Kuro no Maou Chapter 218

NOTE: This is just an unedited version, edited version will be put up as soon as my editor does his work. For some days my English can be quite broken (maybe completely), as I’ve lost my proficiency over it past the 1 and a half month of no touch of English, so bear with it till then. (same for my editor too)

Chapter 218 – First Date (1)

I, Fiona Soleil, on the 13th of Red Flame month, am going on the first date of my life.

It’s not like I have illicit love for Kurono-san, however I also don’t have any reason to reject the invitation to the date, after all this is just him giving his gratitude.

He had some work to do, so after I sent him off, I ran back to my room, turned upside down the hat with dimension magic cast on it, and am inspecting the stuff inside.

「There is nothing black……」

My personal belongings are enough for living as an adventurer; however, there is not even one thing that is appropriate for a pubescent girl going on a date in city to wear.

Even the spare clothes are for practical uses, though they all have defensive magic cast on them, but not even one has the effect of increasing the charm of a girl.

「This isn’t good」

Even I am not an ignorant to the extent of wearing the usual witch robe on my date; I do have the common sense of wearing appropriate dresses when going on date.

However, to me, who had only been a bystander watching love affairs, doesn’t know what the so-called ‘appropriate dresses’ are.

「Nothing’s going to happen if I keep on worrying」

Fortunately, there is couple of hours before noon, our meeting time.

I even have money, in this Spada, there ought to be shops selling ornaments and clothes for dressing up a girl beautifully.

In that case, the story is simple; I just need to finish the preparations before the time of date.

At the same time I made that decision, I rushed out of the room.

「An apology in advance, I’m sorry Lily-san」

Though she won’t hear them, but I still say those words to Lily-san sleeping the adjacent room.

This is not a date, and it definitely won’t become doing this and that with Kurono-san, after all I have impure feelings, it’s the truth, please believe me.

With feelings of guilt for leaving Lily-san behind, and anticipation of my first date , in my heart, I left that place at a quick pace.




After passing through not so less expenses, I was able to get my hands on equipments that would help me accomplish my date quest perfectly.

My body is covered by a pitch-dark witch robe and a white blouse.

It would have been better with Valhalla Silk, which is beautiful and has defensive strength too, however, in the commoner’s area; normal silk was a top-quality product.

The pleated skirt fastened by a belt, was chosen by me for having the same color as my hair, it’s surely looking good on me, even the shopkeeper praised me.

From the knees to the down, there are not the usual black long boots, but white knee-socks and loafers.

Looking at my whole body, it might seem like school’s uniform, but it’s better for a novice in love like me to stick with safety rather than wearing eccentric clothes, this too is an opinion by the shopkeeper.

Furthermore, I had heard during my school days that men liked girls in uniform, so this time surely Kurono-san will feel lust while looking at my school uniform appearance.

While hoping for that to happen, I am standing near the meeting place, which is the obelisk in plaza.

In the night it changes into a deserted plaza, but in the morning, right now too, large crowds of people come and go from this place, as if showing the greatness of Spada.

While watching steadily at the crowds of people, I get startled every time I come across a male wearing black robe.

I feel my face somewhat heating up, surely it’s because I have not wore a hat under this bright and clear sky.

I cannot wear that three-cornered hat in this outfit; my hard-work of this coordinated outfit would go to waste.

Because I don’t have that hat, I have moved the necessary items to the handbag, which has got dimension cast on it and is slinging on my shoulder.

It shouldn’t be that much out of place for the current me to hold this plain small bag, right?

「I might have come too fast」

I looked up in sky to find, the sun has still not crossed the meridians, at the time the sound of bell informing the noon time rang out in the whole Spada, which led me to think that I still have near an hour to wait.

Thinking logically, it would be the best to kill time while sitting on a bench under the shade of tree and eating fruits sold at the nearby stalls, however for some reason, my legs are not able to move from the meeting place, as if they have been petrified.

No, it’s not that my legs are in the wrong, but the blame should go to my mind for thinking of not leaving this place.

Though understanding the fact, it couldn’t become the reason for me to leave the place where I would meet Kurono-san.

While blankly staring at the flowing clouds, I  stood there free from obstructive thoughts—not really,  I was thinking about the things to do today.

Then after some minutes elapsed, suddenly, from the crowd of  people passing by me, two people headed towards me.

