[Notice]Shikkaku (SK) on hiatus for some time. So some new info.

As you all already know, SK’s best friend went to its grave. T_T Like I have told before, that next month I will be devoting more time to TL’ing as I will have lots and lots of free time.

Based on that, I will release 3 chapters of KnM everyday. (They’re small after all, if compared to something else). You must support me!!! Oh, no sponsored chapter system for this novel.
As for MnD, I will release 1 chapter everyday.
OreDorei too is coming soon. It will be also pick up pace in this month.
KnW…..well who knows when it will pick up pace.

I will start posting KnM and MnD from tomorrow. Have fun~. Oh, there will 3 chapters of MnD tomorrow. and 2 chapters of KnM. If you’re wondering why 2 of KnM? Answer:Β You know what my personality is…hahahahahahaha.
As for why 3 of MnD. 2 will be regular chapters and 1 will be sponsored chapter. I totally forgot posting it. The last 10 days of every month are not good for us students. We get loads of projects to complete. Though, thanks to that my nemesis (homework) sleeps and never comes out.

So see you tomorrow, during the chapters πŸ˜›


16 thoughts on “[Notice]Shikkaku (SK) on hiatus for some time. So some new info.

  1. Since you are doing these fast translations for a good amount of time in the future, would it be possible to ask the community if they would rather want a whole arc posted every now and then and not three chapters everyday? Just suggesting, kindda die every time from cliffhangers. Also thanks for the speedy translation. I thought when Shikaku went hiatus, I would never see the end of his fight with the bunny bear until next month or something, now I would probably read it by tomorrow or the next day.


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