Now Updated and Back to Work!

New Update

Like I said I would need to update myself on novels and anime, manga too which I forgot to mention, I took some days leave.

However, now it’s done and I’m scared at my own speed in reading novels and  manga, anyhow, I just finished and will start the TL’s from tomorrow. (It’s already night for me). So…you need to wait for 6-8* hours, for me to start TL’ing and 9-11* hours for me to post it, so that you all can read it.

*NOTE: The hours are just approx., so it might be less or more too, still, you will get a chapter in morning (at least for me) tomorrow.


10 thoughts on “Now Updated and Back to Work!

  1. Oh well i guesss i should consider myself lucky. I started reading Kuro no Maoul(translated version ofc) yesterday and when i saw that it hadn’t been updated in months I almost dispaired but now just as I finished chapter 217 guess what? I find out it will be updated tomorrow. LUCKY ME!!!

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