Kuro no Maou Chapter 233

Chapter 233 – The Seven Deadly Sins

Never had I thought that the female who was attacked was Erina-san……is this what they mean that world is small.

It was unexpected truth, but I was able to save a person I know of, as the results I’ve got no intention to complain.

However, considering all that, for some reason, Fiona’s reaction was unfavorable, to me, who was talking happily, she was sending me a cold glare.

Is this the, ‘I defeated the murderer, don’t show haughtiness yourself’ type of nuance embedded glare.

Hmm, but even Lily, who was hearing besides me had a cold reaction, just what the hell is with them……no, well it must only me over-thinking about their cold reactions.

It must me getting excited on my own, whereas for them both, saving people in this world lodged with monsters might be daily occurrences.

Setting this matter aside, just like I heard from Miss Erina before, to obtain the newly unbanned information, I may my way to the Reference room which is exclusive for Rank 3 and above.

Though I say that, this reference room entirely covers a single floor out of these four floors, it would be more precise to call it library judging from the amounts of books and documents it stores.

These all are not only based on monsters, but also weapon, magic, stuff related to adventurers etc, in fact the floor is divided into parts based on the classification of books.

So, I took charge of getting info about monsters, and left other information gathering to Lily and Fiona.

The still-estranged-from-common sense me, suffers a lot to understand the contents of books due to unknown nouns and peculiar expressions.

It would be great if I comprehend the ecology and habitat area of monsters, but in most cases, I give up on the documents which simply need lot of comprehension power, especially the books related to magic.

That’s why, did I do role-sharing.

Well, to Fiona, who went to a vocational school like Elysion Magic Academy, finding new books of magic is a low probability.

「Well then, will Mia tell me the important stuff」

When I step into the reference room with monsters’ information stuffed inside bookshelves, I closed my right eye and surveyed the surroundings.


Several books of the monster list, which always get’s updated by Guild because of its high frequency of use, started glowing in red, emphasizing their existence.

Closing the left eye, I looked from the right eye, and as expected, the red luminescence disappeared, it returned back to a normal book.

Even if it’s magic the structure of this eyeball is still unknown, well because it’s convenient, let’s ignore.

I took the books which radiated red color, pile them on the table, and while opening the first book, sat down on a chair.

This reference room is only being used by me currently, so it’s truly quiet.

Hearing the sound of me turning over pages resounding in the room, made me recall of the Literature Club of my high school.

While indulging in the emotions, I move the pen over a white paper and note down the info in the books.

This information is about the new trials which would come in future.

After spending quite a lot of time, I listed the monsters which were in red color upon seeing from the left eye.

「Six left, huh」

On the paper, six names were written.

Greed Gore.

Sloth Sgil.

Pride Gem.

Gluttony Oct.

Lust Rose.

Envy Ray

「Almost like the seven deadly sins」

「Indeed, the demons which are crowned with the names of sins, are the only worthy offerings for getting the Divine Protection of Demon King」

To words I muttered for some reason, unexpectedly a reply came back.

I turn back to look, there stood Mia in the same uniform of Academy as I saw before in the plaza.

「Just kidding, did it sound too cool」

“Ahaha”, saying that Mia seemed bashful, hey, if you’re that embarrassed then don’t say it in the first place.

But, it would be pathetic to point that out.

「You appear unexpectedly, as always」

「Ehehe, isn’t that more Godly?」

“Is that so?” I think that, but looking at the prideful Mia, it makes me want to compromise to her words.

Of course, at this stage, I’m taking her more of a the-child Mia-chan, rather than a god.

「So the rest of trials will be over after subjugating all these six monsters?」

「Yeah, but even if I don’t tell you reason, you know it, right」

After defeating Wrath-Pun, which had the power of flames, I obtained the ability to change my black magical energy into flames.

And, from the six monsters I just investigated upon, it’s written that they all are specialized in attribute power.

Fire, Water, Ice, Earth, Lightning, Wind, Light, Darkness, these eight are the attributes of magic, if I can use all eight of them, without them, I can name myself as a true Element Master.

The monsters left to complete the trials, have all the attributes except the fire and darkness.

