Kuro no Maou Chapter 224

I’m sorry, but this breaks in days may go on till 5th of Feb. You know, exams, so the stress and not being able to work or TL. I somehow got this chapter done, which I think is a bit more of a cliffhanger than the previous chapter, furthermore I can assure as soon as my exams end, I’m not going to take any breaks any more before April and will bring you guys chapters everyday. So just bear for some more days. As expected, the readers are so full of patience.

Chapter 224 – Identity of the Devilish Murderer

The person swinging the large fang sword, facing the female Elf who has already fallen on her back, must be that murderer from the rumors.
However, for that criminal to be a person whose face and name I know about.
No, the most surprising fact would be that Joto, a rank 3 adventurer, was attacking so fiendishly because of the curse from the『Fang Sword「Evil Eater」』, right.
It involuntarily made me speak abusive word.
The『Fang Sword「Evil Eater」』transformed into a Cursed Weapon, in other words, it’s owner, Vulcan, died with great extent of malice for this to occur.
And the reason of that malice and hatred is 11th Apostle Misa, as for how she slaughtered them all, I have no idea.
But, for there to be so much malice and hatred to change a weapon into Cursed Weapon means, they weren’t even able to fight properly before dying.
That bitch, killed them all by toying with them, I had guessed that much from their corpses and destruction, but now I am sure of it.
Fu*k, makes me want to throw up.
As if agreeing with my wrath,『Absolute Grudge Hatchet「Kubidan」』darkens the hue of aura around it.
Unfortunately, there ain’t the needed person I want to bust this anger into.
But, for saving the girl being attacked in front of me, I swing the blade.
「Red Calm (Akanagi)」
This martial skill, changes the blood sipped by hatchet into a crimson blade, and decreases the distance between an object impossible to reach to zero.
The large sword swung right now at the female elf, clashed with the blade of blood from the flank, and changed its trajectory while releasing sparks.
At that moment, maybe he finally noticed my existence present near, the insane Joto’s red eyes turn towards me.
But, by this time I had already run up to the point where he can reach in the blade’s range without using Akanagi, after getting the『Speed Boost』by Fiona, the distance of some tens of meters can be covered in a second or so.
I release the my all-the-most-familiar martial skill.
This attack was aimed at the body of Joto, if it hits him, surely he along with the leather armor, would be split in two.
The the attack with the power of sure-kill attack was stopped by swiftly using the sword as a shield.
Was that reaction because Joto was skilled, or the curse had enhanced his bodily functions, in either case, even when in insane mode the sword techniques don’t become blunt.
A shrill metallic sound reverberated, at the same time, Joto’s body , which took Kuronagi head-on, flew backwards, no, he himself jumped backwards to absorb the shock from the attack.
That agility shows that Joto is not a power type, like the giant Vulcan, but is a Speed Type attacker specializing in evasion and warding-off attacks.
Concerning the results, my attack was superbly blocked, but thanks to him jumping far back, quite a distance had opened up.
Without pursuing anymore, I turn back quickly, extend my hand towards the fallen female student, and lift up her slender and beautiful body.
「Eh, Kyaa!」
A scream filled with surprise, and a soft and warm feeling, along with a faint scent of perfume which tickled my nose, all of this, in normal times, would have made me think many things, but there ain’t time to think about it right now.
Shouldering the female student by my left arm, I jumped away from that place, and at the same time,
「Bullet Arts」
I push out my right hand, still gripping the hatchet, and several tens of bullets visited Joto.
The bullets made completely from black magical energy vanished before even reaching him because of the blade with the curse of『Evil Eater』.
That phenomenon was the same as to when I faced-off against the『Crime Eater』controlled by Cyprus.
The attack didn’t reach him, but still it was enough to stop Joto’s pursuit.
Joto jumped backwards and I to the opposite side, due to the opening between us, I was able to get out the area where he could’ve attacked me by throwing the sword.
Upon landing, I take down the female student from my shoulder.
「Are you all right?」
She was still looking towards Joto but, this time she was standing on her both feet rather than falling on her butt out of fear.
「I will stop that guy, please escape right now, if you can then call the polic—–, I mean『Law Guardian』, that much will help me a lot」
I tell her the important stuff briefly.
There isn’t even a single good thing if she remained here.
After all his aim is the murder of this female student, in the worst case he might come attacking at her by putting his life on line, therefore fighting while protecting is too much of a dangerous task.
I don’t think this female student would be, Mia or some other god, in disguise form.
For me, getting this girl out of this place ASAP is more important.
After that, with me and Fiona, a single insane swordsman won’t be much of a deal.
「Go, hurry up」
Upon my suggestion, the female student finally turns on her heel and runs off, I sensed it from across my back.
「Thank you very much, Kurono-san!」
The words of gratitude reach my ears, judging from that there doesn’t seem to any state of confusion in her mind, if it’s like this she will be able to report correctly.
Of course, before help comes from other side, we would be over with our work.
No, but, I feel something in her words, like an uneasy feeling—–oh well, before I even thought about this stuff, Joto moved.
「I won’t let you get away, you bitch!!!!」
While shouting that, Joto brandished the long sword and with the strong yet agile legs of a Werecat, he kicked off the ground.
The girl who escaped is an Elf, if he chased straightly behind her, no wonder he would catch her, but fuck it, don’t think you can get past me.
After all, I have the most suitable thing for stalling someone, that is『Anchor Hand』
Most of it might be eaten by the Evil Eater but it is better than fighting against Crime Eater, which were specialized in eating the black magical energy.
While brandishing the hatchet with vigilance, I pour black magical energy in『Black Haired Curse「Coffin」』and create more firm tentacles.
Now come on, the moment you get past me, I will seal your movements with tentacles, then finish the game by cutting off your arm along with that Cursed Weapon—–
The fiercely running Joto’s aim was not the me protecting the back of the already-escaped female student, but Fiona.
「Wha, Oi bastard!?」
This fucking bastard was spouting shit like, I won’t let you get away, so I thought he would chase after the elf female student, but now I see, he’s fine as long as he gets to cut any young girl.
Another possibility is that rather than chasing the Elk student, he chose attack Fiona who was near and more easy to reach.
But, going after a all-so-common looking Elk female students is better than going after Fiona, a witch, no, wait, ain’t magic bad.
Looking at her, Fiona had already taken her stance with staff in hands and started chanting.
Judging from the distance and Joto’s speed, she would be able to shoot low grade magic.
But, in that case it’s not gonna be good, after all the thing he has is,
「Run away Fiona! The magic will be eaten by Evil Eater!!」
I chase Joto whilst shouting, but Joto was already at the point where he would reach Fiona with the sword, and Fiona had already released her magic attack.
「—-『Ignis Sagitta』」
The magic shot out from Fiona’s favorite『Ainz Broom』, unlike『Custom Fire Ball』, explodes with the original power of Fiona’s berserk magical energy.
The『Ignis Sagitta』without the quantity of heat and explosive power of a low grade magic, hit directly in the target in front of her.
The heating power of the heat is about that of a Intermediate Offensive Magic『Ignis Kris Sagitta』—–In Irz Village, Vulcan easily defended against a intermediate fire magic, in other words, a person holding Evil Eater cannot be defeated by this grade of fire power.
My vision was covered by the fumes from explosion, I could only hear the insane bellowing of Joto.
‘Please evade successfully’, while praying that in my heart, I jumped in the smoke with lingering heat, it was that moment that,


