Sorry for Delay

I just started reading Hikaru ga Chikyuu ni Itakoro 2 days ago, got too much hooked in it that I even delayed time for TL’s, and eventually forgot about it. Well you can’t blame me, I’m a human who is honest to his desires!, right?!

I’m currently at Volume 6 (just started though), and will start TL’ing as soon as I finish the whole series. It consists of just 10 volumes. So maybe 16-17 hours or maybe somewhat more hours of reading. I’m sorry in advance. Truly Sorry *makes a serious determined face!*

AND I LIKE THIS VIDEO CUZ” I sure am FUCKIN” STRESSED OUT!!!!! Click Here for Vid.


13 thoughts on “Sorry for Delay

  1. er..hikaru is already fully translated though.. and available as pdf at : , just for information. and thanks for the chapters nick 🙂 hadn’t been able to catch last 2 -3 chapters due to work huhu


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