Kuro no Maou Chapter 228

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Chapter 228 – The Curse Of Evil Eater

Since birth he had a large body.

As time elapsed, the more he grew, the more obvious it became.

By the time he was an adult his height easily crossed over 2 meter. Even among the werewolves, with his strong body, the power he possessed was too overpowering.

Before he knew it, there was no one who could defeat him in the village.

It might be natural that someone like him left the small village and went in the outside world as an adventurer.

At that time he thought that he was the strongest person in the world.

Just like『Orphan Wolf: Volfgand』, whose legends have been passed down among wolves.

Yes, he was a person resembling similarly to a frog in a well, it was nothing more than a stereotypical ‘Boasting of Strength in Village’ sort of thing.

The fate people like them follow, were always similar.

Some meet people stronger than themselves, also learn about the existence of magic, to which power can never match up to, or some just end up becoming food of monsters before even understanding the difference in power.

People wanting to become adventurers, because they have stronger arm strength, learn the truth later, then either they return to their birthplace or die in a quest.

Him, who was a werewolf with just large body and admired the legend of Volgand, also had to follow the same path.

In truth, he experienced the same as others.

He was beaten easily with just a single hand, has his body burnt black, he was even almost eaten by a monsters, and et cetera, now even counting it would be ridiculous.

He learned the vastness of world, in this world, there were ‘strong people’ counting more than 50 thousand, the people who he can never beat no matter no what.

But however, he never stopped being an adventurer, neither was he eaten by a monster.

Why was that?

The answer was simple, an answer that every adventurer would know—-Because he had a comrade.

A Swordsman, who at first, joined formed a team with him because they were of same race.

But if the Swordsman hadn’t protected his back, he would have long lost against the marching army of Vindols.

The next one he met was an Archer.

If the Archer, who made long distance shooting possible, didn’t get rid of the Goblin Mage, two Swordsman would’ve have died.

Like that, he, no, they met various other Adventurers like that.

By the time he reached Rank 2, they had a party of 5 established, with 2 Swordsman, 1 Archer and 1 Mage.

Their perfectly-balanced party as an adventurer, completed various quest with difficulties, took on numerous scars, but they continued on, without losing even a single member.

Before they knew it, the party had reached Rank 4.

Them, who were nothing more than ‘Boasting of Strength in Village’, now became adventurers worthy of being called First-class.

The fact they thought themselves to be the strongest, was now something of distant past.

He now had, not only the title, but also the divine protection of『Volfgand』, and his comrades who overcame difficulties together with him, too became a first-class adventurers.


「11th Apostle Misa」

That’s why,

「Well, you lowly demons won’t know the meaning of this name, though—–」

He wasn’t able to forgive the deeds of that woman.

「Well then, try your best, and die in an interesting and funny way just so I don’t get bored」

Adventurers were always prepared because they might die at any time.

Getting eaten by monsters, getting killed by the traps in Dungeons, or being attacked by an Adventurer wanting to kill steal, or being attacked by the bandits aiming for equipment and money.

「Hey hey, don’t you dare die instantly, after raising a death agony reaching upto heavens, you can die, or you can’t」

If getting killed by monster, the blame is upon one’s power.

「You guys here, do you know your existence itself is a sin, understand it?」

Dying via traps can be blamed on one’s carelessness.

「Then isn’t it natural that you should die」

Dying by a Kill Stealer, or bandits can be blamed on the person showing leeway.

「But if you’re going to die, how about making me, an apostle happy. Like that you would have a good defense against God residing in heaven, don’t you think so?」

That’s why,

「Ah, that’s right, if a demon kills another demon, would mean that person worked for god, right, then you will have stronger defense against god. Hey, you wolf over there—–」

Rather than blaming his powerlessness,

「Can’t you try to kill other people?」

He could only detest this woman.

「Huh? You refuse? What the shit you spouting out, listen to what great humans say, come on, wag your tail and do the work happily, after all I, 11th Apostle Misa, the one chosen by God, is saying you to do it. You will do it right—–『Madonna Charm』」

Her pair of eyes, which were the same purple color as her hair, was shining bewitchingly.

「See, now you want to kill them, right?」

The moment his eyes met hers, his own fate was destroyed, to a fate in which he would be played by the woman, to a fate much more vicious ridiculous and cruel.

「Then first, kill those puppies, same as you, tear them from limb to limb」

He was sane, and would never hear the woman’s words, to kill his comrade, his party member.

However, due to the effect of some sort of magic, his body started to move on its own, as per the woman’s orders.

He cut down his comrade with his longsword.

He cut down the Swordsman, Archer, Mage, all the comrades he walked with for so many years, with his own hands.

In his super strong hands was his favorite longsword, which had been enhanced by the materials of monsters he killed with his comrades, which cut down every comrade of his.

The only thing he was allowed was to retain his sanity, he could neither cry at the death of his comrades, neither wail out loud.

The woman was watching it while laughing and rolling.

