Kuro no Maou Chapter 217


Chapter 217 – Fiona’s Spada Gourmet Tour Round 3

Because I had her rest at the inn, Lily spent her day sleeping and wasn’t able to sleep that night. I do feel sorry about it, because it was a needless worry. For the first 3 days, with her torn wings, she had been wandering around the Galahad Mountains.

Her condition is good enough that she can move around without much effort, so I don’t have to worry. I should have let her do her normal things without doing something that would put any strain on her, but now it’s TOO LATE! Lily fell asleep around dawn, and wouldn’t wake up until dusk, so I left her to sleep.

“Sorry Lily”

Even now, during breakfast time, while Lily is sleeping soundly, I say my apologies to her. However, Lily in the White Punpun robe is deadly cute. If she likes my present, then I’m also glad. Thinking about it, we left Lily the Sleeping Beauty in the room and headed to the dining hall to eat breakfast.

“What should we do today?”

While exchanging morning greetings with Fiona, we sat at a table and talked about our plans. Fiona is not in her usual witch robe, instead wearing a black cape. I am in my casual outfit of a regular shirt and pants today as well.

“I have finished the important tasks yesterday”

Since we’re not going for any quests, the other things we could do are all low priority. In short, it’s our proper holiday.

“Let’s see, a wand for black magic and armor――That we can do another time, today can be the development day for black magic.”

The last time I had spent time devoted purely to working on black magic was in Irz Village. During the counterattack preparation in Alsace Village, I asked Mossan to teach me about model magic related to the darkness attribute, and because of that I had been able to strengthen『Shadow Gate』and『Anchor Hand』. Back then I was at my wits’ end to improve it, however. The situation right now has become completely different.

“I also want to test out my divine protection power”

The power of changing the nature to flames is something that I cannot take out or ignore from the development process. The offensive abilities of my black magical power until now had been to materialize, enchant, or direct the firing of『Pile Bunker』, or use it as the source of my energy when using martial skills.

Though a variation of black magical power and not true fire, this new『Fire』attribute this creates the ability to use ‘heat’ and ’explosion’, two new types of offensive power, on top of my black magic.

This is a major improvement. If it goes well, I might be able to recreate a rocket launcher or flamethrower. No, not might- I will make them. Even the fireball I make at a whim contains considerable explosive power. If I understand the power of this divine protection more, and create a more efficient magic sequence, it will certainly become an ability with great power for fights.

Come to think of it, Mia did say that after using the power from divine protection, I would get the gist of the future powers I would receive from trials. Then this probably means the divine protection is the power to gain magical power in attributes other than what I have now.

Wrath-Pun was a monster specializing in fire. In the case for another monster from a trial, if the monster specializes in water I would get the water attribute, lightning attribute for a monster specializing in lightning, and so forth, so I will be able to use other attributes with my black magic, or so I predict.

After completing all the trials, maybe I will be able to use every attribute magic and become a true Element Master. No, thinking of the origin of the attributes, they are pseudo-attributes, so maybe I would become “The Fake Element Master”.

“In other words, today is a holiday, right?”

“Ah, Yeah, there’s nothing urgent we need to do.”

I did think of a few things we could do, but in the end nothing was urgent.

“How about Fiona?”

“I don’t have anything to do, unlike Kurono-san”

A reply filled with boldness and no-shame came flying at me. Fiona hadn’t go out because of Lily. Her talking partner, Lily, is sleeping today. No wonder she is bored. It’s a good opportunity, how about I take her out to do some shopping, the moment I thought that, a flash flickered in my mind.

“That’s right Fiona, how about I give my gratitude to you?”


Of course, it’s for letting『Absolute Grudge Hatchet「Kubidan」』evolve. In fact, rather than gratitude, I just want to pay Fiona in any way I can because she sacrificed her body.

“Let me treat you to food for today”

Though I said today, if her stomach got big, I will have to be prepared for it to become the “Spada Gourmet Tour” again. No, it will be fine, we also have the reward from Doltos capture quest, at worst the whole reward will go poof……just that……

“You don’t have to be that considerate”

I was convinced she would come biting my wallet, but contrary to my belief, her reaction wasn’t so fine. Fumu, so this is called reading too much into things.

“I see, so it was unnecessary at――”

“No, let’s go eat together”

Ah, so in the end you’re going. To Fiona’s frank attitude, I revealed a smile, though some bitterness might be mixed inside.

“You’re right, I‘m sorry for Lily, but let’s go”

As I apologize to Lily in my heart, I realize that it’s going to be the first time Fiona and I go out alone. (editor note: daaaate)

“Just the two of us……it’s the first time I will get out with Kurono-san, alone.”

Apparently, Fiona had the same thoughts I did.

“For the time being――Let’s meet up in the plaza during noon”

Of course, in front of that large obelisk with the exaggerated name 『Zero Chronicle』, Lily waited there before as well.

“Wouldn’t it be good if we left the inn together?”

“No, I remembered I have some unfinished work and want to finish that first”

I see”, Fiona responded. Well, it’s not like I lied. Just like I gave the White Punpun Robe to Lily, I want to give a gift to Fiona too, so emergency business did come up. The only problem is if I can prepare the right gift by noon.

Well then, what shall I give to her……


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  3. Before my rant ill say ty 4 the trans…..ok now my rant…….it doesnt matter what he gives her…..hes just like all the other harem male mcs…..a useless piece of crap that doesnt realize what his penis is for……its getting old reading these stories of kill or be killed worlds….where the mc can kill 10s 100s or 1000s of people an not bat an eyelash or even recognize a killing intent glare from over 300,000 miles away but yet the instant they see a little bit of girl flesh they magically turn into these stupidly pure virgins that can even look a girl in the eye……its like wtf is this pile of dung being slung on paper…..who in the hell would beleive that people who have the mental capacity to kill with not much after thought wouldn’t also have the proper mental capacity to handle a sexual situation with a higher maturity level above that of a damn 10yr old…rant over


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