An Thanks Post! and an not-so important announcement!

A thanks note~

I had been awake since past some day till today morning (I posted KnM at that time), so I slept in the whole day.

Then I wake up and see various paypal notifications about receiving payments, I got elated.

So, I want to thanks those who gave me donations, (not to donation box):

  1. Jonathan Garrison
  2. Tyler Alvarado
  3. Georg Huber Gudmundsen
  4. Abdelmagid Elbakali
  5. Michael…KO…
  6. Alex Stover
  7. Joshua Laffin
  8. Joseph Burris

This finishes the really good people.

Now comes the bad people who make me work *sullen expression* , but well, I will work:

  1. Martin Chan (Kuro no Maou) [STATUS: ALREADY POSTED]
  2. Robert Morton (Maken no Daydreamer) [STATUS: COMING SOON]
  3. Jesse Bernier (Maken no Daydreamer) [STATUS: COMING SOON]
  4. Jamie Griffin-Butler (Maken no Daydreamer) [STATUS: COMING SOON] *Happens to be the person who donated most to me, so* #1 DONATER
  5. Florian Kretzschmar (Kuro no Maou) [STATUS: Opened the box, NOT FILLED YET]

[EDIT:] I forgot to write a thanks before, so here you go:

So, I want to thank everyone who gave me money, thank you for taking heed of my pleads to save me from my crisis. Though, the total amount of all people is not enough to let me pass by a whole month, I still thank you from the bottom of my heart. Don’t think that I’m lying, it’s the truth.At least, you people came forward and gave me money. You people have are big-hearted and generous. That I can tell, or you won’t even give me money. To tell the truth, I am so moved that I can even prostrate for giving the gratitude. But you can’t see that, so I will post more chapters.

Now for the not-so-important Announcement is: I will make a time table of how many guaranteed and sponsored chapters would I post every week, on monday. Wait for it!~

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