I heard a shrill sound as if a glass just broke.
‘What is this sound, did the defensive magic got broken!?’
The smoke cleared up and my vision returned.
There, the stone pavement of the ground was broken by the swinging of sword by Joto, and standing 3 meters away from him was Fiona.
Her white blouse was still clean white without any dirt, seems like only some defensive magic was broken, but she evaded the slash.
As expected of Fiona, with her using『Air Walker』freely, even a knight or swordsman would find it difficult to approach her.
I can sense her experience of doing adventurer work solely.
I watch her with admiration and relief filling my mind, huh, what, she looks somewhat strange?
Though I think that, in front of me is the back of Joto.
It would be troublesome if he attacked Fiona, so I lashed out at him.
「Don’ttt InnTERFERE!!」
As expected, he won’t let me cut him obediently.
Though insane, with his sword skills, he magnificently warded-off the attack aimed at his back.
But as long as he is aiming at Fiona, I can only attack him without opening up any distance.
Taking head on the sword slash of Joto, evading, and counter attacking.
The long sword and big hatchet furiously rally, and it turned into a fight of swords in the end.
「I won’t forgive those who interfere! I won’t forgive her, including you, you fucking faggot!」
In case of pure swordsmanship, Joto, who is from Swordsman Class, holds the upper hand.
I am familiar in fighting against monsters with sword, but I don’t have an anti-person combat skill which can help me fight against a trained swordsman, the experience in that area is low by just an inch, but even that much less loss is showing the difference here.
And, every time I clash the hatchet against the blade of Evil Eater, it eats of most of the blackening I have cast upon it, so it too is a problem for me.
So I have to keep on pouring the black magical energy.
Though the amount consumed is not much, but always pouring the magical energy causes my concentration power to flicker.
I am already at my wits end with the swinging of hatchet, so in no way can I use『Sword Arts』right now.
This is somewhat bad, but, I can overturn this situation if Fiona casts Boost on me.
Soon enough the『Speed Boost』is going to wear out, so if she extends the time of boost and casts『Force Boost』, my victory will be decided.
But, for some reason, that Boost just doesn’t come.
‘What is Fiona doing?’, with an expression of bewilderment I glanced towards the place she was standing.
There stood Fiona, just standing, no maybe I should rephrase it as she was standing stock still with a dazed expression.
Holding her wand in right hand, she was just deeply watching her left hand.
What exactly happened? Fiona had turned into a petrified statue.


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