Kuro no Maou Chapter 219

Once again, this is an unedited chapter. Looks like my editor is procrastinating. 

Chapter 219 – The Daily Life of Saving Girls


That monster with the odd name of Wrath-Pun, surely had the power of a rank 5 monster, though it was hurt, but it could’ve dangerous if I was alone against it.

Well, with all members of『Wing Road』, there’s no way I can lose.

Though it took very long time and a harsh struggle to kill, but eventually we succeeded in the subjugation.

It was all good till here, but the problem comes later on.

Before I knew it, we guys reached to rank 5, and created the highest record of increasing rank by breaking the record of Prince Aisenhart.

Thanks to that we are treated as a hero-like existence within Spada, we have been called out to the royal castle and adventurers’ guild too, saying it’s for public acknowledgement or it’s a congratulations party, truly bullshit events for me.

This is the worst, the peerless bothersome thing ever.

Well I dodged most of these events by making rational excuses, and left them to the show-off Charl and my ever-so-serious young sister.

With this and that, the shit things that came in the aftermath of reaching rank 5 were finished, but the people are still talking rumors.

Due to that, while walking in the city, I am wearing this shitty apprentice robe, hiding my face with hood and am sneaking here and there like a thief.

This is the reason why I hate standing out, I hate getting gazes of enviousness from fellow students, and even the encouragement from girls is irritating for me, why can’t they all just leave me alone.

Darn, the origin of all this is Charl accepting the quest for subjugating Salamanders, and even that Wrath-Pun came out at that perfect shitty timing—-forget it, nothing’s going to change by complaining on my unluckiness.

Like that, the me, who is having hard time eating outside, tried to keep the sigh which almost seeped out from my mouth and was just about to cross by the obelisk present in the plaza.

「Ow—-Oi Oi, isn’t that reaction too rude and wrong?」

I shifted my gaze only to find, two familiar assholes and one truly beautiful girl.

The two boys talking about something are elite cadets who I’ve seen, though I’ve seen them, but I can’t seem to remember their names……well, who cares about the names of assholes.

But I’m able to remember the useless information that these two assholes work diligently over here to pick up girls everyday and have high success rate based on their looks.

However, I have no interest in the fate of the wanton girl who get picked up by them, I got nothing to do with them even if they make cozy with some girl somewhere/

But, sigh, this is bad, she even took out weapon and is showing hostility to them, based on the fact that they are some great nobles, it certain they would resort to violence.

Looking at the surroundings, I found everyone just looking from a distance, and not a single person who doesn’t know the height of heavens came out to help the girl.

Well they are nobles, the only ones with power in this commoners’ area to stop them would be the teachers or the same elite cadets.

Only at times like this the Law Guardians at patrol don’t appear, they all are late to reach at the scene of crimes.


The sigh I have been keeping in finally leaks out, seems like the God hates me very much.

But, it can’t be helped, if I left such a beautiful girl on her own, my dreams will haunt me, and I’ve been through ‘scenes’ like this before too.

I too am a awfully good person, while mocking myself, I headed towards the three.

「Oi, how about you stop around there only」

I call out to them, and the three looked towards me.

Even so, the girl is seriously pretty, to the level seen rarely even within the Academy.

She had light blue hair, and golden eyes like that of a shining sun, she is expressionless, no, because she is expressionless, she is able to bring out that mystical beauty.

Even her clothes are neat and tidy, unless noble girls who like to dress up just too much, and even her perfect body proportions coupled with her clothes seem somewhat appealing. [1]

Ah, certainly, for such a beautiful girl, even the girl pickers and not-girl-pickers would call out to her.

「Huh? Why is a damn apprentice magician butting in our business?」

Whoops, I completely forgot about the hood hiding my face.

While revealing my face under the blazing sunlight, I politely ask them to leave for changing the situation without any fuss.

「Don’t you bastards see the girl is feeling bad, just disappear already, rather, don’t call out to a single girl with the two of you, the balance is just too off」[2]

「Wha, you are!?」

「Are you serious……」

While completely ignoring my perfect pointing out of their wrong, the two start trembling upon knowing my identity.

Well I’m from the royalty, and my strength is far more than these two sleazebags, rank 5 ain’t just for show.

「The great me will keep quiet about you failing to pick up a girl, so fucking disappear already」

「Wait a minute, stop with the strange misunderstanding」

「That’s right, this girl was just too rude that we—–」

「I said you to fucking disappear, by chance, are you deaf?」

While touching the scabbard of the katana fastened on my waist, I say with a light killing intent.

「I, I get it, so don’t get too serious」

「Yeah, we will give you face, and make this matter irrelevant to us, okay」

Thanks to my negotiations with my whole heart in it, they  both understood my intentions, certainly, talking is really important.

While thinking that, I saw off the two idiots who now had a pale face without any hint of blood.

「Sorry, a student from our Academy stirred up trouble for you」

For the time being, I apologize to the beautiful girl with light blue short-hair.


The word that came back was too cold, Truly, this girl is too much cold.

「Well, next time try to ask politely for them to leave, still, you’re interesting to hit the nobles with the wand」

They are, even like that, students from elite course, not some people who would be beaten by some young girl who just learnt magic as a hobby.

Still is it right to say someone as reckless as her as interesting. The person in question, however, is still expressionless as if not understanding what I said to her.

「Well fine, I’m off now, ah, you don’t have to thank me, and it’s a normal thing for me」

Leaving without even naming myself might be rude, but because of my actions of revealing my face in crowd, the sounds of「Nero」and 「Wing Road」is coming from the surroundings.

I don’t want to bathe in the attentions of the crowd, or be encircled by them, or be chased by them, so the only left option, run away!

「Don’t be too much of a tomboy, see ya later Young Girl」

I, once again, cover my face with hood, and left the place.





「What was this farce……」[3]

With disgusted gaze, I sent off the boy with black and red eyes.

「There are too many unpleasant fellows in Spada」

The two playboys, and the boy who came in middle, his egoistic speech, I hate each and everything.

I was made to watch the drama called ‘The Cheapness of the Three Men’, really unfortunate.

「Please come fast and make me forget everything, Kurono-san」


[1] Looks like he will fall in love with her, too bad you ain’t got a chance.

[2] I need to learn something from him, and that is to speak politely.

[3] Pfft, too bad Nero was deemed as the farce man.



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  2. seriously i get lag in processing what happened in this chapter not after Fiona POV
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