Kuro no Maou Chapter 226

New Chapter of KnM~

Got a bit late, but maybe I haven’t told you guyz yet, actually I’m writing a novel to give it in the Dengeki Bunko yearly novelist competition (duh, this is obviously not the official name), so I may get somewhat late.

This is my second time giving it there.

I am almost done with MnD chapter too (mostly just editing left).

Chapter 226 – The Torrent of Red Murderous Intent

Fiona moved.
Those strange symptoms started showing from the time Fiona casted three types of Boost on her.
I couldn’t understand why would she cast Boost on herself and not me.
I only understood that I haven’t heard a magic which goes by the name of『Ignis Breaker』, and also that the effect of this magic is to cover the tip of wand with a fireball, it seemed like a burning matchstick.
But, what is she going to do?
That was the starting, Fiona was always calm, even when confronting 8th Apostle Ai, she did her job easily and calmly.
She wasn’t self-centered that she would go solo disregarding my orders, that’s how it was, but what is this?
Before I even derived on the answer to that question, Fiona moved this very moment.
In her hand was a lit-up『Ainz Broom』and『Custom Fireball』which she took out at some point, a two-sword style, no, two-wand style.
With the effects of Martial Skill and Boost, Fiona, with a speed not at all inferior to the current me, came ramming in the area a longsword and a hatchet were rallying.
「『Ignis Sagitta』」
She first swing the『Custom Fireball』
Originally this low grade offensive magic only has firepower that is below average, however, I already know the ones Fiona shot out had tremendous rapid-fire successions added to it.
A single shot may not have much explosive power, but if several tens of them shots come flying in rapidly from point-blank range, the after effects would reach even me.
My crisis judgement coming from my reasoning power, and the sixth sense triggering the crisis incoming alarm, made me take evasive measures immediately.
Swinging the hatchet sideways quite forcefully, I opened the distance between us in a single jump.
Joto tried to jump after me in pursuit, but maybe he realized the existence of several tens of fireballs aiming at him, and in correspondence to his fast reflexes, he used the Evil Eater as a shield to block of the attack.
Several of the『Ignis Sagitta』vanished in front of his eyes.
However, Evil Eater can even absorb intermediate grade offensive magic, so no matter how many low grade offensive magic attack at him, they wouldn’t be able to burn even the tip of his hair.
Fiona, who knows about that all-too-well, on the contrary, doesn’t show sings of stopping the rapid fire of『Ignis Sagitta』, not only that, she was also not showing sings of stopping her legs which were running towards Joto.
What, don’t tell me that she is going to hit him with the wand—–
And, the don’t tell me, did happen.
While firing from the『Custom Fireball』, she swung the still lit-up『Ainz Broom』and hopped onto Joto.
Fiona continued shooting『Ignis Sagitta』even after reaching point-blank range, due to that, though Joto was able to not get any damage, but his movements were restricted.
While taking on the after effect of impact, he flung off the『Ainz Broom』with his longsword while enduring the sweltering heat with the help of a『Nana Blast Amulet』.


A conspicuously large explosion sound rang out, I saw Joto being blown off after getting hit by the shockwaves.
The flying-in-the-air boy of Joto, hit the trunk of a tree on one side of the avenue, which caused his movement to stop.
His back has been hit really hard, but still he didn’t let go off the sword from his right hand.
But, the impact wasn’t something light that he would be able to regain his posture the next moment, so he stood while staggering.
To the already-pursuing Fiona, that was more than enough of a gap to the opportunity of.
As if『Custom Fireball』has its work finished, she put it back, and put both hands on the『Ainz Broom』which was still lit-up by a crimson flame lotus.
Holding the wand, no, let’s go with what the official magic name says. Holding the ‘Flame Mallet’, she swung it hard, hitting it on the defenseless Joto’s crown of head.
Once again loud explosion rang out, the waves even reached me.
But, I too am in the possession of『Nana Blast Amulet』, so the waves felt like gentle breeze flowing about.
At any rate, the fight’s over now.
That explosive power could be called above intermediate grade and below advanced grade, but having something like that exploded on the head of a normal person with no high-class fire resistance like Wrath-Pun, or without any defensive magic item, there’s no chance of getting out of it unscathed.
The Berserk mode may increase physical abilities like reflexes and arm strength, but it doesn’t make the body and flesh strong at all.
And Joto wasn’t even able to block it off with his last ray of hope『Fang Sword「Evil Eater」』, so his chances of survival are extinct.
Now that we have killed the insane Joto, our work is done here.
「Fiona, he’s dead—–」
The moment I was putting hatchet in the dimension,

SFX: ZuuDDoooOOONNnnnnnNN!

The third explosion sound rang out.
Dimly shining something went past my vision within just a breath of time.
Before I knew it『Fang Sword「Evil Eater」』was besides me with a hand still holding its hilt.
What is this? Before I even asked myself that question, it’s answer came to me in quite fast speed, that Fiona inflicted more attacks to Joto, that his hand got torn off and came flying till here.
Did she not finish him off at that time? Or maybe she was vigilant of the cursed weapon?
The new question that came floating up–

SFX: ZuddDDOooooNNNNnn!

–Gets negated by the fourth explosion sound.
I couldn’t see properly, but I can make out the silhouette of Fiona swinging the『Fire Mallet』on the dead body of Joto.

SFX: ZuUuDdDdoOoOnNnN!

