Start of Chapter Rush Month!

Hello~ Everyone, the chapter rush month is starting, though a day late.πŸ˜› Like I said before, this month will have more chapters coming out.

I will start TL’ing from now, and post the chapter as soon as I complete it.

First I will start from Kuro no Maou because the chapters are small and can be finished more easily, furthermore there are less typos when TL’ing.
Maybe by tonight or tomorrow, I will be finished for the left-7 or maybe 8 chapters.

Then, I will start off with Maken no Daydreamer, that one has more chapters left and will take time due to damn long chapters. I think, this would be complete in 2 or maybe 3 days.

Then comes the normal days, which include 2-4 chapters of Kuro no Maou, 1-2 regular chapter of Maken no Daydreamer (sponsored only when given donations), furthermore OreDorei will gain pace. I will try to dish out a single whole chapter or maybe 2 parts every week.
Now the most important stuff, this schedule will work only for this month.πŸ˜€

P.S. I will take a break in the evening and afternoons, so don’t think getting chapters during those times.πŸ˜›πŸ˜€

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