Volume 13 of Kuro no Maou Ends!

With Chapter 209, the Volume 13 of Kuro no Maou has reached an end.

The next volume is in itself a spoiler title, but I will reveal it here: Welcome the new volume. Volume 14: A Witch never loves

As you guessed it, or maybe you hadn’t, well I have no intention of explaining. Let me say this: Some had eyes and recognised the meaning behind Mt.Tai, some only realised it was Mt.Tai, some didn’t even realise it was Mt.Tai.

Oh crap, I’ve been using too much Chinese idioms, but most of times they seem much better than explaining in normal English, don’t you think? 😀

Anyhow, here comes a new Yandere. I think most know, but all girls in our MC’s harem will be Yandere, Some others love him (which are not Yandere), but are not his harem oh, please ignore whatever I just said.

P.S. I will be taking a break for eating my evening snacks. And as I said before, I will be out during afternoons and evenings. btw, it had already gotten evening here. 16:36 hours.


18 thoughts on “Volume 13 of Kuro no Maou Ends!

  1. Thanks for the chapters!

    Well, the title may be a spoiler, but I still see two possibilities.
    It may be about fiona and the growing love triangle of element master.
    Or it may be about the headmaster of the academy that is targeting simon. Given how she’s supposed to be the dangerous type, it’s strange she hasn’t moved yet with kurono being a support to simon. Her best move would be to have him cornered, not being able to continue alchemy and not wanting to return to his family, but kurono is obviously a big hindrance to that.
    Or maybe both =)
    Or none, as this author has proven to be a bit unpredictable in this story.


  2. Fiona injured from her sacrifice to feed the axe, is recovering in bed while thinking about the reason for her actions (figuring out that she is experiencing falling in love) and then flashbacks to her life growing up and boom… A dozen chapters about Fiona’s life and how she never loved before.


  3. I bet Fiona’s life is like a Harry Potter adventure (minus awkward teenage romance) Thinking Herminy’s but no friends, a rei-like personality and a glutton to boot. (At least that’s how I picture her early life)


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