Kuro no Maou Chapter 209

Well, seriously… I never though ISSTH would be really good, it was good for me before, but now after reaching Chapter 100, do I finally get its greatness. Maybe it will get better later on too. Oh anyhow, don’t pay heed to my rant and here comes something new that might be the sadistic apparatus of author because Wrath-Pun was too much of a………….. load of crap. 😛 idk, let’s read~~~

Chapter 209 – Kill that woman

The party led by a young male warcat named Joto, finally cleared the quest for reaching rank 4.

They killed the monster after a fierce battle, by the time they took the parts used as proof, the day had started to sink, so they decided to return to Spada in morning.

They finally reached their long desired position of rank 4, party members were raising their voices of happiness, however, the face of their leader, Joto wasn’t much good.

「What happened Joto, normally you would make fun of martial skills too」

The words of lamia swordswoman might sound like sarcasm, but there was hints of worry mixed in for Joto who wasn’t in his usual shape.

His complexion looked bad, but during the time of fighting the monster, he showed leader like qualities while waving the newly purchased『Fang Sword「Evil Eater」』, so it wasn’t like he got ill.

Neither did he take any attack of poison or other bad stats attacks because the monster this time had no attacks like that.

「Hm, Yeah……I’m som’wat tired」

Though he had his consciousness, but the eyes with misaligned focus stir up anxiety in her.

「Ah, then hurry and sleep, I will change your turn for lookout as last」

The monster this time was the one which could consecutively launch several attribute magics.

Joto, holding the『Fang Sword「Evil Eater」』, which could nullify any half-hearted magic attacks, showed the most achievements during fight, this was something every member agreed upon.

Indeed today’s fierce fight might have imposed fatigue on Joto, thinking that it could be understood.

「Yeah, sorry」

Saying that in the end, Joto disappeared in the tent.

After some while, Joto abruptly opened his eyes.

No, his eyes and condition was half-awake, feeling the reality as a dream, it couldn’t be said he was completely awake.

With more than half sleep head, he started thinking.

(Ah, damn it, again――)

His waking was the worst, he felt the anger rising up within his chest.

Recently, before and after sleeping and waking up, he felt extreme anger.

Not knowing exactly, but Joto thought he saw a really irritating dream.

And, he saw it today too ‘just like before’.

(It really feels fuckin’ bad……)

He gets excessively angry, to the extent it wouldn’t be exaggeration to call it intent to kill, wanting to kill due to seeing a dream was just unbearable.

Even more when today was their celebration day for reaching rank 4. they defeated the monster based on his great work, and nobody even got injured, let alone casualties.

Happy days like this were not so often, but however, he saw a dream, he had already seen the dream.

(Argh, Damn it, Fuck it! What the fuckin’ hell is this, stop this damn irritating evil dream!!)

HIs mind went blank due to anger, at the same time, Joto grabbed the hilt of『Fang Sword「Evil Eater」』reflexively.

At that time the ‘Not knowing exactly’ dream changed into ‘Clearly visible’ dream.

There, scene of an ordinary highway was spread out.

Cloudless blue sky, overgrown green forest in right left, mountains, maybe Galahad Mountain Range in far distance.

Joto was looking down at the corpses of his ‘comrade’, whom he had never seen.

No, not comrade, more precisely comrade’s’.

That’s right, there were several corpses scattered on that highway.

(Fuck, I won’t forgive you, how the fuckin’ hell you kill my comrades――)

The unknown beastmen swordsmen and adventurer archers, were without a doubt ‘my’ comrades, Joto thought that.

Unforgivable, truly unforgivable, this adventurer party wasn’t formed temporarily, but it was made from comrades that lived together in pain and sorrow, and had passed through many dangers, seeing them getting killed helplessly, really unforgivable.

However, they were not only just killed.

Every corpse had parts of body lost, this showed they were played with and then killed.

Who is it, who killed them, who killed my comrades――Joto tries to find the criminal with bloodshot eyes.

(Ah, that’s right, it’s you, you did it)

The person for venting out the anger, before he knew it, was in front of him.

That was one woman.

Race was human, age around the latter half of teens, hair color was pink, radical skin exposing clothes with white as base, wearing arious dazzling ornaments, it was that sort of woman.

(I will kill her, I will fucking kill her, she’s one who truly needs to die!!)

He identified the enemy, and concentrated the intent to kill on one point.

That woman was sitting, defenselessly, showing her back to him.

I can kill her, it’s my chance, my perfect opportunity.

