Sorry no Chapters today (^o^)/

Guess what, a no chapters day!

I’m really sorry for TL, no, rather I’m sorry for not even opening my laptop today. I am even writing this post from someone’s laptop.

Actually, you guys might remember (people who actually read my rant), that my sister and I went for shopping, right?
Well that was because today is (was) my aunt’s marriage. It’s now over, though. Oh, my aunt is just 5 years older (24 yr old) than me, fyi.
So since morning, I was made to fight my sleepiness and made to work in preparations and stuff. The marriage ceremonies have just been completed. and I was presently busy giving out flattery words to people who came, really I need to learn that skill from someone (you know who I mean).

Got not much time, because now we will be (just some family members, and my aunt and her husband) are going to governmental office for filling out the official marriage paperwork. However, if it was just this much, I could’ve still TL’ed a chapter or two.


My aunt just threw it to me out of blue that they are having a after party./(O_O)\. Everyone, even my parents who have come to Japan for now, and even my siblings accepted. Now knowing my personality of not wanting to go in parties like this, my parents threatened me that they would not give monthly funds if I don’t with go with ’em.

Yeah, I need to get monthly funds, because last month I used like most of my salary to buy a laptop, and was left with…well nothing. Later, I asked my parents for some financial help. My part-time job is at hold (got no knew project to work for) so I can’t even get my pay from there. That’s why I asked my parents and even ask you people for financially help me, at least until a new projects pops out (takes around 1-3 months).


Now you know why I will not TL chapters, and dayyum, I gotta go, used too much time to write.



12 thoughts on “Sorry no Chapters today (^o^)/

  1. the child of your first cousin(child of a parent’s sibling), is not your niece or nephew. they are your first cousin once removed. I recently learned all of that confusing terminology


  2. I think I saw like 4 or 5 people too busy to translate today. well, I’m busy too. not that I have anyone to go with on valentine anyway *grumble* damn riaju ….

    fight on man we will pass this week together.


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