop the adventurers doing bandit-like work because of something like sense of justice.

(I don’t like it, for that reason, the opponents were the just too bad)

Sofia and frozen dead adventurers met last night in the dining hall of Adventurers’ Guild of the nearest village, Irz.

And, just that single contact made this group spout shit about Sofia in addition to her Dark Elves race.

It was inside the Adventurers’ Guild, so Sofia feigned calmness and drew back at that place, but,

(But it’s the truth that I wouldn’t feel better until I get them good)

And the result was massacre of all members.

This was quite common way to end the quarrel among hot-blooded adventurers.

(hmph, you’re so unsightly, lady-killer)

Seeing the only Rank 4 Elf man, who spouted the most shit, from her blurred vision, Sofia let out a bitter laugh.

While alive his elf face was quite good, but after being frozen it was pulverized and would never be seen again.

(Ah, crap, I’m getting really sleepy, if I lost my consciousness then it will remain like that forever)

The falling eyelids were stupidly heavy.

In accordance to survival instincts, she tried to hold onto her consciousness, but considering her current state it was nothing more than short-lived resistance.

(After all, I was cut out for just this much……it’s a worthless manner of dying, but is more adventurer-ish)

The time she started thinking negative thoughts proactively, and was waiting to accept her death,

「Are you fine?」

She sensed a child-like small human-shape person, while shining, stood in front of her.

(What, is it the divine messenger that picks the dead up? For them to exist in and not be a lie……)

For looking at the face of the divine messenger, even for just a glance, she mustered her left strength and somehow opened her eyes.

There was a small girl’s face, with long platinum-blond hair and emerald green eyes, while her body was literally shining, she was truly lovely and beautiful.




And, 28 years later, in current they both were having a reunion in the Chairperson room of Royal Spada Academy.

In the documents distributed during the briefing about school before, if Lily hadn’t noticed the name of Chairperson on one of its page, this reunion wouldn’t have occurred.

「After that time, I started taking care of myself, and am now able to live like this」

「Taking care? The heroic saga about the adventurer called as『Valkyrie Blizzard』is something I had heard even while living in a rural place within Daedalus」

「Stop it, if was when I was in active duty, but after retiring hearing that second name is embarrassing to an unbearable extent」

Saying that the beautiful dark elf woman smiled, the face of the about-to-die girl isn’t left, but still Lily knew just by a glance that she was the adventurer who was saved all that time before.

「Still, you haven’t changed at all, as expected of fairy, eh」

Lily compared her small body, which was sitting on a black leather sofa, and the body of Sofia, which couldn’t be any riper for any female, which caused her be conscious of the flow of time and difference of races.

Even elves can’t be compared to preserving youth to the magical existences, fairies, who don’t have the very concept of getting old, even if it’s Lily, who was half-human half-demon, the difference could not be covered.

But it is a different story if that difference is for good-or-worse, looking at their chests, Lily is like the Great Plains stretching till horizon, conversely Sofia is like Great Mountain Range which reaches up to heavens.

If Lily had heard the information about Kurono being a big-breast lover, she would have glared the profound ravine made by glossy dark brown skin, without caring about the authenticity of the information.

「Oh, I thought you would have only known my child form, but you seem unperturbed by the current me too」

It’s only recently that Lily is now at least able to restore her consciousness to the adult form.

It is someone who knows Lily till now, they would know that she neither spoke like a child nor did she wear the clothes that fairies wear.

Her speaking words fluently and wearing the uniform of Academy can already be called quite a great change.

「That red jewel in your bosom is really beautiful」

Lily carries the『Queen Beryl』under cover to hide it, even now.

But, looks like in the long-slitted blue eyes of Sofia, this artifact which contains enormous magical energy, was clearly reflected.

「As expected of a Rank 5 adventurer, I’m no match for it」

Most probably, she already knows from where this artifact came from.

「Ex-adventurer, well, currently I’m working as the Chairwoman of this Academy, not like I’m seriously working. However, to you, my life savior, I can help in many things that occur within the school」

But, she didn’t seem to have any intention of pursuing that matter.

Lily had thought that even a fight would occur, but seeing the person she saved was with wisdom, she felt relieved.

「Well then, what is your wish」

「I’ve received the gratitude at that time, fufu, so this is strong sense of duty particular to dark elves, thank you」

Lily felt she might be able to build a good relationship with her.

After all, while knowing Lily from before, she didn’t despise her as a child, this attitude is full or wariness and intelligence.

「Fumu, I see, if there some problem in the School life just tell me. If you want I can arrange a room in dorm or a laboratory for you, ah, there is also an all-year-long Free Pass for the School Cafeteria」

To those words, which seemed half joke,

「It would be great to stop that Free Pass, your school side is too big」

Lily replied seriously.

「Can you eat that much?」

「There is a glutton as my party member, if you take charge a fee, she would keep on eating for who knows how many hours」

Taking Lily’s serious answer Sofia let out a stifled laughter, looks like she took it as a joke.

Even if the School Cafeteria falls into a deficit, Lily would act ignorant.

「Ah, but, I’m thankful for lending a dorm, I had been thinking it’s about time to leave the inn and buy a room somewhere」

It was the truth.

Adventurers are mostly out for quests, rather than staying at inn, and if it’s wandering adventurers, then they use inn rather than getting a room for a long-term contract.

But, after commuting to Academy, their time for quests would relatively decline, and they would remain in Spada until graduation or dropping out of school.

In that case, buying a room is more economical than inn, for a long-term.

