Going on a Hiatus For some time

As the title of this post said, I will be going on a hiatus for sometime. Thanks to the small donations people gave me that I was able to pay my internet bills yesterday (it takes time for money to be sent to bank account), and now I am writing this small post from my mobile phone.

Oh, well, the Laptop is down with 7 chapters inside of it (precisely Microsoft Word not Gdoc) so I cannot post them through the phone, furthermore I doubt I will be able to post that big-sized text through phone.

As I had said before that this month is basically a holiday month for me, so naturally I’m not doing my job (so no money this month!), and will start the work next month, so you guys will have to wait for some time before I get my salary to get a new personal laptop. Or There is another choice, that is to give me donations enough to get a laptop ASAP (around $700, everyone can donate little by little but this much please!!!!!!! *dogeza*). The faster the better~, right?!

So see you soon (please choose the latter choice, I seriously need money to buy laptop (my second life)), or see you lot later~.


17 thoughts on “Going on a Hiatus For some time

  1. the cycle of entruce: “im taking a break this week but dont worry next month ill be releasing 5 million chapters every day.” next month comes: releases a lot of chapters the first day then nothing for a week except for a post explaining how something happened and he needs money 😀

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    • if u read the comment 1 month of break from work means december 20th…more or less is when he gets back after that he need to work enuf to be able to afford a new comp plus everything else so probable 2 months min from now since i don’t know what his pay rate is but a hi end job should be about that but in the end that if pep don’t donate so there is really no way to tell how long

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