Both of them are male, their outward appearance of Royal Spada Academy was quite familiar in this area, not only that they wore red mantle too, so they must be those elite cadets Kurono-san told about.

「Hey you, hi there, I’ve haven’t seen you before, are you visiting Spada for the first time?」

Smiling, the blonde male student stands in my way and springs up a conversation sounding too over-familiar.

Both of them have quite a bit of height, though not as much as Kurono-san, judging from their stature they might also have the power to swing the heavy weighted long sword too.

Both of them are quite handsome with their smiles too, but for a normal girl, having people taller than her standing in front of her, it would make her frightened.

Of course, for everyday-brawlers, i.e., adventurers, it is anything.

Incidentally, Kurono-san is more attractive and handsome than them, even the coercive pressure of having him stand in front of you isn’t a joke.


While indirectly observing the two, I reply to the question with just one word.

This is, without a doubt, that picking up on girls’ thing, right?

Due to ‘an incident’, no male student in Elision Magic Academy talked to me, but getting out in city, many have called out to me.

Naturally, to a witch like me, a man with no matter how much good face, is of no interest. I rejected politely all their invitations, or ignited a fire on their asses, I’ve been passing on like that by using those ladylike methods.

That being the case, I have not in the least intention of accepting their invitations, and there is even date with Kurono-san, a great event of my life, if they keep on with this act, even the gentle me will the increase the anger voltage.

「I see, ah, then are you a princess of some noble, coming here incognito? After all you are way too cute, and even have elegance, so am I right?」

The blonde male student, who first called out to me, spouts out bullshit of being mistaken.

「If it’s fine with you we can guide you, look, we are from the Royal Spada Academy, so we’re quite informed about this area」

Then, the other male student, with hair green, speaks out something that I not even asked for.

「No, It’s fine like this, can you help yourselves to disappear?」

The frank me, just said everything in my mind upright.

The reason it might have sounded painful is only because I am feeling quite irritated.

「Ah, sorry, you have to that cautious, how about we do self-introductions first, I am—-」

However, looks like this male student has got the brain of the level of monster, which cannot understand the words or feelings of people.

Why don’t you understand, the one I long for is Kurono-san and not you.

「—-Right, after hearing our names, you must’ve guessed it, yes we’re nobles, so even if you’re a princess we can be quite a good match」

「Or rather, it is easily understandable if you just see our red mantles」

While talking those things they both laugh, they are frighteningly offensive to the ear.

「Well, talking her while standing is somewhat odd, how about we go over there to the—-」

As if trying to embrace my body starting from my shoulder, the hand of blondie stretched out rudely.

Hand of a man, other than Kurono-san is, truly

「Filthy and disgusting, can you please not touch me」

I took out「Custom Fire Ball」from the bag as if unsheathing a sword, and hit hard on the hand of the male student.

I want to commend myself for not actually charging it with magical power for a fire explosion, but rather controlling my anger.

「Ow—-Oi Oi, isn’t that reaction too rude and wrong?」

「Argh, you actually did it young lady, for raising hand on a noble, it can be execution in the worst case」

Although they didn’t yelled like some hoodlum, but in the words of the two, there was surely anger inside.

‘Execution in the worst case’, around the time he said those words, their filthy ulterior motives were all exposed.

「Well, if you obediently admit your fault we won’t make it a big issue, you just need to apologize for ‘one night’, that’s all」

Seems like they don’t know their standpoints currently, I don’t care if they are some nobles or whatnot, but I’m an adventurer, if I want to escape then no one can catch me.

Furthermore, based on our strengths, me burning them both into charred black coal with my wand is faster than them unsheathing their「Mithril Sabre」, hanging from their waists.

「Same here, If you both are willing to disappear immediately, then I might leave you both」

「Ah, I see, if you are going to be in that attitude, then we too—-」

They both start releasing dangerous air, however, now this has gone too far, they would become obedient if I give one right into their face.

Determining that, the moment I tried to load magical power into the wand,

「Oi, how about you stop around there only」

I heard that voice, reacting to it, I retracted my gaze to that area.

Standing there was, a man wearing apprentice magician robe.

I tried to think it was Kurono-san, but immediately reject it.

His height is not that tall, around the same height of these girl pickers, and his body is also slender, furthermore even the voice is different.

Who is this person?


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