Kuro no Maou Chapter 227

This chapter is a sponsored Chapter. Thanks to the donators, Bryan Hu and Jeff Collins and other people who donated long before in November of last year. This chapter shows the birth of…killers!!!!! Love killers, aka Yandere’s plans!!!!!!

Chapter 227 – Love Rival

‘A witch never loves’, I always thought that proverb as truth.

The first love people experience in childhood was something I never had a clue about, even when commuting to Elysion Magic Acadmeny, which happened to be a co-ed, I still had no interactions with things called love, I never understood it.

However, on the 13th of Red Flame Month, I was made to realize from the bottom of my heart.

That it’s a lie that witches cannot love.


「It’s okay, Fiona is not in the wrong, the ring broke because the shield got broken, right, then didn’t it protect you after all」


And when Kurono-san embraced me, I understood that this is love.

No, in truth, I held feelings for Kurono-san from a long time ago.

I had been desperately dodging that fact, denying it, and have been persuading myself saying ‘it’s nothing’.

Certainly, I was afraid of accepting that fact.

After all, Kurono-san got Lily-san, and, someone like me who can’t even be a friend let alone lover, whose only worth is the magical firepower, that sort of me isn’t attractive enough to be together with him.

Someone like me, has got right to lay hands on him, has got no right to wish for him, I, just am not.



「If my ring, was able to protect you from even a single scratch, then me buying a gift for you wasn’t in vain」


It was already too late for me.

Even enduring, and giving up was impossible now, I can’t bear it anymore, I can’t hold it back anymore, about wanting Kurono-san, about wanting Kurono-san for me.

My heart has become something which only thinks about him, about wanting to be in his arms, wanting to hear his kind words, it’s like as if my heart has got the curse of love sickness, or Charm has been casted on it, my heart has gone insane for him.

Now I understand; the feelings of those girls who talked about love, during the academic years.

The feeling of those girls who left the school because they conceived the child of the person they loved.[1]

The feelings of those girls, who killed themselves because they could never be with the person they love.

‘Useless, it’s nonsensical, there’s no need for it’, I now feel pity for the past me who used to think like that.

After all, If I had known this beautiful feeling from before, had realized them, everything in the world seems different.


「Yeah, it’s good Fiona is unhurt. That’s right, this time I will gift you a ring with stronger effect which will protect you. If you’re worried that what happened today would happen later, then I will give you a normal ring too. So, can you please stop crying?」


If Kurono-san says so, I will stop crying, I can show that I can stop my tears.

That’s why, give it to me, give a ring to me, this time I will never let it get broken.

The ring I would wear in my left ring finger, won’t be because of some attraction or yearning for it, but it would be the oath of my love for you.


And currently, in my left ring finger, a new silver ring is shining brightly.

This plain looking ring has not even a bit of divine protection power or magic, it’s without a doubt, a normal ring.

However, Kurono-san gave it to me, to me—–

「Aren’t you quite too happy, Fiona」

Due to that voice, the heat reigning over my head rapidly cooled off.

Looking more closely, Lily-san, in her young girl form, stood in front of me.

There is no other present in the surroundings except me and Lily-san, right in front of my room.

「Isn’t that a nice ring, that, where you got that from?」

「Kurono-san gave it to me」

Lily-san was still showing a fearless smile, but just now, a little bit of her Light magical power leaked out.

「I see, good for you」

「Yes, after getting such a beautiful present from Kurono-san, I am truly elated」

I’ve got no reason to lie to her.

Even without Telepathy, Lily-san might already have guessed most of the part.

「Makes me quite jealous, you went on a date with Kurono, not just yesterday, even today too」

「I have did the information gathering, though」

Joto, the serial killer, was done in by me and Kurono-san, so today we had to give a report to the Spada’s military police.

There was also the evidence of Cursed Weapon, and the fact a elf girl was attacked, so the case was closed with, ‘An adventurer killed a person with bounty on his head’[2]

On the way back, Kurono-san gave me this new ring.

Incidentally, the replacement of a magic item like『Athena Guard Ring』was postponed for a later date, due to Kurono-san’s wallet circumstances.

Ufufu, I’m waiting for the new gift, Kurono-san

「Hmm, Fiona, you haven’t forgetten, right? Our rule」

「Of course, I haven’t forgot it, in a party love always leads to trouble, right」

My and Lily-san’s gaze intersect.

Her emerald eyes are cute and round, but they carry a ferocious light equaling to rank 5 monster.

Don’t make a scary face like that Lily-san, I’m not that hasty person who would break our current relationship so fast. [3]

Even I have reasoning power to control my heat, just like you.

「I see, then it’s fine」

「It’s good that you understood it」

Saying that, Lily-san and I faced our respective rooms.

Lily-san opened the door and entered the room immediately.

When I think about her sleeping together with Kurono, this, boiling up feeling swells in the heart.

「Lily-san is so sly」

Entering my room, I jumped on my bed and muttered.


Not good, at this time I need to see the ring, touch it, and control my emotions.

「Sigh……Love Rival, that just sounds too cliché……」

This love rival, would become my greatest and strongest enemy ever, I only have a premonition like that.

But, I’ve got no intention of losing, neither giving up.

I have now understood, that I just can’t help but be in love with Kurono-san.

「——Thinking of the worst case, I need to make a plan to kill Lily-san anyhow, or it wouldn’t be good」




In the adjacent room from Fiona’s room.

「I somewhat knew it would happen like this, but now looking at it, something just rises up inside my heart—–」

Lily lied on the bad the same way, and uttered the same thing.

「——Thinking of the worst case, I need to make a plan to kill Fiona anyhow, or it wouldn’t be good」


The Cold War has started……

6th April 2012

In the comments, I was asked ‘What happened to Dengeki first prize?’. Sorry, I have completed the entry last month.

So the results would be around summer time. As for rest, I can only pray for a good result![4]


[1]. LMFAO

[2]. His head was in cinders mate, so how can they her bounty reward!?

[3]. She never said that she would ‘never’ break the current relationship.

[4]. What a coincidence, I too will apply for it next month. (You give the novel with the application, not like you first apply, then write novels, in god knows how much time!). Just to tell you readers, he didn’t win any of the 4 prizes. idk why~?


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  1. kinda stupid, if they knew Kurono the way they say they do then wouldn’t it be obvious what his reaction would be like if one killed the other and he found out? If they were really friends they would talk about it maturely. guess yandere chicks are all stupid when it comes to the ones they love.


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