Too late…the chapters?

………..What to say?

Actually, I wouldn’t have taken my time to write this post, rather told in the TN notes above the chapters, but because some people just kept on E-mailing me, got on my nerves, that I had to type this post.

First, I would never not post chapters without a great reason. This time it was even above great reason. My hand got burnt while cooking the dinner, that day I had promised to post chapters of MnD, but damn it, my hand got burnt, hurt like hell, and the doc told me to rest for some days. Thank goodness, that it wasn’t something severe which would take hell of a long time to heal. Currently, my injured hand (left) is more or less OK, that I am able to type. Or else, today too there wouldn’t been any chapters.

Second, You people will see something new by tomorrow (today for some), well a big reason behind it, I’m in a dire need of that thing, because I have wasted all the stuff I had before on different stuffs.

Third, I will try to post as many chapters of MnD till tomorrow noon, or maybe after-noon and before-evening. Idk, after that I will keep the chapters of MnD to 1 chapter a day, the characters of chapter has increased a lot, so I might increase the sponsored chapter amount. KnM will be 2 per day, all due to it’s less (REALLY LESS) characters in a chapter. Like that, after that new thing is introduced, I will be able to get do with my time.

Fourth, the last thing, please try to do support it will also help me getting some good medical care and I seriously really need it! So yeah, I will be waiting, good night/day/evening/afternoon! to everyone reading my rant.
See in like 6 minutes~ 😛


9 thoughts on “Too late…the chapters?

  1. Last time I got burned I pulled a sheet pan out of a 450 degree oven. I was using a hot pad but somehow it got flipped up on top of the pan and grabbed it with my bare hands. That hurt allot so I understand how ya feel.


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