Kuro no Maou Chapter 208

3rd release of the day. Got too much fixed in reading ISSTH and chatting that I forgot to post. Here you go with the author becoming an sadist by not telling us any main stuff and suddenly shifting to some irrelevant talk. Still a really short chapter.

Chapter 208 – Visitor in Fourth Laboratory

Existing about 10 kilometres away from Capital Daedalus, the『Media Ruins』was crowded more by researchers in white robe rather than adventurers in armor.

That was because the『4th Laboratory』established by『White’s sacraments』started it’s work.

In the deepest part of large geofront inhibit rank 4 monsters, but because the laboratory was set up in upper part, only somewhat of guards have been spread out.

At first the crusaders were doing the guard job, but currently the adventurers have taken that job.

Only because Sariel wanted an early stage opening of adventurer guild, the environment where adventurers from republic could work had been made.

Setting that aside, despite being in a dungeon, here the research keeps on continuing day and night.

Especially the founder of『White’s Sacraments』and the head of 4th laboratory, Bishop Judas, was extremely busy.

12th day of Red Flame month, this day was supposed to be the same as yesterday, that is to take analysis of ancient magic apparatus installed within ruins, but because of an visitor it was cancelled.

「Sorry for barging in when you’re busy」

「If it is a direct messenger from St. Pope, we can’t possibly sent you back」

The person who visited was a man with white hair, blue and black eyes representing day and night, and wearing a messenger’s formal dress on his burly toned body.

On other hand Judas too had a big frame unseemingly of an old man he was, he had the dignity of an king of some country.

Just with having these two present there, the simple hurriedly built guest room, had the gravity of a throne room drifting within it.

「I don’t think you have come here for just inspection, tell me the matter, 2nd Apostle Lord Abel」

And Judas knew, the person in front of him was the ‘hero’, with his social position camouflaged at the moment.

「I need a horse, a flying one would work better」

Abel didn’t show any shock upon having his identity unraveled, neither did he ask him to not tell it someone else, just said his wish.

His speech was more informal compared to when he talked with other apostles, but he knew getting onto the point would be better when talking with the man called Judas.

「Fumu……you cannot bring a sacred beast, I see」

From the few words of Abel, Judas understood the gist of the situation.

2nd Apostle wasn’t called『Hero of White』for no reason, he had an horse fit for a hero in his possession.

But, because he had come to Pandora Continent as the messenger of Pope, he couldn’t possibly take the『sacred beast』here and there without any problems.

「I will prepare the compensation of as much as you ask」

「Very well, take whatever you find to your liking」

Negotiations were immediately finished.

The other party was 2nd Apostle Abel,  there wasn’t any other person in the society who wouldn’t trust him, bargaining against such a person was useless.

「Show me」

Judas replied with silence.

On his hand was a spider, which who knows when he summoned it.

It was a 5 cms long spider with long legs, but its body was transparent like a crystal, as if it was a delicate gem art.

A person knowledgeable in magic would suddenly understand that this was top grade servant used to record whatever it sees with highest accuracy.

However, it was improved by Judas himself, a person not close enough with him wouldn’t know what it was highly efficient compared to conventional ones.

Abel too the spider in his hands, closed his both eyes, and started to concentrate.

Like that, silence dominated the room for five minutes.

Their bodies didn’t move even a bit as if they had turned into stone statues.

The slight sound of breathing was the only proof of telling that these both were living humans.

「I will take the 13th black dragon」

Abel opened his mouth abruptly.

「It won’t come cheap」

「It doesn’t matter, I need this for going far」

Judas’s answer was set to be affirmation.

This『13th black dragon』was one of the sons of dragon king Gaevinal, currently he was the top grade experiment material for research.

The usefulness of black dragon materials had been proven by the creation of experiment subject number 49.

Currently there was no one who had power exceeding number 49, furthermore according to the report from the group lead by Cyprus, he had shown growth far surpassing the predictions.

If he was able to make one more experimental subject with the same specs, then he might be able to complete a god soldier having power rivaling the power of Apostles ‘without’ the divine protection of white god, Judas thought that.

However, there wasn’t any urgent need for it.

If 2nd Apostle Abel needed the black dragon then he had no objection to it, on the other hand, good amount of reward could be expected.

Hence, the words needed here weren’t for rejection, but only explanation.

「The treatment of 13th black dragon hasn’t been finished, there is a need for taming it with your own hands」

「I see, then I will start disciplining from now on, do you have some place?」

「The hall for mobility experiments had been completed just the other day, I would like if you don’t break it」

Revealing a slight smile, Abel replied.

「I will keep that in mind」

That day, the hall for mobility experiment was destroyed completely, and the signboard of ‘under construction’ was once again placed.


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  1. 「I see, then I will start discipling from now on, do you have some place?」

    In this sentence, is it ‘disciplining’ or ‘discipling’. So Abel is making that dragon into his disciple?


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