Kuro no Maou Chapter 234

Tomorrow is Sunday, so no chapters, though I will make a stock of them to work along with the Time Table which I will reveal on Monday.

On other note, is HEAVY OBJECT a good LN to read, judging from anime it sure is good, but still I need reviews?

Chapter 234 – Enrolment Celebration

20th of Red Flame Month, time is of before the bell of noon rings, at this time we, the Element Master walked within the magnificent main building of Royal Spada Academy.

「Though it’s enrolment, we easily entered the Adventurer Course, right」

「I second that」


The other day, after reaching Adventurer Rank 3, we finally enrolled in the Academy as we had thought from before.

Although I say that, this is the Adventurer Course which would welcome anyone if one pays enough money, there would be no exams imposed, so it is less worthy than passing the High School.

Therefore, today is our first day of attendance as students, the only thing we need to do are fundamental enrollment procedures, and briefing about the school.

After that it’s up to you whether you want to take classes or not, if you like then you can stop that instantly.

There is neither a homeroom teacher nor a need to self-introduce in the new class, just, the class one thinks are needed needs to be attended, that sort of system.

Judging from traits of Adventurers’ Course, this degree of freedom seems natural, though knowing all that, I held anticipation for the new school I would commute to, so this came as a disappointment.

I even recall the useless action of buying the uniform, the black blazer.

It’s a little bit late, but not all people in the Adventurers’ Course wear the uniform, the ones wearing it for integrity are even not even half of them.

「It’s kind of disappointing judging from the looks」

「Isn’t it good, the uniform, I am liking it, and it’s looking good at Kurono-san too」

「Kurono, so cool!」

No, you’re levels at wearing the uniform stylishly is completely unsurpassable by me.

It is fitting perfectly on Fiona because of her age, and Lily is completely looking like a glittering first-year student.

Compared to them, I, who wore the school uniform of school I went to before had been changed with the blazer, so it feels fresh as if I have become a new transfer student, but based on outward appearance I’m looking like a normal highschool student……or not, not anymore.

Compared to that time my height had increased, and more than anything my physique increased by a leap with all that toned muscles, I’m now more fitting as a Adventurer rather than a highschool student.

Well, even like that, upon getting praised by Lily an Fiona that I look good, albeit on any standard, it makes me happy secretly.

「By the way, what are you two going to do? I will go meet Wil and Simon, seems like they are going to do a celebration party on my enrolment, wanna come together?」

「I’m thinking of first seeing the library, there is something I want to search for, later on I will step in there」

She’s so diligent for checking the library, as expected of Witch.

「What will you do, Lily?」

「You see, Lily too has work to do!」

What!? Lily got work to do? Just what work does she has to do, in her child form.

「Ufufu, still a secret!」

「I-I see」

Now that she told it’s a secret, I can’t pursue further.

So for the time being, later on Lily and Fiona will come together, so I will go first to the storage—–I mean laboratory where Simon and Wil might be waiting.

Ah, now that I think about it, Wil is the Spada’s Second Prince Wilhart, though I have told these two about meeting him, but today will be their first time meeting him.

It would be great if Lily doesn’t put her guard up seeing his vigor……why the hell am I getting overprotective.

「Well then, see you later」

Like that, we are, wanting to head for our destinations, temporarily separated near the front entrance of the main building.




「T-This is——」

Right now I visited the run-down lab of Simon, and within, as promised, got a warm welcome for enrolment.

I am truly happy that they are celebrating my entrance, in truth a shock which I had never expected was waiting for me.

After all, the ones standing in front of me are,

「——Aren’t these rice balls!?」

The soft plump white rice with black nori on the top, this though simple yet refined dish, no matter from where you look at it, seems like a rice ball.

Maybe because I just took hold of a freshly cooked one, from the triangle of white black color, little bit of steam rises.

The faint smell of nori, just greatly stimulates my stomach and appetite.

「Whoa, Onii-chan is truly surprised」

「Fahahahaha, it’s just as we had told you!」

Seeing my reaction, Wil seemed satisfied.

「What is this, did Wil prepare it?」

I had heard before that they would wait with lunch prepared, but never had I thought that an rice ball would appear.

Just why, is rice ball the comfort food of Japanese, present in this another world as if natural, I ask whilst my arousal is still continuing.

「Fumu, let me confirm it first Kurono, you are a foreigner, in other words, an existence that came from a world different from this one, right?」

「Yeah……no wait, did I ever tell you that I’m a person of another world?」

To Wil’s manner of speaking full of confidence, I ended up giving my affirmation, but I hadn’t told him about another world fact at the time I told about the fight in Alsace Village.