The fifth explosion sound rang out, the sound was lower than before, maybe the efficacy of magic faded somewhat.
But, the power of magic is no relevance now, after all the opponent is already dead.


By the sixth explosion, the sound got more faint.
Maybe the firepower to make new smoke rise up was gone that due to the small waves of explosion, the fumes surrounding Fiona cleared up.


By the seventh time, the magic was completely gone, and only the dull sound of metal hitting flesh resounded.
「Hey, Fiona……」
Now I can clearly see it.
Fiona was still swinging the wand on the head of Joto, which can be said to be in cinders.

SFX: DOo, DOo, DOo—–

Fiona, like a machine, kept on showering the dead body with blows.
Her face was expresionless as always, but this time alone it felt like she was wearing a mask, it was an epression I never saw in her, as if she was someone else.
Abnormal, right now that words is the only one that fits her.
「—–Stop it, Fionaaa!」
And I cannot watch her in this state, I can’t bear to watch it.
I grabbed Fiona’s hand from behind and stop her meaningless and merciless attacks.
「Stop this shit right now, this guy is already dead」
I squeeze out words slowly as if trying to persuade her.
Maybe she realized my existence behind her, Fiona slowly turned her head back.
「Ah……Kurono, -san」
In Fiona golden eyes, there was no light that could be called life present.
These dull and hollow golden eyes grasp my figure in them.
「Please stop, now gently put down the wand」
It’s like she became someone else, no more like it’s a lifeless doll with her looks, seeing her like that I felt a fear that could freeze my spine, but it’s bad if I get shocked right now.
As I said, I released her arms.
The wand fell on the stone pavement making a lifeless *clang* sound.
Her arms fell down powerlessly, and I once again face Fiona, who was now standing upstraight.
「What happened, Fiona?」
I gaze her drowsy and intoxicated eyes from the front.
「Ah, I……」
Fiona eyes trembled slightly.
After some seconds of silence, she continued.
「My, ring……」
Speaking of that, she probably meant the one I gifted to her during noon.
I lowered my gaze and found out that the silver ring which was in her left ring finger, was gone.
「Ah, I see」
『Athen Guard Ring』had it’s divine protection shield broken, and it too broke.
That means that glass breaking sound from before was of shield being crumbled, now that I think about it, Cyprus’s shield that I broke also made a similar sound.
「I got the ring broke……I’m very, sorry……」
「It’s fine, don’t—–」
Should I say something like “Don’y worry about it” so thoughtlessly.
If Fiona went insane just because it was hard for her to believe the fact that the ring broke, then this matter is nothing small.
It’s not like it was her parent’s memento, or maybe she got that much emotional attachment just because I gave it to her.
Fiona left her master and is alone ever after, to her, me and Lily might be the first comrades and friends.
In that case, she might have been liking it very much, after all her friend gave it to her.
If the person himself who gifted her, in other words, me said words like ‘don’t worry about it’, then it’s like I’m rejecting her sense of values.
Of course, there is a possibility that this is all my misunderstanding and I’m being conceited.
「I’m sorry Kurono-san, very much sorry—–」
Fiona cried.
From her beautiful eyes, tears fall down with no signs of stopping.
Her crying face, which I see for the first time, was still expressionless, and without letting out even a single sound, the tears just kept on falling silently.
And while crying, Fiona kept on apologizing to me for getting the ring broken.
Seeing her tragic figure, my heart ached as if a fissure cut it up.
Stop it, don’t cry, seeing you crying like that, Fiona, is extremly painful.
That’s why, for not watching her tears, I grabbed her shoulders, and hugged her.
「It’s okay, Fiona is not in the wrong, the ring broke because the shield got broken, right, then didn’t it protect you after all」
Her face sank right in my chest.
Her body was warm, the same as when I hugged Lily, a doll won’t have this warmth.
Now that I think about it, embracing a same aged girl, is a first for me in this world, in which I have gone through lots of shit.
「If my ring, was able to protect you from even a single scratch, then me buying a gift for you wasn’t in vain」
「I……Is that so?」
「Yeah, it’s good Fiona is unhurt. That’s right, this time I will gift you a ring with stronger effect which will protect you. If you’re worried that what happened today would happen later, then I will give you a normal ring too. So, can you please stop crying?」
After saying all that stuff, I realize that I just said some truly embarrassing things, and my face turned hot.
At the same time, I got anxious that what if my speech was completely off the mark—–
Fiona’s rely wasn’t words but action, till now she was getting embraced by me, but now her slender arms were strongly embracing me too.
Don’t blame me for letting out such a pathetic voice due to her unexpected reaction.
The people who would actually hug me, is only Lily who always plays around with me, I never thought Fiona too would be like this.
My heart was filled with surprise, and embarrassment, no, not embarrassment but something more like……anyhow, my heart was in conflicted state, and before it regained composure, Fiona said her words.
「Kurono-san……I’m sorry, and Thank you very much」
Fiona said the words of gratitude and apology at the same time.
What could be her expression right now, has she stopped crying, I can’t see her face because she is still hugging me, but
「It’s fine Fiona, it’s fine already」
I understood that Fiona regained her sanity.
Like that till the Law Guardian came after getting reports, me and Fiona were embracing each other under the tree of blue cherry blossoms.

It’s finally April, and looks like spring has come for Fiona too.
Please keep on reading Kuro no Maou.


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