Finally Finished it!

I……read the story, went berserk at jerks, at drama, and smirked silly at good rom moments. And……I will tell this later.

The story all in all is a great story, expect for the fact it doesn’t end with a harem route, moreover it’s better to not give the story “Harem” tag as the girls only like MC because *SPOILER* He was Hikaru’s friend who fulfilled their promises, so they saw his figure overlapping with Hikaru’s. That’s all, end it. They never like Koremitsu as Koremitsu *SPOILER*

The only girl who like Koremitsu as Koremitsu was our FMC “Honoka”, seriously at first I found her to be quite a bitchy tsundere, albeit not being a pink headed girl. Later on, after reading the novel, I found myself rooting for her, and she seemed to made a new genre of tsundere, which is only different from bitchy tsundere by a paper’s width.

Moving on, the review would I liked the story a lot, and I want to thank those people who recommended it to me. And I don’t want to thank those people who wrote reviews on NovelUpdates which were way tooooo vague. So I ask someone generous enough to change my review in whatever way they want, but please post it on Novelupdates. (I’ve not got any account o’er there, and neither have any intention to make one any time soon)

So in the end, yet one more good series came to an end. Now the thing I didn’t say earlier. That is, the moment I saw I’m at Epilogue of Volume 10, reading the last line, *it gets embarrassing from here*

I found a single drop rushing down my face, my eyes became moist (don’t you think I’m writing some emotional scene in some novel!?), wanted to shout my throat out but couldn’t, as I could hear some “Those sort of” voices from my neighbors house. A sort of gloomy, creepy, wicked feeling started to fill my heart.

I said, “Why did this had to happen, you mutha fuckin’ piece of shit author, why not give more sidestories and stuff, WHY!!!!!?????” (Shouted it in a mix of Japanese and English)

In the end, I wasn’t able to hold back my urge and shouted out loud, and voices from my neighbors house also stopped.

I widened my eyes, bit my lip so hard that droplets of blood oozed. Not caring about it, I went to my bed, grabbed the pillow, stuffed my face in it, and bawled like hell. At this time I found, that I nearly got depressed. So to ward off against this enemy, I took the prescription drugs by the side of my bed, downed them and then went into dreamy land.

Not like I had any dreams, though.

*And so ends the stuff*

You got the answer as to why I got late. I have been sleeping for 17 hours only due to my prescription drugs, so I now I am hungry and will go have fun to get out this somewhat lingering near-depression feeling.

This is the second novel I have felt like this after it ended, the first was Mushoku Tensei.

As for anime, well I can’t count how many made me feel like, this world’s a barren dead land, just after they ended.

So see you guys soon, please do goof off on other TL sites. I also will update myself on the new chapters while making food. Cya~ “SORRY THIS RANT GOT TOO LONG”


25 thoughts on “Finally Finished it!

  1. Lol, glad you liked the story ^-^
    Now even i want to read it (will immidiatly start reading it after i finnished typing this reply, so thanks for your post haha)
    don’t worry for the time away from translating, just take your time.
    and thank you for all the hard work you made up till now.
    greetings from a dutch nutcase


  2. This got me interested somehow. Ill take note of this and read it when I got the time to marathon 10vols of novels.

    And here I thought there’s no ending better than mushoku tensei in making you sad, yet happy, but also frustrated. Damn, I don’t know how to describe that weird feeling

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  3. Well, that’s a good sign. Try reading grimgal, it might look like that but it has a lot of heart breaking romance as it progresses, even more so than Hikaru. It focuses more on unrequited love so it’s so gonna be a hell of a feels trip.
    P.S. Can’t wait for Hellping-sensei to finally translate Magdala. Well, best girl wins~!


      • Magdala is a romance novel of a nekomimi and an alchemist, it’s from the author of spice and wolf so it is expected to be good, try reading the manga for starters. Grimgal is about people transported into a game-like reality. Though unlike any game-like, it has a touch of reality; They’re weak even against a weak monster, a main character dies and ones left suffer and moved on and not to mention, of course, romance. I don’t intend to spoil it so I’ll left you to find the rest. I recommend this strongly, It’s rare to find a light novel which has living characters. There is also an anime of Grimgar but it skipped a lot of scenes, though enough to tell you its premise.


  4. Whoa, don’t spoil the story in your review. Some people don’t want spoilers in reviews because they read reviews to see if the story is good, not to skip to the end. Please keep it in mind. Also, Hikaru ga Chikyuu is good, albeit embarrassing sometimes for the main character.


  5. LOL. Actually I went through something similar with hikaru, just without the drugs, I just took sleeping ones (Well, technnically they are drugs but who cares!?), but i punched my sand bag, grabbed my pillow and screamed like a pig being slaughtered, rolled on the floor while cursing the author for not writting more, imaniged many different endings and finally, felt “I will never find a novel like this”, my depression was so strong that I even put on hold my GF and some work.

    Man, that was a cumulus of emotion and drama. I only felt like that after Pandora Hearts (manga) and Mushoku Tensei end.

    I almost mourned the ending of hikaru as a Real Person, Ping is now on my personal hall of fame for seeing this in the “sea” of Light Novels and translating to the end. This may not be the most selling novel, but is definitely one of the best representatives, I feel proud of having read this.


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