「I see, if you want it then just tell me at that time, and, do you not want the laboratory?」

「I know the meaning of a student having their personal laboratory, but I don’t want to be indebted that much」

It was more of not wanting to create needless debts rather taking advantage of favor.

「Admirable attitude, eh, I want to let the sons of incompetent nobles hear that line」

「It’s not that great of a thing, if I present the recipe of Fairies’ miracle drug, I would get one or two laboratories easily」

「Can you not present it right now? I won’t say stingy thing like, just a laboratory, I would compensate for your wish」

「Ufufu, I have no intention right now」

Lily already, no from the start knew about the true worth of fairies’ miracle drug that she could create.

And, Sofia had learned about its high effect, 28 years ago.

「I see, it’s unfortunate. If you change your mind, tell me anytime. And, yeah we were talking about dorm, right」

Rather than pursuing further, Sofia chose to change the topic quickly.

「Yeah, I need it, is it alright?」

「Other than Elite candidates personal dorms, it’s no problem」

「I want it near the shabby place where Simon Friedrich Bardiel is living」

Of course, it’s not Lily’s wish, but rather Kurono would be happy like that.

Before, Lily had known about Bardiel family and Simon, in the shop called Fairytail.

Though Simon is an adopted and youngest child, there’s no change in the fact that his name contains the name of one of the Four Great Nobles of Spada.

In short, being familiar with him would get them a powerful connection.

As a bonus reason, for Kurono, who possesses knowledge about the other world’s tech, and Simon, who possesses the genius brains for implementing that knowledge, it’s better for them to stay at one place, it would increase the progress of research and development.

「No it would be better to not be placed there, that place is——」

「Oh, so even a legendary adventurer like you also show discomposure, rare things sure occur in world」

The moment Lily interrupted the most plausible reason for rejection; a strained freezing atmosphere reigned in the room.

「I knew that fairies’ have an Extra Magic like Telepathy, but for it to work to this extent」

「I’m a little bit special, but, if I didn’t had somewhat information beforehand, I wouldn’t have been this confident」

The freezing Crystal blue eyes and shining Emerald green eyes intersect.

Even a powerless normal person saw this glaring match, he would bend on his knees easily, or, if a Knight sensed this atmosphere, he would’ve put hands on the hilt of sword quickly.

It’s completely Lily’s fault for creating this turbulent critical situation.

In the information she learned from Fairytail, there was info about Sofia’s and Simon’s relation, for instance, about her recommending him to leave the school temporarily to create money, etc etc.

The info was not decisive but with that as the trigger, Lily reached upon a guess with her intuition.

And, that guess was proved this moment.

Sofia, who had casted Mind Protect on herself which is equal to a soil frozen for eternity, but the turbulence of emotions did occur to observe it easily even with Mind Protect.

The emotion Lily captured was just like a flower sprouted in snow, the so-called『Jealousy』.

「Though you’re my life savior, I won’t hand him, Simon, over to anyone」

Hence, Sofia spoke her true feelings to Lily, who could read her mind.

Most probably she knows, that Lily, just like Simon, is a survivor from Daedalus, and she was saved miraculously.

And, maybe she deluded herself in thinking about the stuff between a man and woman who have survived the cruel emergency quest.

「I won’t hand him over, it’s absolute」

Till now, Sofia’s heart didn’t waver at all like an iceberg, but right now her heart was filled passion like blazing purgatory.

While sensing that passion which could burn the one intervened in her heart, Lily smiled with elegance.

「Ufufu, Relax, the person I love is someone else, Fairy’s love is only one, we don’t do treachery」

「……Is that true?」

「Fairies’ never lie」

Sofia probably knows that those words in itself were a lie, but she believed Lily’s words about not having romantic emotions for Simon.

「I made an embarrassing mistake, sorry」

「It’s fine, love-struck maidens need to be like that」

It’s a problem to call Lily, who was of 32 years, and Sofia who was surely about double Lily, as maidens.

But, there is no one to point that out here, nor would anyone point that out if they didn’t had the resolution to fight against two armies.

「But, frankly speaking, I was surely surprised to see you serious to that extent」

「Is it truly strange……our age differences is more than 20 years, even our races are different」

Though they might not compete publicly, but some specific races have feelings of disgust for other races.

Elves and Dark Elves are classic examples for that, in public view, they aren’t a couple which would be welcomed.

The age goes without saying, although the standard is different, it is a problem in all races.

「Noo, it’s nothing strange! Age? Race? Those shitty things have no power in stopping the power of love」

But, Lily asserted, there was no hesitation in her words.

There was no lie or deceit in Lily’s words, on the other hand,

(It’s truly a surprise, for her to be this innocent……)

Lily had thought she would have lots of experience with men based on her appearance, career history and age, but sensing a clumsy color of first love in the outer surface of Sofia’s consciousness, she was indeed, surprised.

「I-I see, Fufufu, there’s nothing wrong, me and Simon are the best couple」

“No, I never said that much”, Lily gulped down the line which came to her throat.

A scarlet hue spreads over her cool beautiful face, and her bewitchingly alluring lips curl in a sluttish way.

“Even if she doesn’t need to hide her love anymore, but showing this sort of reaction is too much”, Lily thought that while feigning innocence.

But because it was a pure and beautiful love, the instinct of fairies’ is stimulated.

It was truly something of concern of how did that weak and seedy-looking Simon captured the heart of this girl who was called as『Valkyrie Blizzard』.

「Judging from your reaction, there was no one else to talk this about, right. If you’re fine with me, I can help you with love consultations?」


28 years ago means, Lily was just 4 years old. Truly a small child.


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