Kuro no Maou Chapter 221

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“Have faith in EnTruce, gain eternal life. When EnTruce translates, who dares to cause strife”. Oh I know this is quite lame, but somehow it just gives me an ecstatic feeling, like I’m a narcissist (which I surely am not.)

Chapter 221 – First Date (3)


Fufufu, Kurono-san, who is another worlder and has only lived in Pandora Continent, has no way of knowing the custom of Cross Religion, which is putting the ring meant as a proof of wedding, in the ring finger of left hand.

It’s not like I have faith in Cross Religion, but because I have been living in Syncrea Republic, I do hold the common sense of the religious ceremonies that are rooted in the culture and customs of the Republic.

Therefore the image of ceremonial occasions is in the Cross Religion Style, and the custom of wedding ring is something, a female would admire.

Eh, I, certainly, have no intention of fighting against Lily-san, neither have I some feelings for Kurono-san—–but however, by getting a ring as a gift from Kurono-san, who is the best man I’ve met in my 17 years of life, I couldn’t help but put in the left hand’s ring finger, but I’m sure it’s just because I’m a girl.


「What happened Fiona, you seem to be in a good mood」

「No, it’s just that Kurono-san’s horsemanship has improved, so I got happy」

「You think so? I still don’t think it’s good to the point of being praised—–」

I am currently, riding with Kurono-san on the black horse we gifted him, now named as Merry, and are traversing through the great meadows on the suburbs of Spada.

And the one holding the reins is of course Kurono-san, so the freeloader me, is taking this opportunity to grab around his waist and lean my body over his back.

The cleanliness loving Kurono-san visits public bathhouse almost every day but after being glued to him this close, his scent is tickling my nose.

Unintentionally I end up shivering, like ‘that time’ when I was wrapped in his robe, no, being able to feel his body directly is more stimulating, right.

And as a bonus, the current situation is also great.

Wearing a ring in the ring finger of left hand, riding on the horse led by the man, is almost like a couple going for a honeymoon trip. [1]

「But, sorry, I got you to accompany in my practice」

I’m in a dreamy state, but I always reply to Kurono-san perfectly and immediately.

But, there might be a smirk on my face, so it’s good that I’m behind him, grabbing his back.

「No, things like this need to be done whenever you have time」

Originally, the plans were to buy a wand and armor for Kurono-san’s black magic, but while eating lunch, due to a conversation, we changed the plans in a hurry, and now we are here, riding on the horse.

Kurono, who has rode the horse for quite a distance, even without Lily-san, is able to control it.

「That’s right, but, we just took the lunch before, and this thing shakes a lot, are you fine?」

「There is no problem」

Today I had a good mood, so I ate more than usual, but to have my stomach go on a rampage with just this much, my stomach is weak.

On the other hand, Kurono-san had a somewhat ugly expression during the lunch, but now it’s completely fine. [2]

「Come to think of it, will there be classes of horsemanship in the Academy」

「If you want to make do with being an adventurer then it is a necessary thing, as long as you choose Adventurers’ Course, it should have been included in the curriculum」

At the very least, even in Elision Magical Academy, horsemanship was taught.

「I see, then maybe I should polish my horsemanship skills upon going to the school」

「Kurono-san, for sure, will become like an Equise Mage」

「Equise Mage?」

It literally means as, the cavalrymen who use magic.

Crossing over the battlefield on a horse is not the work of only Knights, sometimes even mages would ride the horses.

「There are also times normal magicians also ride on them, and learn the variant magic systems that are easy to use while riding on a horse」

「There weren’t during the time at Alsace」

「The cavalrymen were sent out that time, so there might have been a single group of them which we neglected」

Indeed, Kurono-san nodded.

At conversations like this he is always serious, no, it’s not like he is always fooling around.

「Now that I think about it, the Pegasus Knights used『Speed Boost』on the Pegasus, or so Lily said. If those Equise Mage also use enhancement magic, then wouldn’t they be faster than normal cavalrymen?」

「You cannot say that unconditionally, normal cavalrymen, even if not mages, learn enhancement magic during training, and if it’s their favorite horse, they might even use martial skills like『Air Walker』」

「Is that the so called unity of horse and man thing?」

Of course, I don’t know if the invasion troops which attacked Alsace had elite cavalrymen troops group like that.

However, if Kurono-san is going to fight against Crusaders, then surely, he would be fighting against them too.

「Or rather, don’t horses use martial skills too」

「As horses are monsters derived from Pegasus and Unicorns, so, among animals, they hold high magical power. By pouring one’s own magical power in horse, and by repeating the same process for tuning with the horse, it can be taught the martial skills, based on the experience due to repeated processes, or so I have heard」

I never did training for cavalry, so this is all hearsay knowledge, the authenticity of it is difficult to ascertain.

「Pouring magical power, eh, if it’s just that then even I might be able to do it」

「Do you mean Blackening?」

「No, I can’t cast Blackening on living things, that is Enchant not a Boost」

「Indeed, but if Kurono-san poured his black magical power, something may occur」

Pouring magical power helps in not just teaching it martial skills but also increase the unity of the horseman and the horse.

Even I am training with the horse, Mari, waiting in the stable, by pouring the magical power.

「T-That might be the case……」

「I’m sorry, Kurono-san is a resident of a world without magic」

Though this is the way for learning horse-riding which is regarded as common sense, but there wasn’t magic existing for him before, he might not realize it if not pointed out by someone.

Kurono-san doesn’t seem to have problem in the part of using magic by himself, but in areas like this he surely is lacking in knowledge.

But, it’s alright, at that point, I will teach him, not Lily-san, but this me.

「Then, I might as well try—–Blackening!」

「Ah, so you still named it as Blackening」

「No, it just slips out whenever I pour out magical power with force」

「I see, but I think it would be good if you don’t do it much force」


「Judging from Kurono-san’s  quantity of magical power, the horse will, without any doubt, go on a rampage」[3]

The moment after pointing it out, the horse neighed loudly and started to jump about like a lunatic.

I and Kurono-san, happily, danced in the air together.

[1] Well this girl is far more advanced than other girls who just think upto getting married.

[2] Poor guy and his oh-so poor wallet!

[3] I have been thinking to change Magical Power to MP. That sounds more cooler than some magical shit, or should I change it to mana?


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