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Chapter 199 – ??? ???

Wilhart and Seria were running through the thick forest with the shortest route down from mountain without even caring it was night.

The light source was the small glitter of『Torch』, it couldn’t illuminate more than some metres but under the guidance of Seria they were able to run at a high-pace.


Seria’s arm flashed facing the opposite side of darkness.

Along with the cry, sound of something falling also came.

After running for a few seconds, Wilhart caught the sight of blue corpse of a Mina Tokage lying on the ground.

In its head a black knife was stuck, it was killed in just one shot.

Like that, all the low ranked monsters approaching them were eliminated by Seria, so they haven’t stopped yet.

「Wil-sama, let’s take a shortcut」

Before he could reply, Seria easily took hold of the body of Wilhart though being thin herself.

Even if Wilhart was called as weak child, he had muscles for being able to swing sword and his height too almost reached 180 cms.

The scene of 160 cms tall maid holding him in her arms did seem weird.

However, Wilhart neither got scared of Seria’s power nor did he complain for getting held up by her.

That was because, he trusted that the bodyguard cum maid, Seria from the bottom of his heart. [ET: The cum is the latin word here not the english word]

「Please don’t speak or you might bite your tongue」

The moment he nodded, both of them jumped towards the slightly-elevated-steep-sloped cliff.

Even while carrying one tall man, Seria ran down without breaking her balance as though she were free falling.

Just like that, in an instant she finished descending and landed on the ground filled with grasses.

Till the moment Wilhart once again put his feet on land, he didn’t felt the thing called as shaking.

「Let’s go」


And once again, their escape started.

They hadn’t run for much long, but Wilhart was already near the point of having all of his stamina exhausted and would have fallen on the ground while screaming.

But still, he clenched his teeth and kept on running.

With his good brain he had derived that this was the best solution, so he had no reason to complain.


Abruptly, Seria stopped.

While gasping painfully, a bad feeling passed through Wilhart’s heart.

He knew that she wouldn’t stop in place like this for no reason.

「Pant……Pant……W-what is it?」

「I will stall it, please run」

He sucked in a breath of cold air, his heartbeat sped up.

What do you mean, don’t speak foolish things, fuck that――He had a lot of things to say, but he wasn’t able to speak at all.

That was because he understood the intention behind her words though he didn’t want to understand.

「ضوء شمعة تضيء ثلاثاء――『Torch』」

Showing her back towards silently standing Wilhart, Seria activated the same magic which had been lightly illuminating the road.

The fireball rose up in the sky like fireworks, and a bright red flower of flame bloomed in the night sky.

That illuminated the surroundings greatly like a glittering chandelier suspended from the ceiling.

Thanks to the new『Torch』,the surroundings became visible and they could finally understand where they were.

He understood that there was a half green vacant land, as though goblins tried to tear open the mountain forest for making a village.


And, in the center of vacant land stood a big-framed monster with black and red hair as though it stood there from the start.

Though he saw the monster for the first time, but immediately perceived that this monster was the reason Punpun ran away and they were too running.

「It’s a WrathPun……」

The person who murmured the name of monster in front of them was not Seria, but Wilhart.

「Do you know it?」

Seria knew the names of monsters not only within the surroundings of Spada, but also the names of all monsters placed in the monster list, even the latest ones.

But, she wasn’t some monster maniac, so she wouldn’t know the names of all monsters present in the world.

Hence, Wilhart, who even knew a lot about legendary monsters written only in ancient literatures, guessed the right name of this unknown monster.

「It is rare monster which only appears once in every 10 years」

The monster which appeared rarely easily meant that people didn’t knew about them.

The place they were written was only the specialized books which told the mode of life and discovery of monsters.

Even among the adventurers, only those who do work of information gathering or were studious would have this much knowledge.

And, Wilhart was able to recall the description of a monster in a page of a ecology monograph coinciding with the traits of the monsters standing in front of him.

The name『WrathPun』might sound strange, but if one knew its ecology they would easily understand the meaning behind it.

That was because WrathPun was a mutated species that came from Punpun.

Its temper was extremely violent, it goes into a frenzy upon getting even a little stimulus. It attacks the person who gave it stimulus and doesn’t stop even after the person becomes a dead corpse. It was a monster pertaining twisted rage.

Hence, it was given the name from the ancient language『Wrath』.

But, he didn’t had time for telling Seria about its slightly revealed ecology, so Wilhart told her about the most important things only.

「The strength of WrathPun is Rank 5, that isn’t someone Seria can beat……」

The rank 5 monster meant, it had the power of a top-ranked, Rank 5 party, in its single body.

Seria was strong, to the extent she was entrusted the job to guard 2nd Prince of Spada.

But, she didn’t had the power rivalling to that of rank 5 party.

「It will be fine, I can buy some time for you to run」

She must’ve understood it immediately from Wilhart’s words that she wouldn’t be able to win against that monster.

Even so, Seria declared as though she was just doing her job.


Wilhart didn’t had words to stop her.

That was because, bodyguards exist only to protect the life of their master.

And Wilhart was the 2nd prince of Spada, not a person who was meant to die, even if he had to let others sacrifice their lives.

The royalty was something like that.

And Wilhart wasn’t a child to not understand that, because he was already a 17 years old adult.

But, he wasn’t mature to the extent that he could do the act of living while letting his bodyguard die.

「Wil-sama, hurry up」

In the words Seria, he sensed somewhat impatience.

In this situation where nothing could be done, he didn’t even had time to be troubled.

「D-damn it……Seria……」

And, Wilhart finally made his mind, and tried to leave the words of farewell to Seria whom he had gotten familiar with.

It was at that time.

「『Anchor Hand』」

Numerous black tentacles extend from somewhere and twined around the body of WrathPun standing in the center of vacant land.

Just what happened here? Before he could even think that question, the situation changed rapidly.

「صخرة على نطاق واسع لمنع الجدار――『Terra Wall Defan』」

The Wrath Pun got covered behind the wall of stone, no the prison of stone which rose from below its feet while leaving space as to not interfere with the tentacles.

And, in the next moment,

「تألق نجوم تحطم يهلك――『Meteor Strike』」

A magic circle of white light formed itself above Wrath Pun.

By the time they both understood that the magic system was completely different from model magic, the effect of magic circle activated.

WrathPun was bound up by tentacles, captured in the prison of stone, and from above its head the mass of rainbow-colored light downpoured.

The things just happened in an instant, and Wilhart and Seria were only able to look at it absentmindedly from the start to end.

Chapter 199 – Rank 5 Monster


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  1. Phew. They made it in time! With all the dark turns this awesome light novel has been taken, I wouldn’t have been surprised if Mr. WrathPun would have killed and eaten both the second prince and his awesome maid.


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