And, in my hand is my favorite sword which ‘I have used for many years now’, with this there is no way I won’t be able to kill her――These thoughts run past Joto’s mind in a second.

(Die, Die, Diiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!)

His body leapt up like wings, the sword of fangs didn’t felt like it had any weight as if it was a part of his body.

Just like that he swung it down, without any martial skill or anything, just normal power.

Cutting down the defenseless young woman gave no inconvenience to him.

Certain resistance, the feeling of cutting the flesh and bones reached his hands.

「Hahahahahaha! I did it, I finally did ittttttttt!!」

Giving out a cry of victory, Joto woke up at that moment.


Coming back to senses, Joto realized that let alone dream he even wasn’t in the tent he was supposed to be sleeping within.

「Huh, I……」

He surveyed the surroundings, there was the scene of big trees of Great Forest of Latifundia lined up, however it was the place where his comrades had put up the tent.

Then he finally felt weight in his right hand, looked like he was holding the『Fang Sword「Evil Eater」』in reality too just as he was holding it in his dream.

And, he also saw dark red blood sticking to the broad blade of fangs.

「Eh, huh, what is this――」

Just what did I cut? The answer to that question was right down his feet.

Lying face-down was, Lamia swordswoman.

There wasn’t even a need to think whether she was alive or not, after all she was cut from the shoulder till the waist area in a diagonal way, her body was completely separated.

Immaterial monsters like slime then it might be possible, but a human shaped race, upon getting bisected, hasn’t lived.

Instant death, it could understood at just a glance, even more upon being an adventurer.

「O-Oi, ‘tis a lie,right, what the hell, what the fucking hell is this」

Joto understood even when wanting not to, that he killed her with his hands.


He screamed while being greatly perplexed, at the same time other members noticed the abnormality and got out of tent.

「Oi, what happened!?」

「Is it a monster!?」

「Where is the monster!?」

The gargoyle archer and twin goblin priests surveyed the surroundings while holding their favorite weapons.

And, in some seconds they noticed, unbelievable but true, scene of slaughter in front of their eyes.

「Oi Joto, what is……the meaning of this?」

Bisected body of Lamia, Joto standing besides her corpse with blood filled longsword, seeing that anyone would understand the situation.

「I-I didn’t……」

Joto muttered the words of denial while looking away from them.

「W-What do you mean I didn’t, eh. Didn’t you do it!?」

Gargoyle shouted. Seeing his friend killed in front of his corpse, normally he would’ve nocked an arrow on the bow and aimed it at the criminal, however if the criminal too is a comrade he couldn’t help but stop at just shouting.

「I didn’t――That woman, I didn’t do it!!」

Joto turned back, his eyes didn’t contain light of reasoning.

On the contrary, deep red insanity filled light was flickering.


Then, finally the gargoyle and twin goblins reacted.

Through reasons unknown, the Joto standing in front of them was affected by some bad status and had gone insane.

The reason they were able to make that conclusion in an instant, must be because they had experience while reaching rank 4.

「Take stance! Joto is now a goner! Keep your guard up, there might be a monster with charm or berserk ability!!」

The gargoyle archer, while pulling the bow, increased the distance between Joto.

However, the fact they were within 3 metres radius of Joto, taking heed of their classes, was not a good thing, it was complete despair.

Archer and Priest, both are rearguard experts, the radius of 3 metres and less was the territory of Joto, a swordsman.

「You too are that bitch’s comrades!!」

Grimacing his face in tremendous rage, Joto swung the sword while emitting murderous intent and hostility.

Moreover, his swing was more faster, stronger than normal.


Without even understanding the meaning of Joto’s words, one of the the twin goblin priests was slayed by the blade.

No chance counterattack, an admirable single strike.

No, even if it had time to counterattack, the mode of attack was magic, something not going good against Evil Eater.

Of course, it could use the wand in their hands to strike but, it would be broken into two easily.

「Fuck, how did it come to this――」

「I won’t forgive that woman, I won’t forgive her comrades too, I will massacre you allllllllllllllllllllll!!」

Battle strength and compatibility difference was, to the extreme extent, hopeless.

The left gargoyle and one goblin had no way to survive in the current situation.

Even more, if Joto had enhanced power and speed as if under berserk.

In the end, within less than 5 minutes, there were 4 corpses lying in this camping ground.

And, the last one person, with a bloodstained longsword, walked towards the dark forest.

「Where are you bitch, where the fuck did you go……」

Joto determined to find his sworn enemy, no, currently he should be called former-owner of longsword, either way the place he was heading towards with longsword in one hand was, City of Spada where many people lived.


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