Kuro no Maou Chapter 225


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So MnD a little later, maybe some lots of hours. I will have to start TL of Ore Dorei too as the old TL’s (not edited of all chapters of V2) got flushed in the old hard drive! Fuck, I even had many other important things on that thing.

One more thing, my TL speed has gone slow so it might take up a week or two before getting back in previous condition or even better. For easier understanding: 1500-2000 words of KnM chapter done in 30-40 mins (This can be better condition).

Chapter 225 – The Lost Things

「Run away Fiona! The magic will be eaten by Evil Eater」
From Kurono-san’s advice, I am finally convinced.
This longsword  that the swordsman is wielding is『Fang Sword「Evil Eater」』, the one Vulcan-san, the werewolf used to have.
The trouble this magical power eating Evil Eater brings is something, even a witch like me, knows to full extent.
「—–『Ignis Sagitta』」
I can’t stop offensive magic now.
Rather than revoking the chant half-way, it’s better to just shoot it out and it will save time more for choosing the next actions, with the sword-swinigng insane swordsman in front of me, I give out that conclusion with a calm mind.
I fired『Ignis Sagitta』and coincidentally, poured magical power in my both legs and to invoke the martial skill.
「『Air Walker』」
The inhuman reflex speed and movement are shown, the moment I left the place, the swordsman, who also migh have his ablities enhanced, passed through the smoke and swung the fang sword down.
However, I have experienced being challanged at this distance a whole lot of times.
It’s all great if I evade it, and I also have enough speed in my legs right now to evade this attack, albeit barely.
I kicked the ground with my loafer and stepped backwards, due to the momentum my hair, which weren’t held by my hat, flutterd in front of me.
The thundersouly falling blade, without being able to seize my crown of head, just cut down the fluttering tips of my blue hair.
I evaded successfully,

SFX: GAshhaaAAaaaAAaaaaaannNNNN!

That, shrill sound as if a defensive magic of light just got broken, reached my ears after I landed 3 metres away.
Strange, I just took evasive measures without using any defensive magic, in the first place I cannot use light magic which can create defense which make sounds like this of breaking into pieces.
Then, just what made this sound?
「『Athena Guard Ring』, this ring is embedded with the divine protection from a goddess named Athena, and protects the wearer from blades」
I remember, right now I possess a magic item which protects the wearer from the phyiscal attacks.
「Hearing the name it might sound like a really great thing, but it’s grade as a magic item is not that high, so don’t expect much of defensive power」
The fact those words were truth was something I, who can somewhat judge things as a witch, understood esily.
But, what’s important to me isn’t price or grade or anything relating to somethings’ preciousness.
This ring is something Kurono-san, you gave me, to me it’s already a treasure.
「Ah, Ah……」
However, the fact the magic item was of low grade was the truth.
The only natural conclusion upon taking a frontal blow from already-cursed longsword would be to break along with the shield of Divine Protection.
And, magic items which deploy shield, originally, are made in the way that if defense is broken the item too gets broken.
If it isn’t a very-high-grade item, it can’t deploy defence many times.
Then, the low-grade『Athena Guard Ring』would naturally break if the defense is broken through.
The ring that was just shining in the ring finger of my left hand just, AaaaaaAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAA!!
It’s not here! It’s not here! The ring is gone, without leaving a single trace!!
Arrghhhh, Arrrgghhh, What shall I do! Why, that ring was my treasure, important one! THAT RING, KURONO-SAN, TO ME, TREASURE!!! [1]
I was happy, truly truly in a bliss.
After all Kurono-san gave it me, I can’t not be happy.
I was going treasure, cherish it, make it my lifetimes’ biggest gift, from today, it should have been shining in my left ring finger.
W,Why did that, how……just why! Cruel, it’s not here, the ring got lost, it’s……broken!
I’m sorry, I’m very sorry Kurono-san.
I got the ring broke.
「قبضة الذراع تعزيز ممارسة قوية――『Force Boost』」[2]
Kurono-san finally chose it for me!
Aren’t I right, he thought about me, thought if it would look good at me, that’s why he chose that ring!
「يعمل من خلال سرعة ――『Speed Boost』」
The reason he said it would protect me from blade meant he grieved over cutting me!
I understand, the current understands your sympathy, feelings, kindness!
「كيكو هيروشي تلبية العديد من عناصر قويةv――『Element Boost』」
I’m very much sorry for getting a ring filled with that much feelings, lost, destroyed.
「حرق أعدائنا ، سحقت ، ميتز، ضربة قاسية الحارقة(Burn, Smash, Extinguish My Enemy, Become a Iron Mallet)」[3]
I’m very sorry,I’m very sorry,I’m very sorry,I’m very sorry,I’m very sorry,I’m very sorry,I’m very sorry,I’m very sorry,I’m very sorry,I’m very sorry,I’m very sorry, I’m very much sorry—–
「—–『Ignis Breaker』」
That’s why I will kill that bastard who broke the ring, with ‘my hands’!!

Fiona lost her ring and sanity.


[1]: She’s going through breaking point so her speech is cracked.

[2]: I know what you people, who know Arabian, are going to say but NO! I don’t know how to TL arabian, and so I can’t fix the sentence, as it just changes everytime I put in the post section. So FUCK IT!!!! MOVE ON~

[3]: Any better chant, anyone?


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  1. The Arabic used is really bad and broken. Even though I am a native Arabic speaker I jump the Arabic words since they are just words add together with no proper gramer structure
    Think of it as the spell saying something like (bolder rock solid very wall) so just think of it as random chant and don’t worry about the meaning


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