「Now, you can also die, if possible in a flashy way, so that lots of blood gushes out」

How much time had passed, he didn’t knew, but finally the torture of this living hell was finally nearing its end.

After all, the people left in the place are only him and the woman, now there was no more comrades he had to kill.

No, actually there was one, an opponent he needed to kill, an enemy who should be killed.

Before he knew it, his body had regained the freedom.

Now then, only one thing was needed to be done.

「Huh? What, time’s up? Shit, this is too much tiresome stuff, don’t cause me any troubles」

It was his fastest and strongest attack ever.

The power was more than enough to kill this woman who looked like a normal frail human.

However, the girl wasn’t a human; rather a ‘monster’ wearing human’s skin.

「How is it, getting killed by your own weapon?」

To sum it up, abominable.

Before he knew it, having his heart pierced, he was in the state of near death, without even having the power to speak that word.

Hence, the things left behind were his will, the remains of his soul with the malice and hatred etched on it.

He was killed, but still can’t forgive it, He can’t forgive this loss, he can’t forgive this woman who played with them, he can’t allow himself to die just like this.

I hate her, I will killer, I will kill this woman, even if I die—–

The blade of Evil Eater ate even the thoughts filled with hatred.

He died, but his grudge, was still residing in the fanged sword he had swinging for years, with a new intention.

Intention called as『Curse』.




After swinging for some times, I put the『Fang Sword「Evil Eater」』, no, now called as『Hungry Wolf Sword「Evil Eater」』in the Dimension.

「What happened? Did you happen to see something?」

The voice calling me from behind was of Fiona.

She was the usual witch costume today.

「Yeah, I just looked into the worst memories ever……」

It was fragmentary, but I can guess it completely, or was made to guess.

While heaving a long sigh, I sat down in the lawn of the inn.

「I see」

I’m grateful for her words not asking any explanation, and I too am in not any situation to explain that scene which can cause the blood to boil with anger.

I realized it right now, but my face and body is smeared with sweat. Controlling a Cursed weapon, this was the first time I had difficulty to this extent.

In terms of curse it was almost the same as『Cursed Hatchet「Tsujigiri」』, but the backstory of it was related to me, and more than anything, the ability of Evil Eater to eat the magic, increased the difficulty level for blackening.

Even though, like this I am able to use it to ‘some extent’.

If I hadn’t controlled it at all, then it would’ve have eaten the magical power creating the dimension and destroyed the magic.

For now, the『Hungry Wolf Sword「Evil Eater」』is being quiet, so it means that the blackening succeeded.

Or maybe Vulcan is helping me while saying『What a useless leader』.

Or is it me being too sentimental for thinking this.

Curse is different from the consciousness of the person themselves, grudge and hatred is one form of the condensed pent-up resentment of a human being. Nothing more.

Like good and evil, instinct and reasoning, the heart of person is different from the soul.

Though knowing through reasoning, I cannot help but think about that hearty werewolf.

「You seem pretty tired, if it’s too much to handle, then wasn’t it a good idea to sell it?」

「No, it’s fine, I can somewhat use it」

In the first place, there is a reason why I am holding the-now-cursed 『Hungry Wolf Sword「Evil Eater」』.

The serial killer attacking women recently in Spada had bounty set upon him.

There exist quests within the urban areas, for capturing serious criminals, in truth there were some adventurers who after Joto.

In my case, though unintentionally, he had turned into a corpse, but as a result he was caught.

Also, if an adventurer captures the criminal, they have the right to ownership of all things in possession of the killer along with the reward.

In other words, just think of treating a criminal as monster.

And, both me and Fiona were adventurers, so the right existed for us too, and we got the right to ownership of the murder weapon『Hungry Wolf Sword「Evil Eater」』.

It’s normal to sell of a cursed weapon immediately, but I can control the Cursed Weapons, and I couldn’t let go off Vulcan’s sword.

Well surely I had to go through trouble for getting the ownership of a murder weapon with shady background history.

「This is a curse, but also his will, then I, who has lived from the battle, should avenge for him」


Face of Fiona, who said that while nodding, was still sleepy and expressionless.

For that time, she has already apologized lots of times「At that time I lost composure, I’m really very much sorry」. So I’m not touching that subject anymore.

I don’t even want to remember that cold and dead atmosphere around her at that time.

「Well then, shall we go on the quest」

3 days have passed since then, today is 16th of Red Flame Month.

Lily’s wing is now healed, so our adventurer work restarts from today.

「After the breakfast, right」

「You’re right」

After getting up from lawn, I start heading back into the inn, thinking it’s about time Lily comes down for breakfast.

Then, Fiona, without making any sound, came besides me as if cuddling me.

It seems like since 3 days ago, every time we walk our distances further decrease, is that imagination?

「What happened Kurono-san? Your eyes seemed like wanting to say something」

「No, nothing, don’t worry about it」

The silver ring in Fiona’s left ring finger just makes me think of a engagement ring, and makes me over-conscious about it.



Finally got my favorite『Evil Eater』!

Volume 14 will end with next chapter.

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