「Changing the black magical energy into the form and nature of some attribute, that is the power of Divine Protection, right?」

「You’re right, at the lowest you will get that sort of power」

Mia sat in the seat in front of me, and put a big lunch box, which god knows where he/she took out from, on top of the table.

She’s gonna have lunch, leaving Mia personal work, I pursued behind those meaningful words.

「At the lowest means, there is more to come?」

「How you use the power is up to you, it’s about how proficiently you can use it. Ah, but upon clearing all the trails, there lot to come!」

“That’s why, work hard”, saying those encouraging words, Mia took out an unusually big sandwich from the already-opened box and started gulping it down heartily.

The smell of bacon stuffed between two white soft breads along with meat, stimulates my appetite, it’s so troubling.

Aside from that, use the power as I wish means not the aim, but how I practically use the ability to show effect, right.

In the Morjura Subjugation Quest, I used the black flames via the enhanced『Ifrit’s Thumb』, the machete『Wrath-Pun’s Right arm』, and it proved that even using a normally would release lot of firepower.

No, it only means that the『Wrath-Pun’s Right arm』was more high-speced than I thought for, Stratos Smithing Workshop really did a great job, I will go there more in future.

Setting it aside, I need to get more familiar at using this power, and then I would be able to turn only the blade super hot always, like that the things I could do would only increase, ah, after obtaining different nature transformations, it would be interesting to combine them all together.

Of course, at the current stage it’s like counting raccoon dog skins before even capturing them.

Moreover, aside from that, the ‘lot to come’ after completing the trials is, probably,

「The Divine Protection activated upon reciting the name of god, right?」

*Shock*, His/Her small mouth and hands stopped.

「Why do you know that already?」

「Why? Well everyone has been using Divine Protection by reciting the name of their god, that’s why」

For Lily it is『Fairy Queen Iris』, For Vulcan『Orphan Wolf Volfgand』, for Susu-san『Shadow Ferry Hanzomer』, I have seen the scene where they recite the name of the god when activating the effect of Divine Protection.

There’s no way I wouldn’t understand after seeing that.

「Eh~, so you knew it all~~」

Mia resumed eating her food, but with a displeased expression.

What the fuck, did he/she wanted to keep it as a secret……No, it’s too strange to not notice it.

「Ah, But, I’m getting excited on thinking what spell would I recite~」

“Why the hell am I trying to please this god?” Thinking that, I spoke this remark, as I was unable to endure the figure of Mia eating sandwich with a depressed expression.

「Eh, really? Mufufu, but I won’t tell you, it’s a secret yet!」

Looks like my remark did a great job, Mia’s mood swings in a second and now she is smiling.

For some reason, I can’t help but think of her as a child just like his/her appearance.

Well, it’s all fine as long it’s cute!

「By the way, Mia」

However, just like there are rule for Gods, there are rules even in the world of people, which I have to teach this child right now.

「Eh, What?」

Before I noticed it, Mia, who had already finished the bacon sandwich, was now heading towards the next egg sandwich, I carefully paid attention to it as if I had become the Librarian.

「Eating and Drinking is banned in the Reference Room」


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        • Though the sins have fluctuated over time, the currently recognized list includes pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath and sloth. There is a parallel tradition of seven virtues. The seven deadly sins are called “capital” because they are the origins of other vices.
          Seven deadly sins – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


          • Okay. Let’s say you have an anger issue but you live with it, you can control it. That doesn’t make you a bad person, it’s not your fault you have anger issues, you were born with it or acquired it for other reasons, idk. But when you KILL a person, you become a bad person. You sin. Because of your anger issue. This si the difference.


  1. Thanks for the chapter. Damn his Kurono’s current harem is ruthless, they already have to deal with one another and now have to worry about any potential newcomers. This might explain why his harem will be full of yanderes, only other yanderes would be able to stand up to them, whether they were already a yandere before meeting them or become one due to them is another matter. And was I the only one who found the fact that Mia was eating food odd?

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  2. He certainly seems dense but if you were to put anyone else in his shoes without reading the minds of the fairy and witch I’m sure they would have the same reaction. In most stories it’s called cultural shock. Though even if he could read their minds, his priorities are of preparing for a full blown war… while they are.. love struck? The dude has his priorities straight, I feel pity towards him. oh boy………


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