I was getting some serious errors. Need help!

Am Getting error and need help!

I’m lucky enough to see that today when I logged in the WP it didn’t show an error of “ERR_CONNECTION_RESET” or “ERR_CONNECTION_CHANGE”. These two shit things have been appearing over the WP, and I wasn’t able to post anything. Luckily, it’s not right now, so I need help from someone on how to get this fixed.

And yes please don’t tell me the crap of “netsh winsock reset catalog”, because I tried that already for more than 20 times, to no avail!


17 thoughts on “I was getting some serious errors. Need help!

  1. never have face such problem so have no clue, the follow information is from the article linked below:
    1_) try to start up windows in safe mode with network enable>turn off firewall(& any other network protection)>see if ya can login like that>if login possible, startup normally, turn off antivirus and firewall>try>if possible, turn on firewall>try>if login possible antivirus is the problem; if login fail with the firewall turned on, turn it off and try with the antivirus on;

    2_)Try the ISP thingy pioneer said;

    3_)research…… most info in google is similar & lacking;

    4_) follow the MTU method.


  2. I am not very clear about wordpress but there is a small chance that this issue is due to chrome or firefox (user-agent issue). Another thing you would want to look into is whether or not the certification is expired or not. If it is, then try to get it renewed; please don’t ask me on how to do this….I don’t know (all my knowledge is credited to 3rd party sources and google :P).

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  3. For the “error network changed” issue….try clearing out the cache and history in your browser and restart your computer after. If that doesn’t work, then try to disconnect your router (if using wifi) for 10 secs – 30 secs and clear you wifi information from your pc/laptop. If this doesn’t work, then pray for a expert to help you….


  4. 1. try visit other website beside wordpress. was it also error connection reset or not?
    2. try changing to use other pc/computer/laptop with that internet connection.
    if it still error connection reset, then it was the internet problem. if it works, then it was your pc/computer/laptop problem.
    3. try to unplug it for 15 minutes and plug it again any internet / connection cables you have.
    see if that does hlp.
    4. if problem still persist, contact your internet provider.


  5. switch off router for 2 to 3 hours and then connect to internet
    this happens to me a lot ( my ISP can be shitty sometimes )
    the main problem is that your modem does not properly receive or send information to the isp tower
    if your using wifi i guess


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