Currently the people who know that I’m another worlder, here called as ‘foreigner’, are just Lily, Fiona and Simon.

I sent a fleeting glance of suspicion to Simon, maybe he understood my intention, and rejected it by shaking his head and hands.

「Don’t get your guard up, just because you’re a foreigner, I won’t do a thing to you. The black hair and eyes, in the first place, is the trait of foreigners mostly, so I could guess it just by looking at you once」

Now that he said that, I haven’t met people with black hair and eyes.

I had seen people with one of them, but people with both of them would be only the experiment subjects.

I see, thinking probabilistically, the Japanese traits of black hair and eyes equates to trait of foreigners, just with that one can guess easily.

Well, I have one red eye now though.

「Now, seeing you react that way to this dish Rice Ball, which a foreigner had told, I was completely confirmed of that fact」

Looks like I was entrapped, but if a Japanese person sees rice balls in an strange another world, there is no way the person won’t get happy.

No, the fact that concerns me is,

「An foreigner told means, there are others like me in Spada!?」

Though I said others like me, strictly speaking I don’t mean those who were summoned here as experimental subjects.

Other than that, Japanese summoned here for some other main cause, is a surprising point for me.

「No, they aren’t in Spada」

「Then, where?」

「Well calm down, let’s talk while eating, Rice Balls are tasty though cold, but still eating them hot is best」

“Hahaha”, Wil sat down elegantly while laughing as usual, continuing me and Simon also sat.

No, well, rice balls are truly tasty……Crap, I’m about to tear up from the happiness and homesickness……

「——Well then, has Kurono heard about Count Red Wing?」

While eating the another world version of rice balls, which has fish like salmon garnished, Wil started talking.

While taking the tea from the Wil’s maid who named herself as Seria, I—–Oh, this tea tastes like green tea, that means tea leaves also exist here.

Turning aside that sort of thoughts,

「Nope, never heard of it」

I replied.

「Fumu, you had been living in the countryside of Daedalus, no wonder you didn’t know about a noble of city-state, so let the me, who brain is filled with grey matter——」

「Count Red Wing was from a country called Rune, he was also the a person who came from ‘JAPAN’ country, he was the one who made it」

「Nooooooooooaa! Simon, how dare you reveal the important stuff so easily, that was the most foolish act, how can you not understand the inner workings of a conversation!」

「After all, Wil’s self-advertisement is always long, the talk won’t continue」

The alchemist looks at the complaining Prince with scornful eyes, looks like they got friendlier when I wasn’t around.

No, more than their progress, the fact Count Red Wing was a Japanese is more shocking.

Most probably Red Wing is an alias, the name he got here, if it’s truly an alias, then his name would be, hmmm, Akaba-san? No, that just too simple to be true. [1]

Anyway, Even a Japanese me can say this rice ball is perfect, it only means that the Count isn’t spouting any lie.

However, if he was a Japanese like me means, he would have had a rough start without any means, still he became someone that great, completely different from the adventurer me, who doesn’t even has a permanent residence address.

「Hey, how do I meet that Count?」

「Well meeting him is impossible」

Why? Does the Count don’t want to meet anyone like adventurers’? Quite arrogant……

「Count Red Wing died 50 years ago」

「Come again?」

To Wil’s words, I let out a foolish sound.

Died? Moreover 50 years ago? That’s just shit——No wait, come to think of it,


「People like you have lived in the era I was alive, rather there were many more compared to now」


When I first met Mia, he/she said that thing.

That’s right, the phenomenon of summoning people from Earth is not something that didn’t happen before.

「Is that so, truly unfortunate……」

I thought that I would finally meet someone ‘decent and normal’ from Japan, but it doesn’t seem like I would get the chance.

「D-Don’t get that depressed Kurono, The Count of Rune had left various things of another world origin」

「That’s right, there are also SUSHI and TEMPURA, and other things for eating!」

I got happy at the unexpected follow up by these two, and,

「SUSHI and TEMPURA, Pfft, hahahahaha!」

I laugh out loud because the way Simon said the names sounded like the dialect of a stereotype foreigner tourist.

「Eh, What, did I say something strange?」

「Well, even SUSHI and TEMPURA are the dishes Rune boasts of」

「Kuku, no, the pronunciation was different, it’s said sushi and tempura」

“Whoa- as expected of a real foreigner” The reaction of Simon and Wil seemed strange and made me laugh more,

I can’t meet Red Wing person, who is without a doubt Japanese, but still I got some interesting information.

Rune, eh, let’s go there in future sometime.


Kurono: 「I need to keep the talk about Sushi and Tempura a secret from Fiona」


[1]. Red Wing = Akaba =       赤羽. 赤=RED、羽=WING


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