Kuro no Maou Chapter 223

I thought to keep Magical Power as Magical Power, as most said that. Anyhow without any further delay let’s move with the chapter. And the end is a……cliffhanger, or maybe not (if you already know what will happen)?

Chapter 223 – First Date (4)

Though an accident of falling of the horse did occur, but all in all it was a good training.

Around the time sky was painted by madder red, I returned my favorite horse, Merry, back to the stable.

Was it a hallucination caused by my eyes, that Mari, the favorite horse of Fiona which had the same body stature and hair color, looked happy upon seeing Merry return.

However, these two sure look alike, to the extent I cannot differentiate them unless I ask Lily.

「Then, let’s go back to the inn」

At this time period, even Lily might be awake.

“Because I had left Lily and played around with Fiona, so it would be good to have dinner together” I thought and started walking my way back to inn.


「What happened?」

However, the one who moved forward was just me, Fiona was petrified on her place.

「Can we go back by taking a detour」

Since I have started living in this Spada, already one whole month is about to pass.

With『Cat’s Tail』, the base of my living, as the centre, I know the geography of this place to some extent, hence I took the shortest route between the stable and inn and started to walk.

Fiona’s request contradicts my choice, but

「It will be fine too」

I have got any reason to decline her request.

Accompanying with Fiona’s whim, taking a detour to walk, and coincidentally reach inn is not a bad idea.

「Thank you very much」

「Don’t mention it, so shall we go」

Immediately replying, I stood besides Fiona and started walking in the direction which I haven’t passed by yet.





I walked along with Kurono-san on the avenue made up by small blue flower in full bloom.

In this Spada, there are four avenues on which flowers bloom according to the four seasons, one can enjoy the full bloom at every season, or so the saying goes here.

That means that in the middle of summer one can see these eloquent tradescantia. {TLN: Tradescantia = Spiderwort = well blue flowers found somewhere on earth only}

I never had thought the information of Recommended Date Spots given by the fairy information broker, I went to meet with Lily-san, would come handy.

It was good that I also looked over it along with Lily-san.

“I’m sorry, for taking the date course with Kurono-san before you” I somewhat apologized to Lily-san in my heart, got closer to Kurono-san and continued to walk on the blue road.

「By the time we reach the end of this avenue, it will sure get night」


Normally the perfect way of appreciation would be to gaze at these tradescantia under clear skies or something like that, so, there are not many people walking at this evening time.

Other than the interspecies couple of a human male student and werecat female student, we didn’t see the figures of people anymore.

Speaking of Couple, do we both also seem like that, currently?

It’s somewhat disappointing because there is no romantic talk between Kurono and me, unlike the couple from before: “Your fur is truly pretty, makes me want to stuff my face in it” “Oh, you’re just too much of a pervert~”.

Though we talked less, but, I don’t hate this silence.

The time flows slowly, making me feel comfortable as if dozing under the warm sunlight of spring, that is surely because, besides me is the world’s best man, Kurono-san.

「Hey, Fiona」

「Yes, what happened Kurono-san?」

He calls out my name making me feel ecstatic, *moan*, call my name out more, desire me more.

「Did you have fun?」

We had lunch, then trained horse-riding, eventually the date ended with just this much, and Kurono-san seems to be concerned about that fact.

「Yes, I had lots of fun」

So, without lying, I said my heartfelt intentions.

It is fun, when I’m with you, everything in the world looks different.

「I see. I’m relieved to hear that. Shall we go again like this for holidays—–」

I wasn’t able to look in the eyes of Kurono-san, who was smiling while saying that.

His face is too dazzling, attractive and charming, if I looked at him……I might end up wanting it.

「—–But, this time along with Lily」

To the continuation of the words, I unintentionally stopped my legs.

Not just that, the fever which was wrapping my body, rapidly faded.

「Yes……you’re right」

I want to praise myself for replying naturally without distancing myself from him.

Nooo, in the first place, why am I receiving a shock about?

Kurono-san along with me and Lily-san is only natural, after all, we three are a party.

To begin with, the one wanting a love relationship is Lily-san, and I have not in the least intention of interfering.

The one who would get in relationship are Kurono-san and Lily-san, not me……no, this is strange from the point I thought about me getting in relation with Kurono-san.

After all, Kurono-san, towards me, has no romantic feeling as he has towards Lily-san, he doesn’t have, it’s not right for him to have them……truly?

「What happened, Fiona?」

Seems like, I was too drowned in my thoughts.

With me being absent-minded, I have given him more worry.

「No, nothing much, just thinking of something—–」

The moment I said those words

「Hey! What are you!?」

In front of the road, the voice of an girl with an not-so-normal appearance reverberated.

The owner of the voice leaped out of from the shade of tree and appeared right in front of us.

She was a slender elf girl with ideal body proportions, wearing a white cape.

Contrary to her sever tone, it’s obvious that she is afraid, because her legs were shaking fiercely.

Her vision was not towards us, but towards a tree on the side of the road with numerous tradescantia growing around it.

Seems like, on the end of her vision someone is present.


「Yes, I understand」

From this distance, I was able to sense the not-common presence of that ‘someone’ in the shade of tree—–no, speaking more frankly, I was able to sense the ominous magical power and bloodlust, which should be existing only in battlefields or dangerous dungeons, and not in this peaceful city.


While raising a short scream, she sank down to the ground, at the same time, the ‘deviant’ chasing her appeared.

It’s obvious to know the person is an male werecat, wearing leather armor meaning he is an adventurer.

He is a werecat, though having a slender body, it can be seen just by one glance that he has devoted many years and months in training.

Most probably, from the pov of a werecat he might seem like a handsome man, but seeing the sinister red light residing in his both eyes, and a big sword of dark reddish color, probably caused by lots of blood, can make one understand that he is insane.

I see, so he is the serial killer who has been going around here and there in Spada recently.

Looking at the reddish aura coming from the sword, which is only the characteristic of cursed weapons, it’s easy to understood he fell under the curse of weapon.

However, I think I have seen that big sword somewhere—–

「Let’s go」

Hearing Kurono-san’s voice, I stopped my thoughts exploring my memories.

There’s no need to explain anymore, I already know, Kurono-san has determined to cross attacks with that man and his big sword.

The moment I took out the Staff『Ainz Broom』from the pouch,

「 يعمل من خلال سرعة――『Speed Boost』」

I casted boost on the back of Kurono-san, who ran forward while brandishing his hatchet.



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