I’m in Despair Today

Sorry to abruptly shove this one you readers. But today, me and my family were excited because my another aunt (not the one who just married. This one is 9 years older than her), finally was about to get her child delivered out.

We were all in hospital since the morning and around afternoon, the operation began. Around 1:05 pm the child, a girl, was born. We all saw that from a circular small window in the door. HOWEVER something seemed wrong.

Some minutes later, the doctors came out saying “Sorry the baby’s dead”. BAM we get to face reality. I’m still in not-so-fine mood to be actually TL, or rather do anything. So sorry for that.

My family and me have still not told my aunt the truth, but literally by tomorrow’s funeral she would also know about it. And then it’s going to be a great deal to stop her fit. After all this was her 1st child after 3 years of marriage.

And please try to type no comments, it would only make more sadder.


16 thoughts on “I’m in Despair Today

  1. Same here my aunt on my mother side had through alot when her 1st baby died at birth. it was nobody faults that the baby died but the point is the mother will not accept it like that the only advice i could give you is give her a whole heart and warm support to accept the reality do some like visiting relaxing her mind or give her time to mourn/grief to here baby but always be near to her and mostly the husband has the bigger role here.

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  2. No Comment
    Life has no beginning or end
    Death has has no pain or strife
    We always remember those whom we love in our hearts
    Carrying on a will of that same pain and hardship that the one that died will never have to bear
    Such a painful sorrow is what we have to bear
    As long as life is not forgotten , we will learn to cherish it in a new profound way
    Creating a kinder world for the next soul to cherish.


  3. I am sorry for your lost… at least keep your aunt from dangerous objects that can possibly kill her, I know first hand what some people might do in there despair.


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